Did Joe Biden help himself with his statement against violence and looting? Will Donald Trump help himself by traveling to Kenosha? Are the polls tightening? Is the violence going to get worse? It’s our podcast
On today’s podcast, we ask: Is the presidential race turning due to the growing disorder and chaos in our cities? There’s every indication Democrats and Joe Biden are worried it might be, and that Donald Trump is hoping that he can use the violence as a lever to change his fortunes
The final night of the Republican National Convention reached beyond the base with affecting speakers and profoundly compelling themes. And then, Donald Trump sucked all the air out of the room with a disappointing acceptance speech. Will it matter, though, as the nation becomes increasingly consumed with anxiety over the violence in American cities
Nice country you’ve got there
The Republican Party’s nominating convention has been efficiently produced and effective at communicating to conservatives why they should come home to the GOP
Night one of the Republican National Convention featured many interesting dynamics
The GOP gets the opportunity to make their case to the nation on the first night of the Republican National Convention
Joe Biden closed the final night of the Democratic National Convention with his pitch to voters, which is, essentially, that he’s a nice guy and Donald Trump is not
The podcast breaks down the third night of the Democratic National Convention, which featured prominent speeches by President Barack Obama and Sen

The second night of the Democratic National Convention, while better staged and presented than night one, has frustrated Democratic partisans because it once again featured too many Republicans. But if the conventions no longer serve as events at which a nominee is chosen and a platform is settled upon, what’s their point if not to make the party’s pitch to voters outside their tent? Also, Laura Loomer’s primary victory and the slow death of the institutional apparatus once known as the GOP.

The first night of the Democratic National Convention was… weird
Is the violence in the streets getting worse? Is Trump trying to corrupt the election by handcuffing the U.S
The historic announcement that Israel and the United Arab Emirates will pursue a peace accord reflects changing dynamics in the Middle East that the European and American left simply refuse to acknowledge

Joe Biden has chosen Sen. Kamala Harris as his running mate, and the center-left press is finally excited about the Democratic ticket. But Harris’s maladroit run for the presidency shows that she is a risky choice. Also, the hosts of the podcast share their obsessions of the day.

Joe Biden’s vice-presidential pick is, apparently, imminent. The podcast discusses the most likely candidates—what do they bring to the table, and how could they undermine Biden’s candidacy
This weekend’s violence in Chicago exposes the extent to which the rioting never stopped even though the press has long ago moved on from the story
The Attorney General of New York, Letitia James, is suing the National Rifle Association and seeking the group’s dissolution. But, politically, the issue of gun rights has always favored gun owners, and the effort may backfire on Democrats. Also, Donald Trump is seeking to force Chinese firms with holdings in certain apps to sell their stakes, but those firms also have a stake in several popular gaming platforms. That, too, threatens to mobilize a constituency that Republicans don’t understand
Negotiations over a new pandemic relief package in Congress stalls as Democrats expand their demands

Democratic voters in Missouri went to the polls on Tuesday and ejected another longtime incumbent from federal office. This has become a trend—one that suggests the Democratic Party is undergoing an ideological makeover, and that process is being driven from below. It looks like the Democratic Tea Party they said could never happen is upon us.