Today’s podcast notes the $400 billion cost of Joe Biden’s student debt “forgiveness” program and notes the irony of a supposedly progressive party favoring the well-to-do at the expense of the poor. Then there’s the comic denouement of Joe Manchin’s career and the approaching hurricane horror in Florida. Give a listen.

Today’s podcast takes up White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain’s shocking attempt to claim Joe Biden came into office with an unemployment rate 40 percent higher than it was in point of fact—more evidence they’re looking to retrofit the truth to help them in the midterms. And what’s this about “long COVID”? Give a listen.

Today’s podcast goes through the bad news the ex-president received yesterday and whether the focus on Trump in the news is forestalling and covering up a shift back toward Republicans in the 2022 elections. And: Will Putin use a nuke? Give a listen.

American Enterprise Institute Senior Fellow Adam White joins the podcast to take on the courts. Did Joe Biden step on a legal landmine when he declared the pandemic “over?” Did Donald Trump err in pushing for a special master to review the classified documents he kept at Mar-a-Lago? And how can the Supreme Court preserve its legitimacy? Adam makes the case in his cover article in the October issue of Commentary, “God Save This Honorable Court—and We Can, Too.”

Commentary contributor and former deputy secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, Tevi Troy, joins the podcast today for a wide-ranging conversation on his latest for the magazine, “The CDC’s Inadequate ‘Reform Plan.’” Did Joe Biden step in it when he declared the pandemic “over,” and can the CDC reform itself to avoid the failures it stumbled at the onset of the Covid outbreak?

The Commentary podcast reviews Joe Biden’s first one-on-one interview in a long while with CBS’ “60 Minutes.” Our verdict: meh. He didn’t set himself on fire, but nor did he defuse the issues that may cost Democrats control of Congress in November. Is “just fine” good enough for Joe Biden?

Today’s podcast looks at a New York Times poll suggesting Democrats increasingly think the country is on the “right track.” If so, what does the phrase “right track” actually mean, if anything? And more on illegals being treated so horribly they get to spend their first days in America on Martha’s Vineyard. Give a listen.

Today’s podcast wonders at Joe Biden’s decision to celebrate the “Inflation Reduction Act,” complete with James Taylor warbling a 50-year-old ditty about drug abuse and suicide, on the day a terrible inflation number is released. The question: Will the media succeed in turning attention away from that and toward Republican extremism and abortion rights? Give a listen.

Today’s podcast looks at the worse-than-expected inflation numbers and the determination of the media and Democrats to frame them as some kind of new normal and wonders what kind of strategy this might be for November. Best way to play a bad hand, or handing an opportunity to their Republican rivals to beat them about the face and neck? Give a listen.

Liel Leibovitz joins the podcast today to discuss the New York Times’s hit piece on Hasidic schools in New York state and why it is so egregious. But we begin with the startling news out of Ukraine and what it portends. Give a listen.

The passing of Queen Elizabeth provides us with an opportunity to consider the question: Is there any figure left on the world stage who is known and admired for restraint rather than oversharing? And we express amazement at the current state of play in the war between Russia and Ukraine. Give a listen.

Today’s podcast takes up Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s efforts to expose the hypocrisy of “sanctuary city” mayors like Lori Lightfoot of Chicago by sending illegal immigrants northward to live where they are supposedly more “welcome”—which has caused Lightfoot to sputter in outrage. Also, issue polling: Does it tell us anything? Give a listen.

Today’s podcast takes up the leak about a highly sensitive document found in the Mar-a-Lago search and the Washington Post’s characterization of it. Then we go after Arizona Republican Senate candidate Blake Masters with a rhetorical two-by-four. Give a listen.

Today’s podcast looks at the politics of the judge’s decision to appoint a special master to deal with the documents taken from Donald Trump’s home and who will be helped or hurt by that. Plus, can it really be true that Democrats are viewed more favorably on COVID response than Republicans? Give a listen.

Joe Biden’s speech outlining the threat to democracy posed by pro-Trump Republicans was bad. How bad? Let us count the ways.

Noah Rothman returns from vacation as we consider every piece of bad political news for Republicans and the indictment trap Donald Trump seems to be laying down for himself. Give a listen.

The Hudson Institute’s Tod Lindberg joins us to discuss the question of what kind of world-historical figure Mikhail Gorbachev actually was—a purposeful change agent or fortune’s fool? Also, will Joe Biden suffer or gain from his harsh attacks on Republicans? Give a listen.

Today, we’re joined by the great Chris Stirewalt to discuss the media frenzy over the redacted Mar-a-Lago affidavit, the transformation of the news business, the birth of the news cycle, and how it all relates to Chris’s new book, “Broken News: Why the Media Rage Machine Divides America and How to Fight Back.” Take a listen.

Today’s podcast features political-data sage Steve Kornacki as we try to make sense of the very clear change in the direction of the 2022 elections and why it might be happening. Give a listen

Today, we take up the matter of Joe Biden’s executive order on student loans. How bad is the policy? How good is the stunt? How cynical can you get? And, anyway, will it actually happen? Give a listen.