Today’s Noah-less podcast features the Commentary crew’s horrified disbelief at Alex Ross’s astounding claim in the New Yorker that American classical music originates from white supremacy, moves on to the justice or lack thereof in the coming ban on Chinese social media platforms in the United States, and then judges Joe Biden’s town hall performance on CNN
The COMMENTARY crew is having none of the efforts on the part of some in the press to downplay historic developments in the Middle East
The realignment of geopolitics in the Middle East has many fathers, and Donald Trump was only one of them. What the thaw in Sunni states’ relations with Israel means for America moving forward
The media can’t bear to report it, but the polling over the weekend shows movement toward Donald Trump and rising concern over urban unrest—and they’re going hand in hand
The 19th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks has been met with a campaign to compare the deaths from that day to those attributable to the pandemic, which is rather gross
President Donald Trump stares into the storm as revelations he himself gave to Bob Woodward about how he deliberately downplayed the threat posed by COVID-19 dominate the news. He is, as ever, his own worst enemy
The violence in American cities has done nothing for Donald Trump’s polling

The madness continues, with the Antifa suspect in a point-blank assassination of a Trump supporter shot dead by federal marshals as police officers find themselves in the crosshairs in various cities—and Donald Trump is accused of calling dead Americans who served and died for their country “losers.” We talk about what it all means—and why you should watch “Cobra Kai” on Netflix—on today’s podcast. Give a listen.

Did Joe Biden help himself with his statement against violence and looting? Will Donald Trump help himself by traveling to Kenosha? Are the polls tightening? Is the violence going to get worse? It’s our podcast
On today’s podcast, we ask: Is the presidential race turning due to the growing disorder and chaos in our cities? There’s every indication Democrats and Joe Biden are worried it might be, and that Donald Trump is hoping that he can use the violence as a lever to change his fortunes
The final night of the Republican National Convention reached beyond the base with affecting speakers and profoundly compelling themes. And then, Donald Trump sucked all the air out of the room with a disappointing acceptance speech. Will it matter, though, as the nation becomes increasingly consumed with anxiety over the violence in American cities
Nice country you’ve got there
The Republican Party’s nominating convention has been efficiently produced and effective at communicating to conservatives why they should come home to the GOP
Night one of the Republican National Convention featured many interesting dynamics
The GOP gets the opportunity to make their case to the nation on the first night of the Republican National Convention
Joe Biden closed the final night of the Democratic National Convention with his pitch to voters, which is, essentially, that he’s a nice guy and Donald Trump is not