Another horrific school shooting, and another news cycle filled with the same old cliches. Is there a way out?

Jay Caruso of the Dallas Morning News stops liberal talking points with a simple two-word tweet

It’s Valentines Day, the perfect day for my fellow conservatives to celebrate the fact that we are hotter—and have better sex!

Tom Jocelyn from the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies on the national security threat that keeps him awake at night.

Susan Rice writes a letter to herself saying she is totally awesome! And if you can’t trust Susan Rice…

Tablet magazine’s Lee Smith with the latest on bizarre behavior by Obama’s DOJ.

The Western media continue their Will Rogers’ ways: they never met a Communist dictator they didn’t like—especially if he hates Trump!

Ethan Epstein on why the North Korean cheerleaders are the perfect symbol for the NoKo psycho dictatorship

No, Rand Paul Is not a righteous debt warrior.

Bethany Mandel on why the Rob Porter story is a black eye for Trump and the GOP

See, I told you they’re a bunch of tax and spend Liberal….wait—that’s a REPUBLICAN budget? Ugh! I need a drink.

Pentagon reporter Jamie McIntyre on the view of Trump’s massive military parade inside the Defense Department.

Hey, media—what if you threw a Russiagate scandal, and nobody cared?

The Weekly Standard’s Steve Hayes on current state of the Trump presidency

Don’t jump—It’s only the stock market! Some insights and advice from economist Peter Morici;

The latest victim of our flawed immigration system is a dead NFL player

What—the Patriots LOST the Super Bowl? It’s gotta be…the RUSSIANS! I want an investigation right now!

A look at the legal aspects of the ongoing Memogate vs Russiagate battle with renown legal scholar David Rivkin;

A special edition of the podcast in the wake of the release of the infamous GOP memo, with Mollie Hemingway of the Federalist, Jonah Goldberg of NRO and Steven Portnoy of CBS News.

Listen, enjoy, share–and then post your observations below or call them into the Confession Hotline at 617-903-TALK (8255) The best of the best calls will be featured on the podcast.

It’s Groundhog Day! It’s Super Bowl Friday! It’s Memo Day! And it’s Friday, which means another stellar edition of the Confession Hotline

Plus: Sean Davis of The Federalist on why he loves all the hate they’re getting at one of the web’s most provocative political websites.

Can’t keep track of the ever-changing Russiagate/FBI story? Gabriel Malor joins us for “MemoGate 101.”

Brandon Morse from on how the best performance for Republicans this week was delivered by the Democrats.

Political pundits–and one New Yorker in a pub–give their take on the State of the Union speech and it’s likely impact on the Trump presidency.

Andrew McCabe is the #Memo’s first victim.

The out-of-control Kurt Schlichter calls for open partisan warfare in Washington, DC.

It was another “classy” night from the entertainment industry at the Grammys–and Hillary Clinton.

Is it time to kill the State of the Union speech?

Are you ready for some XFL football?

Legendary sports broadcaster Gerry Callahan has his take—and his prediction for the Pats vs Eagles Super Bowl.

Mark Krikorian joins Michael Graham for a bonus podcast to react to the new amnesty deal coming from the White House. “It’s time to burn your #MAGA hats,” the long-time immigration-enforcement activist says. “Burn it and put it on Twitter so President Trump will see it.”

Krikorian, Executive Director of the Center for Immigration Studies, lays out all the flaws in the White House plan, including it’s open door to at least 4 million more immigrants via chain migration, which would take another 17 years.

Donald Trump uses the “C” word—but it’s not as bad as you think.

New England radio legend Howie Carr on the return of John Forbes Kerry

Get out your decoder rings—it’s Davos time, as Donald Trump meets the global elites. Maybe they’ll let him in the FBI’s “secret society?”

The great Andy McCarthy separates the real scandals from the fake in the “Text Gate” scandal.

First a political earthquake when the GOP actually wins a government shutdown fight, followed by a real one in Alaska—we’ve got your tsunami update.

Jessica Vaughn on the state of the DACA debate after the Schumer Shutdown fail.