Mary Katharine and Kelly talk MK’s Insane Great American Road Trip—with 2 kids, 1600 miles, 4 National parks, and 5 states!

Mary Katharine and Lyndsey take on a very tough challenge with their friend Jerri Ann… find out how that went on this highly anticipated episode!

At the Ricochet – AEI Podcast Summit last week, Bethany, Lyndsey, and Mary Katharine discuss Bethany’s crazy trip down to DC, detoxing from social media, and then empty their purses in front of the audience; you won’t want to miss what’s inside.

Mary Katharine, Emily and Elisha harken back to the glory days of the late 90s/early 2000s when they went to prom. Usher, cornrows and clear heels were a thing. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear their hilarious and embarassing moments.

Mary Katharine and Lyndsey extol the virtues of cleaning the everliving hell out of everything in your whole universe

Mary Katharine and Kelly bore Bethany with conversations of sportsball – aka the Super Bowl – while Bethany valiantly tries to talk about anything but.

Bethany, Mary Katharine and Amelia talk Michelle Williams and Grace from Aziz Ansari’s scandal.

Bethany, Mary Katharine and Emily can’t stop talking and debating the royal engagement. Yes, we can already promise you a royal wedding episode too.

Bethany, Mary Katharine and Kelly discuss the Harvey Weinstein scandal, Halloween, and the gaps in our pop culture knowledge (spoiler: some of us have never seen Star Wars).

This week, Amelia and Bethany are joined by Ladybrains first-timer Mary Katharine Ham to welcome June by discussing summer jobs, summer movies, and plans for summer vacation.