A real-deal movie critic joins us on “A Christmas Ham” this week to talk about the history and hypnotic effect of cheesy TV Christmas movies. Also, we somehow touch on the opioid crisis. I didn’t even know there was a dark side to my movie obsession until I talked to John!

Follow along as Lyndsey Fifield and Mary Katharine Ham make a series of miscalculations and inadvisable decisions, avert near disaster and bodily injury—and VERY luckily come across only-nice people who help them… and ironically discuss cohabitation boundaries (while definitely overstepping Lyndsey’s husband’s) in the name of getting him a cool gift that is very far away… and very heavy.

Mary Katharine Ham is back for another season of A Christmas Ham! Special Autumn Reeser Correspondent Kristen Soltis Anderson joins to discuss Hallmark Channel’s “Christmas Under the Stars,” starring Jesse Metcalf and Autumn Reeser. You’ll want to tune in to this one as MK and KSA discuss the finer points of… medical debt. This is not your typical Hallmark Christmas movie although it does check off most of the criteria for a classic: A Christmas deadline, a family reunion, an evil business empire threatening a small family business, a (sort of) precocious kid, and at least one Christmas carol. Weirdly, though, there was no snow ball fight.

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Mary Katharine Ham and Kelly Maher are constantly doing big things—opening farms, running marathons, raising children… but they also naturally procrastinate on things like… taxes and paperwork. How do they balance it out—and how have they overcome their hilariously-unproductive 20s? This joyous confessional episode will either motivate you… or make you feel like you really have your life together.

Elisha Krauss finally spills the beans about how she helped Mary Katharine Ham’s fiancé pop the question… and how long she betraye—err we mean, kept it a secret from all the other ladybrains…

Mary Katharine Ham & Lyndsey Fifield are both at pretty big life change points and reflecting on all the times they moved, broken valuables, lost heirlooms, you know… basically this is a what not to do tutorial—with a little SEC football and basic-fall-love sprinkled in like just the right amount of nutmeg on your pumpkin spice lattes. Haters: bring it. Thanks to the lovely folks at Hillsdale College for letting us record in the Kirby Center!

Mary Katharine Ham and Lyndsey Fifield dig into the science behind Enneagrams, love languages, and other personality tests to reveal how they maintain friendships with a tight crew of ladybrains.

Mary Katharine Ham and Lyndsey Fifield are back with all your challenge suggestions—and a deep conversation about WHY people love paying to suffer in the name of fitness, how to take care of your body and train for big fitness events (from a Tough Mudder to a marathon), and how to know which friends you should push to do things they don’t want to do… and which friends to leave the heck alone. And maybe—maybe—the ladybrains have finally picked their challenge for 2019… AND 2020.

Mentioned on the episode:
The (Free, Printable) Habit Tracker: https://bit.ly/2Yr53jo.
Our hilarious episode “Hiking the Maryland Challenge—42 Miles in 24 Hours” from 2018: https://apple.co/2SC0AVD.

Mary Katharine Ham and Lyndsey Fifield give their best advice for skincare, makeup, and manicures … as if any girls in their 20s are gonna follow it.

Dress code protests, modesty Instagram models, priests on Twitter – take a deep breath and enjoy Elisha, Lyndsey, and Mary Katharine’s common sense discussion of dressing modestly—and finally answering the critical question of our time: Are leggings pants?

Mary Katharine and Lyndsey  reveal their top tips for getting the most out of wedding trips—without breaking the bank.

Mary Katharine, Lyndsey, and Elisha talk how to reach beyond basic goals and stay challenged… and how to motivate your friends, too.

Lyndsey and Mary Katharine remember Bre Payton—and how she’s motivated them to live better lives. Stoicism, habits trackers, and trendy New Year’s Resolutions—oh my.

Lyndsey recommends:
The Habit Tracker: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/516cbd34e4b0bb1f91d354ed/t/586bcfbe197aeaa9093edb3e/1483460544073/Habit+Tracker.pdf

Join Natasha Simons and Mary Katharine Ham for an examination of this romantic romp through…a stimulus spending controversy? Let’s just say our second trip to Aldovia was not all the first one was and we object to the bachelorette party strenuously.

Kristen Soltis Anderson sits down with MKH to dissect The Princess Switch, a Netflix original that reveals Vanessa Hudgens’ estimable  charm, a ridiculous fictional kingdom, and a supporting actor who should most definitely be a lead. Hijinx ensue.

Jenna Lee joins Mary Katharine Ham to discuss The Hallmark Channel’s A Shoe Addict’s Christmas, Christmas decorating philosophies, the admirable arc of Candace Cameron Bure’s life, and shoes obviously. What spiritual and shoe wear lessons did they learn?

In this first episode of our new podcast series, Mary Katharine Ham and Kristen Soltis Anderson dive into the intricacies of the Hallmark Channel’s first original offering of the Christmas season, Christmas at Pemberley Manor.

Mary Katharine and a guest will be discussing a new holiday movie every week (sometimes twice a week!) until the end of the month. Watch for new episodes on Ricochet and your favorite podcast directory (and subscribe)!

Bethany and Mary Katharine game out their holiday shopping plans and strategize Black Friday sales to hit.

Read this episode description in a deep voice-over voice. Now imagine a quaint New England town nestled below a small mountain because it’s New England and not Colorado. There’s a church steeple with the bell tolling. Don’t forget the deep voice: This Christmas season. Cut to Mary Katharine Ham. She’s stepping across the road. She’s probably wearing, like, earmuffs or something because it’s snowing. Probably should have mentioned that at the beginning. Back to the epic voice over: One woman will dare to watch all the Christmas movies. Cut to Mary Katharine entering a movie theater. Joined by her friends. Each week, she’ll talk about her favorite movies in the best damn Christmas movie podcast ever made: A Christmas Ham with Mary Katharine Ham. It’s a play on words. Because Christmas ham is something you eat on Christmas, and Mary Katharine’s last name is Ham. Never mind; just subscribe!

We finally reveal the big news—another LadyBrain is moving to DC!