Mary Katharine Ham and Kelly Maher have a BIG announcement (for once, it’s not a pregnancy!) and reflect on five years of life and Ladybrains. Stay tuned for some very exciting announcements in the coming weeks—we’re sure you’re gonna love it.

Mary Katharine Ham and Bethany Mandel talk about Harry, Meghan, Kate, Wills, Diana and Charles, the public processing of grief, therapy and why we can’t stop thinking about all of it.

Kelly Maher and Mary Katharine Ham talk MK’s announcement, trucks, the great accomplishment that is going to the DMV, and whether they are secret monarchists? Find out!

Can we actually transition out of athleisure? … and what the hell is midriff flossing?? Mary Katharine Ham and Kelly Maher team up for a timely and hilarious episode about post-pandemic fashion. (Note: An earlier version of this episode had some missing audio. We’ve corrected the issue.)

Mary Katharine Ham and Lyndsey Fifield roll through some of their favorite podcasts, youtubers, and binge-able shows to stream—whether you’re postpartum with a newborn or just laid up with seasonal allergies! The habit tracker Lyndsey referenced:

Mary Katharine Ham and Kelly Maher dish about the picture books they love to hate, the ones that have captured their children’s imaginations, and the ones they’ve revisited as adults and thought, “Wow, that was a book I read as a kid, huh?”

Kelly Maher and Mary Katharine Ham give you a very important BABY GOAT UPDATE, a lesson in goat economics, the perils of podcasting on a farm in a snowstorm, and how not to get divorced during a kitchen renovation! There’s a lot going on, y’all.

Mary Katharine Ham and Bethany Mandel have a new Clubhouse obsession—spurred by the anti-speech scolds at the NYT who don’t like it. How can we normalize doing normal things post-pandemic as vaccines roll out and change the game?

Finding balance in the pandemic debate has always been hard, but the Ladybrains discuss making their own risk evaluations, changing them with the facts on the ground, and honoring the gifts of a miracle vaccine and every single day we’re given. Enjoy our unfettered conversation 😉

Mary Katharine Ham and Emily Zanotti lay out our current weird finance news in an actually-understandable and enjoyable way! How DO they do it? Tuck in and stay smart… And also enjoy a laugh with this “normal person” explanation of what’s happening on the stock mark.


Mark Katharine Ham and Kelly Maher know that NOW is the time to shut our brains off and take a break—and what better way to escape than to fall into a world of Lords, Ladies… and a Duke who loves to take his shirt off? Is it historically accurate? No. Should you watch it anyway? Probably. (SPOILER ALERT!!!@)

Mary Katharine Ham and Vic Matus of the SubBeacon discuss “Christmas Comes Twice,” which if you know Vic was an unwise title to give him. They do their best not to earn an Explicit label in their discussion of this heartwarming Tamera Mowry-Housley vehicle fueled by “gentle Christmas time travel” and “zero action.”

Jenna Kim Jones

In this episode Mary Katharine Ham welcomes in comedian Jenna Kim Jones for another dose of Christmas-themed Vanessa Hudgens, this time in The Knight Before Christmas (Netflix, 2019).

Mary Katharine Ham and Kelly Maher go down some WEIRD rabbit trails to wind down our LAST episode of 2020—including…  It’s a Wonderful Life: “What if we hadn’t met each other??” edition and some questionable home decor.

Mary Katharine Ham and Bethany Mandel talk about this rare Hanukkah offering in the Hallmark oeuvre, Bethany’s very deep and real feelings for Ben Savage, how to get engaged in eight days or less and why that’s an awesome idea, and whether Bethany deserves a screenwriting credit.

Mary Katharine Ham welcomes back fan fave Kristen Soltis Anderson to break down Netflix’s “The Princess Switch: Switched Again,” which includes even more Vanessa Hudgenses than the first “Prince Switch,” which MK and KSA discussed in season 1 of A Christmas Ham.

Mary Katharine Ham and Lyndsey Fifield try to remember their last New Year’s Resolutions and decide this time around we’re looking forward to a much brighter year… no pressure.

Mary Katharine Ham and Ryan Manion discuss Hallmark’s “USS Christmas,” the classic love story of a reporter and a fighter pilot connecting on a Navy ship’s Christmas cruise for civilians. Is that a thing? Apparently, it is! As a longtime advocate for military families at the Travis Manion Foundation, Ryan offers special insight on this movie while MK covers the perspective of a single 30-something reporter lady. Ryan is the author of “The Knock at The Door: Three Gold Star Families Bonded by Grief and Purpose” and the host of “The Resilient Life” podcast.

Elisha Krauss and Mary Katharine Ham talk about MK’s ugly Christmas tree, how to avoid being a grinch in 2020, and what to get those hard-to-please folks on your list!

Mary Katharine and Bethany are doing what most Americans are doing this week. THIS IS FINE! Tuck in and enjoy—and get some coping mechanisms!

Mary Katharine Ham and Elisha Krauss team up for a trip down memory lane—academia style. What are the lessons they’re glad they got in school… and which they wish they had.