With all the sound and fury surrounding Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan, we think it’s timely to hear from an expert on the Indo-Pacific to see if it signifies much. Misha Auslin, host of The Pacific Century, joins to do just that. He identifies the silver lining in the whole affair; elucidates how China’s strategy has frozen us from stating our interests; points to the return of the engagement crowd; and deduces the motivations behind China’s intimidation games.

And with Peter and Rob off the grid, the Power Line podcasters Steve Hayward and Lucretia implement the next phase of their auricular invasion. With James, they jaw on energy policies, Arizona’s primaries, DeSantis’s move against an insubordinate state attorney, lawlessness in Minneapolis and the Kansas vote.

It’s a free-for-all on the Ricochet Podcast this week! Rob and Peter are off enjoying the last gasp of Summer, so filling in are the effervescent John Yoo and the mysterious “Lucretia”. Our official guest is Rafael Mangual, the newly minted author of Criminal (In)justice, which compiles his years of studying criminality in the U.S. and the progressive inaction of those charged with fighting it.

Steve Hayward also pops in from Scotland, as seeing John and his Power Line Podcast co-host Lucretia as guest hosts is making him nervous about the security of his lucrative side gig here on the flagship. The merry gang also discuss the much-talked-about definition of “recession”; naturally, there’s some talk about SCOTUS and the philosophy of law; plus, John and Lucretia have some thoughts on the possibility that Congress investigates Anthony Fauci.