U.S. Representative for California’s 22nd congressional district
Rep. Nunes joins Larry O’Connor to discuss the latest revelations behind the Obamagate scandal and the failure of California’s environmental policies that have led, he says to the recent wild fires.

Founder of Project Veritas  
O’Keefe has a brand new expose on ballot harvesting activities in Rep. Ilhan Omar’s district in Minneapolis. 

Former US Prosecutor
Defense attorney for Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn
Author of “Licensed to Lie: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice” and “Conviction Machine: Standing Up to Federal Prosecutorial Abuse”
Sidney Powell calls for the resignation of FBI Director Christopher Wray and boldly says “I’d send Ric Grenell over there tomorrow if I were the president.” Powell goes into great detail about the latest revelations over the troubling way in which the investigation into the Trump campaign was handled and Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the president was managed.

Former Acting Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement
Fox News Contributor
Author of Defend the Border and Save Lives: Solving Our Most Important Humanitarian and Security Crisis
The former ICE director discusses President Trump’s achievements regarding the border and immigration and he reflects on the current war on law enforcement.

Republican Leader of House Oversight Committee.
Represents the first district of Kentucky
Kentucky congressman James Comer gives us instant reaction to the Breonna Taylor decision out of Louisville and discusses his report with Rep. Jim Jordan on the dangers of mail-in balloting this November.

Senior Writer at Townhall Media
Julio Rosas has reported on protests and riots from Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, and DC this year and he is on the ground in Louisville today as the Breonna Taylor indictments are handed down. 

Constitutional Law Attorney & Senior Legal Adviser for Trump Campaign
Jenna Ellis provides reaction to Sen. Mitt Romney’s announcement that he supports moving forward with the confirmation process for President Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court.

Host of Lou Dobbs Tonight on the Fox Business Network
Author of the new book, “The Trump Century: How Our President Changed the Course of History Forever”
Dobbs joins the podcast to discuss the accomplishments of the Trump presidency ad his use of tariffs to execute his “America First” foreign policy.

President for the Accuracy in Media.
Mr. Guillette just finished the second phase of one of the earliest clinical trials for a potential, new coronavirus vaccine. Guillette joins the podcast to answer questions, dispel mysteries and shed light on the entire vaccine process that has now become mired in partisan politics.

Franciso Madrigal
Acting Baltimore Field Office Director for ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations
Two illegal aliens who had been released in the DC area under sanctuary policies rather than handed over to ICE agents despite a legal detainer are now under suspicion for the murder of a 16-year-old girl.

Chief political correspondent for the Washington Examiner
Fox News contributor
York joins Larry O’Connor to preview his new book, “Obsession: Inside the Washington Establishment’s Never-Ending War on Trump”.

Author of “The Coming Collapse of China.”
Twitter: @GordonGChang

Acting commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Acting Commissioner Mark Morgan joins Larry O’Connor to discuss CBP’s roll in countering terrorism since 9/11.

U.S. Representative for California’s 4th congressional district
As California wild fires rage, COngressman McClintock sees a failure of leadership from California Democrats and Governor Gavin Newsom as the heart of the problem Are environmental policies against the thinning of wild brush and old wood forests “anti-science”?

Former national security official in the Trump administration
Lecturer at Hillsdale College
Author of new book ” The Stakes: America at the Point of No Return”

Director of the Office of Management and Budget 
Director Vought explains the Trump Administration’s recent decision to defund Critical Race Theory education and HR programs in the federal government.

Represents Florida’s 6th congressional district
The first Green Beret to serve in Congress
Rep. Waltz discusses Suicide Awareness week and the ongoing epidemic of military veteran suicide in America, especially with the forced isolation as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Cully Stimson
Senior Legal Fellow and Manager for the National Security Law Program at The Heritage Foundation
DC Mayor Muriel Bowser accused the US Attorney’s office in the District of Columbia of dragging its feet on trying cases of arrested rioters. Cully Stimson begs to differ.

Rev. Markel Hutchins 
National Faith and Blue Weekend (NFBW) organizers represent every major national law enforcement group and faith tradition in the United States of America.

Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs for the U.S. Department of the Treasury

Crowley joins Larry O’Connor to share the latest on job numbers, the unemployment rate and more good news about the economy.

Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency
EPA Administrator Wheeler was in Yorba Linda, CA at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the creation of his agency. While in California, Gov. Gavin Newsom tweeted criticisms of the EPA. Wheeler joins the podcast to respond to Newsom and discuss the progress made at the EPA under his stewardship.

A retired NYPD detective and the
Director of business and media relations with Brothers Before Others
The body camera from a DC Metropolitan Police Department officer involved in a shooting was released this afternoon. Law enforcement expert Rob O’Donnell analyzes the footage and the reaction to the shooting. 

Represents Ohio’s Fourth District
Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Committee
Congressman Jim Jordan joins Larry O’Connor to discuss the latest riot activities in the District of Columbia and his demand that Mayor Muriel Bowser releases any and all information related to the arrests made of the rioters and whether Metropolitan Police have any information regarding inter-state transportation and 3rd party financing of the violent behavior.

Jordan also comments on the latest revelations regarding the release of the FBI 302 reports related to Joseph Misfud and the origins and predicate of James Comey’s FBI investigation into the Trump campaign in 2016

National Political Reporter for the Washington Examiner
What was the reaction in Western Pennsylvania when Vice President Biden finally emerged from his basement in Delaware to deliver a speech to an empty room? We ask Salena Zito who know more about the politics of this region than any other reporter in America.

Editor-at-large of The Post Millennial
As violent protests and riots become the number one topic int he presidential campaign, we check in with eh reporter out of Portland who has reported more on the ANTIFA Black Bloc forces than anyone else. 

National Political Reporter for the Washington Examiner
Co-author of “The Great Revolt: Inside the Populist Coalition Reshaping American Politics”
What are the political ramifications of the violence and rioting in Kenosha, a swing county that could make the difference int he 2020 presidential election? Salena Zito has a pretty good hunch.

A senior editor at The Federalist
Fox News Contributor
Co-author of “Justice on Trial: The Kavanaugh Confirmation and the Future of the Supreme Court”
Mollie Hemingway provides analysis and perspective on the first three days of the Republican National Convention.

Mercedes Schlapp 
Senior Advisor for the Trump Pence campaign
Hours before the start of the third day of the Republican National Convention, Schlapp joined Larry to discuss the success of the convention so far, memorable stories from speakers and more.

Byron York
Chief political correspondent for the Washington Examiner
Fox News contributor 
York shared his thoughts on the Republican National Convention, Hillary Clinton warning Joe Biden not to concede and more.

Paris Dennard
GOP Senior Communications Advisor for Black Media Affairs
Dennard joined Larry O’Connor to preview night one of the RNC, the diversity in the Republican party and more.

Rep. Jody Hice
Congressman representing Georgia’s 10th District
Hice shared his thoughts on vote-by-mail, the USPS hearing and his appearance on CNN.

Opinion Editor and a columnist for The Washington Times
Often seen as a Fox News contributor
Author of “Still Winning: Why America Went All In on Donald Trump-And Why We Must Do It Again”
Charles Hurt provides full analysis of Vice President Joe Biden’s acceptance speech and discusses the over-all tone and theme of the Democrats’ four-day, virtual convention.

Potomac Watch columnist for Wall Street Journal
Author of “Resistance (At All Costs): How Trump Haters Are Breaking America”
The Democrats contend that Joe Biden would handle the covid-19 pandemic policies more effectively than the Trump Administration has. Kimberly Strassel has researched the Obama/Biden response to the 2009 H191 Swine Flu pandemic and the track record doesn’t hold up well in hindsight.

John Pence
Senior Advisor to the Trump-Pence campaign
Vice President Pence’s nephew
The Trump/Pence campaign just opened a new “Trump Victory Field Office” in Virginia Beach, VA. Pence joins the podcast to discuss the campaign’s strategy for the Commonwealth and how Virginia is very much in play this November.

Leslie Marshall
Democratic Strategist
FOX News Contributor & Opinion columnist
The Democrat strategist joins Larry O’Connor to give her impression of the Democratic National Convention and she and Larry get into a spirited debate over the Biden plan for covid mitigation.

Jane Hampton Cook
Presidential historian
Author of the new book, “RESILIENCE on PARADE: Short Stories of Suffragists and Women’s Battle for the Vote”
Cook joins Larry O’Connor to discuss the women’s suffrage movement, President Trump pardoning Susan B. Anthony and more.

Kimberly Klacik
Republican Congressional Nominee in MD-District 7
Larry O’Connor speaks with Klacik about her viral campaign video, the real issue with Democrat run cities and more.