This week, Larry Kudlow sits in the Long Chair ® as the President and his new BFF’s Chuck and Nancy strike a deal over dinner, Heritage’s Steve Moore on the administration’s tax plan and Tevi Troy on how the President did on Storm Watch ’17.

Music from this week’s podcast: The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead by XTC

This week, our good pal Larry Kudlow sits in for the making-tv-great-again Rob Long. We’ve also got Henry Olsen, author of The Working Class Republican: Ronald Reagan and the Return of Blue-Collar Conservatism who tell us what why Reagan’s greatest influence may have been Franklin Roosevelt, how The Great Communicator would’ve come down on the health care debate, and supposes who would have won in a Trump-Reagan electoral contest. Later, Mr. Immigration Mickey Kaus stops by to school us on why the Emma Lazarus poem isn’t policy and what the media gets wrong over and over about this contentious issue. We also talk about the good economic news, and the tight ship John Kelly is running at the White House.

Music from this week’s podcast: The Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin

Larry Kudlow and Tim Pawlenty return to discuss about why impeachment talk is ridiculous at this point time, why tax cuts are indeed on the way, and what they would do about the problem in North Korea.

Larry Kudlow and Tim Pawlenty return to the digital realm with some thoughts on the AHCA debacle, the tax reform dream, and ruminate on whether or not Mitch McConnell with nuke the Democrats on the Gorsuch nomination.

Yep, it’s another super busy week (and day), but as tempted as we were to cover the breaking news as it happens, we decided to take a step back and invite our good friend Rod Dreher on to discuss his new book The Benedict OptionAlong with regular guest host Larry Kudlow, we get into the weeds on the  the future of Christianity, faith, and the authority of Scripture and the wisdom of the ancient church. But don’t worry, we also cover all the news, the votes, and yes, the passing of the King of Rock and Roll. 

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We’re down two men this week (Rob Long is still making TV great again and Peter Robinson is on sick leave), but the show must go on with our extremely capable guests hosts Larry Kudlow and Jon Gabriel. We talk media freakout, trade wars, walls, and with our guest Fox News Chief Washington Correspondent James Rosen, covering the Trump Administration, Tweeting Presidents, and his fantastic book, A Torch Kept Lit by William F. Buckley, JrAlso, we remember Mary Tyler Moore and Mike Connors.

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After a month-long hiatus, Larry Kudlow and Tim Pawlenty return to the microphones to make their closing cases for Trump and against Hillary Clinton. If need you need help make a cogent case to your friends and neighbors, play this podcast for them.

Larry Kudlow gives us some boots on the dais reporting on Trump’s speech today at the Economic Club of NY, Larry and Tim Pawlenty offer some thoughts on the tightening of the presidential race, Hillary’s medial story, and Larry’s new book, JFK and the Reagan Revolution: A Secret History of American Prosperity.

This week on Kudlow and Pawlenty’s Money & Politics, Apple gets hit with a huge tax bill, Trump and immigration, it’s the same old Fed at Jackson Hole with some withering criticism from former Fed governor Kevin Warsh. Finally, Trump’s outreach to the Black community and the politics of political correctness.

Today, Larry Kudlow and Tim Pawlenty have a very candid conversation about how the Trump campaign should get back on track. Also, is the media making his gaffes a mountain out of a mole hill? Moving to the world at large, did Obama paid $400 million to Iran for hostages? Also, a little economics discussion: the GDP is perilously close to recession. Stock markets vulnerable. Profits still falling. What should the next President do to prevent it? Finally, the Kudlow take on the TPP.

This week on Money & Politics, Larry Kudlow and Tim Pawlenty break down the Democratic convention, Clinton’s Russia connection, that curious “No more war” attack from Bernie people during Leon Pancetta speech, and why Obama paints wrong picture on ISIS. Also, Trump’s RNC speech — key themes, Trump encourages Russia can help find deleted Clinton emails, who is the real change maker? And finally, no rate hike from the Fed.

Larry Kudlow and Tim Pawlenty discuss Trump’s Washington visit, Hillary’s pass from Comey, and a surprisingly positive jobs report. Also, Larry goes for a ride in Trump One. Is it more bling than Air Force One? Tune in to find out.


This week, Larry Kudlow and Tim Pawlenty ponder what a loss in the California primary would do to Hillary’s chances of winning her party’s nomination. Also, Trump on free market energy policy (more coal!), and school vouchers, are McConnell and Ryan close to endorsing Trump, and is Janet Yellen about to raise interest rates?