Kira sits down with Ethan and Kyle, the guys behind The Babylon Bee, to pick their brains on a wide range of issues, from Kanye and Black Friday to Disney+ and the impeachment hearings. One of these things is their “personal hell” — tune in to find out what!

This week Kira flies solo to discuss impeachment – what you need to know and what you don’t even need to bother with. Also, why has the teen suicide rate quadrupled in the past decade? Kira has a unique and maybe controversial opinion on what exactly is going on.

Kerry Picket of The Washington Examiner stops by to give the latest on the allegations against Democrat Congresswoman Katie Hill. Was she part of a throuple? What’s up with THAT photo? What are the political ramifications? Will the mainstream media ever cover this story?

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On this week’s episode, Kira and Teri tackle these questions:

* Filler states?
* Tulsi is a little bit okay?
* Is Meghan Markle good or bad?
* Is there such a thing as student privacy?
* What’s next for Smart Girl Politics?

Kira picks the winners and losers of this week’s Democrat debate; Teri is the real winner for skipping the debate to watch the Nats sweep the Cards. Natitude! Also: “feminists” like Mia Farrow have done great harm to younger women; Team Kim or Team Kanye?; and, HBO’s “Succession” is our new jam.


Kira and Teri discuss the Dubya/Ellen friendship kerfuffle. Yes, Ellen did a good thing, but did she go far enough? Also, liberal privilege makes being friends difficult, teens no longer want jobs and an honest discussion of pumpkin spice. Be sure to tune in to find out if Kira is getting a flu shot this year!

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We’ve got two great segments for you this week. First up, Kira talks with Canadian journalist Andrew Lawton, who loves covering Justin Trudeau; unfortunately, the feeling is not mutual. In the second segment, The Washington Examiner’s Ellie Bufkin stops by to talk with Teri about Robert DeNiro and Boris Johnson, two men who are accused of behaving badly. Also, should you get the flu shot or not?

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Kira and Teri are back together and talking all about Nancy Pelosi’s implosion, Greta’s big day at the UN, the utter failure that is The Des Moines Register and the latest craziness from Kira’s home state of California.

NOTE: We apologize for the echo in the audio, it won’t happen again!

Kira deconstructs the “Church of Climate Change” and their appointed savior, Greta Thunberg, on this all-new episode. Kira’s own background comes into play as she she shares how she, too, grew up in fear, much like Greta. This is a completely different take on the Greta Thunberg story.

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Teri is back behind the mic this week and is going it alone! And she’s not talking politics. Find out where she’s been, what’s going on at Smart Girl Politics, the rebooted TV series she doesn’t want to happen and an ode to Ric Ocasek and The Cars.

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Special episode! This week Kira gets to sit down with Ethan Nicolle and Kyle Mann of The Babylon Bee and talk politics, faith and Snopes. You can also listen to Kira’s appearance on their own podcast here:

April and Kira also break down Markergate, the continuing descent of the Left into Trump Derangement madness and the CNN Climate Townhall.

This week April and Kira discuss Chappelle’s special and the Joe Walsh campaign. Also Kira rants and raves about California’s homeless crisis because it’s completely insane AND SOMEONE NEEDS TO DO SOMETHING. NOW.
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This week the Smart Girls talk about how social media has perverted our previously commonly agreed upon social boundaries. April just discovered Adam Carolla’s podcast and the ladies talk about an interesting proposal for government marriage laws.
Also, April explains her run-in with the police at a concert recently and why 2019 America is supposed to be – and this is a quote – “genderish”

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This week Kira flies solo and explains just how desperate the homeless crisis in California has become. How did things get to be so bad? Kira describes the insanity that is California crime legislation and how it has thrown everything in the state into chaos.
Also- the Squad gets banned from their field trip to Israel and how Rashida Tlaib skillfully snatched victimhood from victory.
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This week the Smart Girls talk about the never-ending gun control debate, the insane and dangerous rage of the Left, and reality tv stars on dating shows who think don’t understand why their one-night-stand didn’t lead to a committed relationship.

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This week Kira and April break down the two nights of Dem debates. Who were the winners? Who were the losers? Who surprised us most?
Also- why did Kira register as a Democrat? Kira comes clean about why she changed her party designation

Kira flies solo this week to break down the Mueller hearings and the end results. What was going on with Mueller? What exactly is the strategy for Democrats with the hearings and moving forward? Kira also talks about the pitfalls of hero worship in general and specifically how the desperation to defeat Trump drives the media to embrace certain public figures who have not earned that trust, often ending in embarrassment.

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Kira and April discuss the sad, sad tale of the grown adult who demanded his old friend choose between her MAGA hat and their friendship. This tragic story of red hats and whiny diaper babies holds a lesson for every American.

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April takes the helm of the podcast this week as Kira is on an enjoyable vacation. Joining April to cohost is author Ericka Andersen host of the Worth Your Time Podcast. April and Ericka start with a riveting discussion of the first round of democratic debates. Next up players of the US Women’s National Team refusing a White House visit should they win the World Cup. And finally, they cover a heated topic in Alabama of a women being charged with manslaughter of her unborn baby after someone else pulled the trigger!!
Also talked about was Charlotte Pence, Ericka’s latest interview and stay-at-home mom versus working mom.

April and Kira break down Trump’s official campaign kickoff speech from Florida. Was it Trump at his Trumpiest or is there more Trumptastic Trumpiness yet to come? The Smart Girls discuss the ins and outs of his hour long speech and if there are any Democrats so far poised for the presidential challenge. Plus – #MAGA vs. #KAG

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