The left-wing political elites in the centers of power in Washington, Wall Street, and Silicon Valley aren’t just disconnected from the rest of the country—they’re playing the field behind our backs. They’re pushing a leftist agenda and enriching themselves while compromising our nation’s values and our very safety and security.


This week, we’re talking about Critical Race Theory — one of the most dangerous, subversive, and sinister ideologies facing us that classifies Americans based on the color of their skin, and pits them against one another, casting citizens as either oppressor or oppressed.


This week, we’re gonna pull back the curtain on the hypocrisy of the left’s so-called pro-woman agenda. In reality, it’s often pro-woman in name only. It’s a screen they hide behind to push a whole host of radical, far-left policies.


This week, we’re going to talk about a crisis that strikes at the heart of our country, our society, and ultimately, our families — the boy crisis.

An absence of fathers is a primary driver in this dilemma, one exacerbated by the left’s push to dismantle the concept of family as we fundamentally understand it.

Our public education system has been utterly captured by woke activists more interested in politics than knowledge. During the Covid pandemic, teachers’ unions, school boards, and education bureaucracies proved themselves openly hostile to the rights of parents and interests of students – and above any accountability to the taxpayers and families they serve.


Big Tech is bent on pushing a left-leaning agenda, inching us ever closer to a reality where those they disagree with — often conservatives — have their liberties hampered.


This week, we’re talking about all the trouble in the world and, in particular, the greatest source of it: the Chinese Communist Party.


In just a little over a year, Joe Biden has created the worst immigration crisis our country has ever faced. When he came into office, he went to work immediately uprooting and upending so many effective policies that were working to keep our border secure.


We watch it, read it, listen to it — on our computers, our phones, and our televisions — even on the radio.


Economic freedom is one of mankind’s best ideas. It is responsible for more advances in living standards, health, knowledge, multicultural harmony and social justice than anything else we’ve come up with in the last 2,000 years.


This week, we’re digging into Special Counsel John Durham’s latest filing on the origins of the FBI’s Russia investigation. This newest batch of information exposes the hypocrisy of not only the radical left, but just how far they’ll go to advance the interests of the elite over that of the American people. While lack of fair coverage from the legacy media is perhaps not surprising, it’s certainly disappointing.


Even before the outbreak of COVID-19, China served as an irresponsible global actor that threatened American interests and values world-wide. The rise of China is the most persistent and consequential challenge that will confront the United States for the next several decades.


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