Because every family should be ready for anything.

Do you have survival skills? Kelly, Lyndsey, and Emily talk about the sunny side of societal collapse.

More women are having babies at home—but is it safe? Elisha answers your questions about her home birth.

The LadyBrains from our pregnant moms episode regroup to welcome Kelly to the mom club. We talk birth, pregnancy highlights and low-lights and adjusting to the judgmental world of parenting.

Kelly, Emily, and Lyndsey debate Air Conditioning (yes, really) and break down the woo-woo GOOP Wellness Summit.

Ever been or felt judged by another woman for your diet, parenting, wardrobe picks? This week Elisha and Kelly rant about personal experiences where social norms seem to be thrown out the window. Plus — if you were a fan of a successful 90s sitcom you’re in luck because Hollywood seems to be bringing back the oldies in hopes of ratings gold.”

How to bring up good kids in a world obsessed with social media.


Elisha and Bethany finally answer all of Kelly’s questions about pregnancy, childrearing, and what the difference actually is between baby clothes and baby pajamas.

Kelly messes with the “IRS”, Amelia is a great mom, and Elisha confesses two things that will upset two other LadyBrains…

Elisha, Kelly, and Lyndsey take on the backlash to the infamous interrupted BBC dad and share how they handle nasty internet trolls.

It got a little deep. Emily, Kelly, and Bethany talk gratitude, with a side of banter about LuLaRoe and an update on Bethany’s crazy town.

This week, Elisha, Kelly, and Amelia take on second chances and the people who are judged for taking advantage of one, how good Lady Gaga looked at the Super Bowl, and women who are clearly wearing makeup (even if they deny it).

Kelly, Elisha, and Lyndsey talk about creating comfortable homes—and how DIY culture kinda makes us feel bad about ourselves.

On this weeks ladybrains, we discuss inaugural fashion, spilling the beans about pregnancy, and Kelly’s pet wallaby’s penchant for destruction.

This week, the LadyBrains take on various aspects of Christmas cheer and the prospect of a Kanye presidency.

In this episode, Elisha and Kelly girlsplain hunting and Christmas with their New York Jewish friend Bethany and Bethany gabs about her favorite topic of late: Scientology and Leah Remini. Also, are guns and spears OK to give as a wedding gift? A LadyBrains investigation.

The LadyBrains are: