This week, Kelly tries to convince Elisha and Emily to join her latest fowl scheme. From convincing husbands to navigating local regulatory framework – who knew quail could be so interesting?

Traveling can be rough, traveling with kids can be hell… But Elisha and Bethany give you tips they use for kiddie travel. And, what’s it like to be a mom who is traveling without her kids? Find out what sage wisdom Kelly gives Bethany for her upcoming trip to South Korea!

(Photo by Steven Thompson on Unsplash.)

Emily drops knowledge on Kelly and Lyndsey about the best ways to save money at flea markets and more.

On the latest LadyBrains podcast, Bethany RSVPs to a wedding invitation, Kelly buys Liberace’s driveway gates, and Emily’s neighbor doesn’t know where electricity comes from.

CDT, PCT, AT* — Lyndsey, Elisha, and Kelly talk all about trails as L gears up for a long hike – should she carry a gun? Should she cut off her hair? What’s she going to eat? (Trick question: RXBars.) Should she bring a goat? Hold up, is Lyndsey considering cutting her hair off for the hike? Weigh in on that one in the comments, LadyBrainiacs. Kelly also recalls a related and traumatic experience at a Girl Scout cookie convention. And Elisha got lost along the way.

*Listen to find out what those mean, if you don’t know already.

With Amelia’s dog Virgil recently diagnosed with cancer, Amelia, Emily, and Kelly discuss tough transitions and how to get through them with grace while maintaining our sanity. We’re determined for his last months to be all about #TreatPlayLove, and to do that for ourselves in the difficult times, too.

Kelly and Bethany talk about traveling with and without babies, parenting suicidal babies, goats, and parenting goats.

Lyndsey and Kelly follow up on last week’s episode and finally hash out why vegans and hunters are natural allies in the wild.

Kelly and Emily instruct Bethany in the fine art of choosing a home and building a garden that will help you survive the apocalypse.

Bethany, Kelly, and Emily talk bad neighbors, bad birthdays, and irresponsible lawn care.

Mary Katharine and Kelly bore Bethany with conversations of sportsball – aka the Super Bowl – while Bethany valiantly tries to talk about anything but.

Kelly and Lyndsey talk about how they keep it together—or don’t—when things get stressful.

Virtue signaling at the Golden Globes and people who won’t let you have a moment of joy on social media are the worst. At least we’re keeping our 2018 resolutions. Oops.

Emily, Lyndsey, and Kelly tell you everything you need to know—and then some—about skincare.

Amelia, Elisha, and Kelly discuss holiday traditions they can’t quite pronounce, tag lines to live by in 2018, and…sausage laws?

These fundraisers make it easier than ever to make a big impact—without giving a lot!

Women are finally safe to share their stories—is the downfall of powerful men just beginning?

Bethany, Emily, and Kelly discuss the recent rash of “Bing Bong” stories and make plans for Kelly’s new shiny twinkie, and no, that’s not a euphemism.

Bethany, Mary Katharine and Kelly discuss the Harvey Weinstein scandal, Halloween, and the gaps in our pop culture knowledge (spoiler: some of us have never seen Star Wars).

The Ladybrains talk how to kick off life changes with the change of seasons, and how to rid yourself of 20 pounds of pickles.