Emily Zanotti is back 6 weeks after having twins—and she’s got a little feedback on all the advice she was given before giving birth. Kelly Maher and Bethany Mandel join to share the hacks they couldn’t Mom without… and the advice they never actually took.

An angry mom ranted that people without children should be banned from visiting Disney World because they make the lines longer. Kelly and Lyndsey reveal they have controversial opinions about the Happiest Place on Earth—and suggest people take the Mollie Hemingway approach to entertaining kids…

In the home stretch of pregnancy, Emily, Elisha, and Kelly daydream about all the things they can’t wait to do postpartum. Listen up ladies—it’s not all about cocktails (but yes, we really love cocktails).

“Baby friendly” sounds so nice, doesn’t it? Wrong. Bethany and Kelly lay out the facts about hospital birth you need to know—from sleep-deprived psychosis to breastfeeding zealots. Skip this episode if you don’t want to hear medical descriptions of c-sections, lactation, and vaginal birth.

You know becoming a parent will change your life forever—but how does it impact your marriage? How do you divide responsibilities… and stay sane? Kelly and Emily lay it out.

Kelly, Bethany, and Lyndsey tell the origin story of their infamous group chat—and tell you the only apps they trust to keep their weird secrets.

Kelly, Emily, and Bethany (all mamas and mamas to-be) cut through the pastel clutter and tell you everything you actually need—and what you don’t.

Why so many vegans secretly eating meat? Kelly and Lyndsey are back for another vegan & hunter rundown.

Kelly’s back after more than 20 days without a voice due to a freak infection in her larynx. She and Bethany talk about what it’s like to be voiceless and also about goats and also about the snow bomb polar vortex invading Colorado!

Bethany and Kelly get into some heavy stuff this week, but sometimes you just have to put it out there.

Emily, Kelly, and Lyndsey run through not-so-common questions about the CCW process and what women should know.

One ladybrain has a very big announcement to make!

Kelly, Bethany, and Lyndsey wrap up 2018 with some not to sunny resolutions—and hacks for loving the holiday season

Lyndsey is in Philly for America’s game and Kelly is… team Air Force?

After Lyndsey’s grandma got scammed, Lyndsey and Kelly talk about how to get woke and protect your grams.

In the wake of Kavanaugh your social media feeds are a Rorschach test. How can we return to happier times? Let Kelly and Lyndsey be your guide.

Kelly and Bethany talk about the internet outrage machine, and basically everything else, at hyper speed.

Mary Katharine and Kelly talk MK’s Insane Great American Road Trip—with 2 kids, 1600 miles, 4 National parks, and 5 states!

As lightly as possible, Emily, Kelly and Bethany discuss the latest Catholic abuse scandal and what they hope happens next.

Kelly & Lyndsey talk goats, hiking, and vanlife