Today’s podcast takes up the horrific story of the firing of tenured Princeton professor Joshua Katz—defenestrated for holding views considered unacceptable by the university leadership, which then went on a hunt for pretext to fire him. The question: What good are universities any longer? Give a listen.

Today’s podcast asks how seriously we are to take President Biden’s flat statement that we would be involved if China attacked Taiwan, and also how seriously we are to take his new economic initiative with eastern nations. Plus, immigration, racism, and Georgia! Give a listen.

At the close of trading on November 17, 2021 a share of Netflix stock would cost you $691.69. At the end of trading on May 20, 2022 it was $186.35, a drop of over 70%. What in the wide, wide world of sports is going on around here? The Mighty Men of GLoP are on the case as “woke” ideology meets “stupid money” meets an industry that has started to reach its maturity.

Then the new Judd Apatow documentary about the late George Carlin (HBO Max) spurs a discussion on great standup comics past and present and how their work stands the test of time.

Eli Lake, the host of “The Reeducation” podcast, joins the show today to talk about Congress’s provision of $40 billion in arms and aid to Ukraine, and why the ascendant populism on the right failed to derail that effort.

The podcast today regards the coming of the bear market and the increasing signs of economic turmoil with horror and interest, wondering at their political effect. And we discuss disinformation and baby formula. Give a listen.

Today’s podcast examines the fascinating and complex results of last night’s primary elections across the country before delving into the Ukrainian ways of war—both on the battlefield and on the airwaves. Give a listen.

Today’s podcast examines the changes in the electorates on the eve of primaries across the country, and wonders why people are so addicted to theories about America rather than looking at the evidence of their own eyes. And we discuss baby formula again. Give a listen.

The podcast today opens with thanks for kind words about the passing of Midge Decter before turning to the evil perpetrated by a mass shooter in Buffalo and what the larger political impact will be. And we discuss the baby formula shortage and abortion polling. Give a listen.

Commentary contributor and author Naomi Schaefer Riley joins the podcast today to discuss the life and work of the late Midge Decter, her signature on an open letter defending liberty from its many detractors across the political spectrum, and the last vestiges of Covid mania.

National Journal’s Josh Kraushaar joins the Commentary podcast today to break down what we’ve seen so far from Democratic and Republican primary voters, and what we can expect their choices will mean for the 2022 midterm elections.

The Democrats find themselves increasingly confounded by the mysteries of political life in 2022. Where did all the gun crime come from? What’s the Republican Party’s plan to address inflation? Why can’t Joe Biden manifest his will like the Green Lantern? It’s all an irresolvable riddle, especially when you have no intention of solving it.

The program welcomes contributing editor Eli Lake back on the show to discuss the new lend-lease legislation providing arms and aid to Ukraine and the air of menace around the homes of the Supreme Court’s justices.

Today’s podcast looks at the weekend’s direct action against the homes of Supreme Court justices and asks whether those engaged in such protest understand what it looks like and feels like to the average American. Give a listen.

Today’s podcast notes that all the talk of the Supreme Court now being illegitimate because of the expected overturning of Roe v. Wade has triggered defensive actions to ensure the safety of the justices. Where’s the outrage? Why aren’t liberals more exercised by this? Why, in fact, are some of them actually tickled? Also: Who benefits from the leak of information about American intelligence being used in Ukraine? And how dare the Museum of Jewish Heritage refuse to allow the rental of its facility for an event at which Ron DeSantis will speak? Give a listen.

Will voters become as consumed with the issue of abortion rights in the same way the political class has, even to the detriment of more urgent issues like inflation and crime? We discuss and debate. Also, the perpetual Covid mitigation regime in Democrat-dominated locales, the New York Times’ failed hit on Elon Musk, and why we know what we shouldn’t know about Russia’s war on Ukraine.

Adam White joins the podcast—a blockbuster of a podcast, by the way—to discuss JD Vance’s victory in the Ohio Republican Senate primary and the continuing fallout from the Supreme Court leak. Give a listen.

Matthew Continetti joins the podcast to talk about the unprecedented leak of the Supreme Court draft opinion overturning Roe v. Wade. We discuss the immediate politics, the constitutional logic, and the meaning of the leak itself. Give a listen.

Kentucky State University Professor Wilfred Reilly joins the podcast today in Christine’s absence to discuss his new piece in COMMENTARY¸ “The New Definition of Racism,” and why Democrats have made neurosis into a political brand.

The men of GLoP are (finally) back and this week, they discuss their celebrity encounters, delve into Amber Heard, Johnny Depp, and the ACLU, the tale of Twitter and Elon Musk, and more.

Today’s podcast provides a litany of examples of liberals and the left giving themselves permission to do brazen and sometimes outright illegal things because, in their view, conservatives did them first and not to do them also would be a form of unilateral disarmament. Give a listen.