Biden’s up, the market’s down, and all is definitely not well in America. This week’s podcast looks forward to November’s general election to discuss what this all means for the President as he grapples with a crisis of immense proportion with The Cook Political Report’s Amy Walter and National Review’s Rich Lowry. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Greg Bluestein joins the show to talk about how the Peach State is ground zero for control of the House and Senate as well as a pivotal state in the presidential contest. And we skip over the border to look in on former Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ comeback attempt in the Alabama Senate race for the new Ad of the Week. The best political analysis from the best political analysts: only on The Horse Race!

The political force of nature that is Joe Biden hit land again Tuesday, and with six wins in seven states he effectively clinched the Democratic nomination. This week’s Horse Race look at two states that look likely to continue Joe’s winning streak next Tuesday, Ohio and Florida, with the Columbus Dispatch’s Darrel Rowland and POLITICO’s Marc Caputo. We also look ahead to the general election and dissect the coronavirus’ potential impact with Jeremy Peters of the New York Times. All this and the Ad of the Week, too – only on The Horse Race.

Joe Biden’s stunning political resurrection is the main topic on this week’s podcast. Daily Beast columnist and CNN contributor Matt Lewis joins Henry to go over the turn of events, while Detroit Free Press correspondent Todd Spangler dissects next week’s crucial Michigan primary. All this plus American Greatness publisher Chris Buskirk to talk Trump and a new Ad of the Week, only on the Horse Race!

The Democratic race is heating up as Biden, Bernie, and Bloomberg start to start to jump out from the pack going into Super Tuesday. We look at the biggest states voting that day, California and Texas, with iconic Democratic strategist Bob Shrum and Houston Chronicle columnist Erica Grieder; take in a view from flyover country with political reporter Salena Zito; and talk Trump with EPPC Senior Fellow and New York Times columnist Pete Wehner. All this and the ad of the week, only on The Horse Race!

Democrats have rolled into Nevada for that state’s caucuses, with many candidates hoping to get lucky before they go bust. This week’s Horse Race examines Saturday’s caucuses with the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s Steve Sebelius and MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki. We also look ahead to next week’s South Carolina primary with the Charleston Post and Courier’s Schuyler Kropf and talk all things Trump with the New York Times’ White House Correspondent Peter Baker. All this and the Ad of the Week – only on the Horse Race!

The Democratic race plunged into more confusion and dysfunction after New Hampshire as Joe Biden summoned his pony soldier army and “Senator Next Door” Amy Klobuchar is finally making fetch happen. Longtime progressive political analyst Ruy Teixeira deconstructs the Democratic race while Arizona Republic columnist Robert Robb does a deep dive into the Grand Canyon State. All this plus the Ad of the Week, only on the Horse Race!

This week’s episode looks at aftermath of the Democratic debacle in Iowa with Real Clear Politics’ Sean Trende; dives deep into the New Hampshire primary with Granite State political scientist Dante Scala; and explores how Trump smacked down his opponents at the State of the Union address with American Greatness’s Julie Ponzi. All this plus an overview of the battle for Senate control in this edition of The Horse Race!

Democrats are swarming all over Iowa for a shot at the nomination. This week’s Horse Race takes a deep dive into the Hawkeye State and looks ahead to next Monday’s caucuses. Trump’s job approval is also at record highs -can he keep it going? All this along with the Ad of the Week. Only on The Horse Race with Henry Olsen.

Calling all political junkies, number crunchers, and poll watchers: this new podcast is for YOU. Washington Post political columnist and Ethics and Public Policy senior fellow Henry Olsen discusses the likely political impact of impeachment with the American Enterprise Institute’s Karlyn Bowman, what it’s like to cover President Trump every day with the White House Correspondent for the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Debra J. Saunders, and does a deep dive into demographic and political trends in 2020’s most important state, Wisconsin, with Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel political report and analyst Craig Gilbert. All that plus a review of the race for House control and what makes the Ad of the Week tick on the Horse Race with Henry Olsen.