Join Jim and Greg as they serve up three important martinis, but they begin by reacting to Thursday morning’s House censure of New York Democrat Jamal Bowman for deliberately pulling a fire alarm to delay a floor vote a couple of months ago.

Then they cheer a couple of strong moments from Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in Wednesday night’s debate, including demanding college and universities have more skin in the game when it comes to student loans and citing Calvin Coolidge as a president who inspires him.

Join Jim and Greg as they react to the presidents of Harvard, MIT, and Penn having a very hard time deciding whether large groups of students calling for genocide in Israel constitute harassing speech. It’s especially hypocritical when considering how quick these administrators are to champion BLM, feminists, and the LGBT activists.

They also cheer Utah Sen. Mike Lee for blasting FBI Director Christopher Wray for the bureau’s failure to to pursue warrants in seeking information on American citizens in all 103 cases in which it was required.

Join Jim and Greg as they applaud North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum for withdrawing after not qualifying for this week’s debate and realizing he will not be the GOP nominee.

They also discuss the house explosion in Arlington, Virginia, Monday night and the bizarre string of social media posts from the homeowner in the days leading up to the police being called, shots being fired, and house blowing up.

Join Jim and Greg as they serve up two very bad martinis and a crazy one that is also terrible. First, they unload on the anti-Semitic crowd in Philadelphia last night that hatefully targeted a falafel restaurant owned in part by an Israeli-American and accused him of genocide.

They also recoil as far-left Washington Rep. Pramila Jayapal says she condemns the rampant Hamas rapes of Israelis but then plays “both sides” by equating it to civilian casualties suffered in Gaza when Israel attacks Hamas military assets.

Join Jim and Greg for a very full Friday edition. First, they react to the passing of former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra O’Connor, who was President Reagan’s first nominee to the high court.

Then they dissect the Red State vs. Blue State debate between Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Fox News – including some of the best zingers from DeSantis.

Join Jim and Greg as they remember the long and complicated legacy of former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, who advised presidents for 60 years before his death Wednesday at the age of 100. They highlight Kissinger’s record and why he is deeply respected by some deeply reviled by others.

They also hammer Hamas for the deadly shootings of Israeli civilians in Jerusalem, including a pregnant teacher, and what this means for the temporary ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war.

Former federal prosecutor and National Review Contributing Editor Andy McCarthy is in while Jim Geraghty is under the weather. Today, Greg and Andy discuss new sanctions from the U.S. Treasury Department against individuals and entities helping for finance Iran’s military and IRGC. But Andy explains why this step is hardly bold considering Iran’s recent actions against the U.S.

Andy also breaks down the legal and constitutional impact of Special Counsel Jack Smith not only demanding many different details about President Trump’s Twitter account but also Smith demanding the information of anyone who like, retweeted, or otherwise engaged with Trump in the months leading up to January 6th.

Join Jim and Greg as they wince at a new Bloomberg reports showing how much more Americans are paying for food, electricity, water, rent, childcare, and much more. But the report is an important rebuttal to the Biden administration’s gaslighting that the inflation problem has been solved.

They also groan at reports that just one day after Biden reasonably said he does not trust casualty figures from Hamas, the president buckled under criticism from Muslim leaders, said he was ashamed of himself and promised to do better.

Join Jim and Greg as they return from Thanksgiving break with good, mixed, and crazy martinis. First, they cheer the U.S. Navy for ending a Houthi assault on an Israeli-linked ship off the coast of Yemen and then taking the pirates into custody.

They’re also thrilled that some women and children held hostage by Hamas are now home but they are wary of the growing pressure for Israel’s military pause to continue, which is a big advantage for Hamas.

It’s Black Friday, the day retailers offer major deals to get shopper through their doors or online and hopefully guarantee finishing in the black for the year. Continuing a long 3 Martini Lunch tradition, Jim and Greg each offer up three gift ideas to political figures.

In the first round, Jim brings a practical gift for FTX founder, con man, and convict Sam Bankman-Fried while Greg finds a lovely present to break some tough news to Vice President Kamala Harris.

Continuing their long Thanksgiving tradition, Jim and Greg unveil their lists of things they are politically thankful for, although this year they don’t stick as close to politics as they have in past years. Jim reflects on last week’s Pro-Israel march in Washington and the stark contrast to the hateful and often violent demonstrations we’ve seen from the left for many years. Greg explains why he’s thankful for Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin despite a disappointing year for Republicans in the commonwealth.

Then it gets more personal, as Jim discusses how thankful he is for his family and that we never know how many Thanksgivings they will have together. He urges you to find common ground with your loved ones beyond politics. Greg echoes Jim’s thoughts but also highlights the many aspects of life for which we need to be thankful and to Whom we need to be thankful.

Join Jim and Greg as they appreciate new research from Trinity University in Ireland and The Ohio State University showing that the climate alarmists are way off and that increased carbon dioxide is absorbed by trees and others plants and makes them stronger – just like we learned in basic biology class.

They also wince as the Biden administration continues to tread very lightly with Iran despite more than four dozen attacks on U.S. positions in the Middle East by Iran proxy groups and the hijacking of a ship in the Red Sea by Iran-backed Houthi rebels.

Join Jim and Greg as they serve up three critical martinis after opening with thoughts on the passing of former First Lady Rosalynn Carter, who died Sunday at age 96.

Then they react to libertarian Javier Milei’s dominant win in Argentina’s presidential race amid a massive economic crisis there. They also note Milei’s unconventional approach to politics and the media’s reflexive opposition to him.

Join Jim and Greg as they serve up two good martinis and a bad one to wrap up the week. First, they welcome Major League Baseball quietly announcing the 2025 All-Star Game will be in Atlanta, never mentioning that it removed the game from Atlanta in 2021 under the absurd pretext that Georgia’s new voting laws were racist and constituted voter suppression.

They’re also glad to report that were some positive results in last week’s Virginia elections, including a final reckoning for the Loudoun County prosecutor and school board who covered up a sexual assault in the name of diversity and even prosecuted the father of the victim instead of the perpetrator.

Join Jim and Greg as they digest the scathing House Ethics Committee report concluding that New York Rep. George Santos likely committed multiple federal offenses in allegedly defrauding his own constituents and others for his personal gain. In addition, they’re pleased to hear Santos will not run for re-election, meaning this bizarre episode will be over – at least politically – in just about a year.

They also break down the unrest Wednesday night as pro-Palestinian protesters clashed with police outside the Democratic National Committee headquarters in Washington. And Jim wonders where the outrage or even interest in this story is from the mainstream media.

Join Jim and Greg as they celebrate the huge, peaceful, civilized rally in support of Israel on Tuesday, an event which brought a very welcome contrast to the violent, hateful demonstrations seen on campus and beyond against Israel and even supportive of Hamas.

They also wince at reports that President Biden is planning to sign a deal with Chinese dictator Xi Xinping to limit the use of artificial intelligence in nuclear weapons systems and drones because China won’t honor anything it signs if it has a strategic interest in violating the agreement.

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome the detailed reporting from CNN’s Nic Robertson, as Israeli Defense Forces explained to him on camera how Hamas was using a hospital in Gaza as an armory and military command post – a strategy that unnecessarily put many civilians in harm’s way.

They also sigh as House Republicans still cannot seem to agree on much – the latest evidence being the failure to impeach Homeland Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, who so richly deserves to get the boot. There’s also the fight over government spending as the Freedom Caucus refuses to get behind another continuing resolution backed by House Speaker Mike Johnson.

Join Jim and Greg as they applaud South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott for his presidential campaign but also for recognizing that it’s not going to happen for him in 2024 and suspending his White House bid.

They also throw up their hands as Politico confirms that President Biden is incapable of governing and campaigning like a normal president. But instead of arguing he should retire, the piece suggests strategies for the Biden campaign to cover up the president’s liabilities and bring in veteran campaign officials to get him over the finish line.

Former Chief Assistant U.S. Attorney and National Review Contributing Editor Andy McCarthy is in for Jim, who will be back on Monday. Today, Andy and Greg break down West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin announcing he will not run for the U.S. Senate again in 2024 and will instead travel the nation “to see if there is interest in creating a movement to mobilize the middle.” Andy and Greg assess the impact another third party candidate might have on the outcome next year.

They also dig into the Nashville police refusing to release the manifesto from the Covenant School murderer and suspending sever officers for their alleged role in leaking a few pages from the document. Andy explain why he sees this as another maddening example of our two-tiered justice system.

Hillsdale College Radio General Manager and Radio Free Hillsdale Hour Host Scot Bertram is in for Jim. Today, Scot and Greg dissect a poll showing President Biden with a 52 disapproval rate in deep blue California. Republicans have virtually no chance to win the state but there is clearly widespread dissatisfaction in Biden’s performance.

They also recoil at the news Associated Press and Reuters photojournalists were embedded with Hamas during their ghastly slaughter of Israelis on October 7. Some of those photographers also freelanced with CNN and the New York Times. This raises so many questions about what the news organizations may have known ahead of time and how they dealt with learning their employees were there and possibly even participating.