Tonight on the show the lawyer Ty Cobb is out at the White House, Dick’s Sporting Goods hires gun control lobbyists, Facebook wants to rate news organizations and girls in the Boy Scouts.

Tonight on the show the controversy around the leaked Comey questions, Brian Kemp’s new commercial caused a stir, the left attacks a high school girl over her prom dress and Planned Parenthood might finally get its federal funding cut.

Tonight on the show Erick has the latest on the Georgia gubernatorial race, the nastiness that is the White House Correspondence Dinner, what really happened to Ronny Jackson and the Obama Iranian deal has completely fallen apart.

Tonight on the show Georgia legislature heading towards a police state, Alfie keeps defying doctors by staying alive, Mike Pompeo barely gets confirmed and a breakdown of the Georgia gubernatorial race.

Tonight on the show the heart wrenching story of Alfie Evans, Joy Reid is hot water, liberal woman blows up at police and loses her job, Harry Reid comes out against impeachment and we need both a free and honest press.

Tonight on the show another mental-ill man commits a mass shooting, the left’s overreaction to Jay Feely’s prom photo with his daughter, more on the Georgia gubernatorial race, lefty reporters go after police and latest with Mike Pompeo.

Tonight on the show things are starting to shape up in Georgia’s gubernatorial race, Andrew McCabe has been referred to the US Attorney’s office for possible criminal charges and the left refuses to acknowledge the growing problem of human trafficking.

Tonight on the show the left’s disgusting and predictable reaction to the death of Barbara Bush, talks with North Korea, Republicans keep funding Planned Parenthood and journalistic malpractice.

Tonight on the show the left has a double standard when it comes to disclosing political and journalistic relationships, the IRS computer system crashed, Justice Gorsuch sided with the liberal wing of the court and conservatives should engage with Starbucks on racial concerns.

Tonight on the show the non-bombshell Comey interview, Michael Cohen name drops Sean Hannity, bombings in Syria, Democrats are getting worried about the midterms and the Presidents approval ratings.

Tonight on the show Paul Ryan is retiring, Erick recounts a conversation with a congressman in a grocery store, Congress has no idea how Facebook works but they want to regulate it and the Republican failure on debt spending.

Tonight on the show what is really going on with the FBI raid of Trump’s lawyer, Mark Zuckerberg on capital hill and late breaking news on a potential airstrike in Syria.

Tonight on the show things are getting worse in Syria, the left’s reaction to a fire at Trump Tower, London is now cracking down on knives and how the left wants to use California as a blue print for taking over the rest of the country.

Tonight on the show the left loves diversity except when they don’t, can political opposites coexist, intellectual diversity, a caravan of immigrants more on Scott Pruitt.

Tonight on the show did Delta still get their Georgia tax break, facts emerge about the YouTube shooter, the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s assassination and new details about the Mueller investigation.

Tonight on the show the President goes after Amazon, Democrats really know how to waste money, using the National Guard for border security, new polling says the Democratic Party is to liberal and the President should stand behind Scott Pruit.

Tonight on the show, the trade war begins, thoughts on Roseanne, the Sinclair broadcasting, David Hogg is Trump’s best friend and a legislative wrap up here in Georgia.

Tonight on the show reaction to Trump signing the omnibus bill, what this means for Republicans, remembering Zell Miller, the left and some on the right hate John Bolton and the gun debate has gone off the rails.

Tonight on the show Republicans become Democrats with the Omnibus bill, Trump fires another person from his legal team, details on Georgia’s Hidden Predator Act and the trade war begins with China.

Tonight on the show Facebook is catching some heat for how it’s data was used during the presidential campaign, the firing of Andrew McCabe and a California Supreme Court case involving the promotion of abortion at pregnancy centers.