Tonight on the show it looks like Obama’s Iranian deal was every shadier than anyone thought, election takeaways from Tuesday night, the media’s ridiculous coverage of Melania Trump and the huge “death toll” the Democrats predicted from tax cuts.

Tonight on the show the President uninvited the Philadelphia Eagles from visiting the White House, more on the President pardoning himself, the sad death of Kate Spade, Congress should stop Trumps tariff threats and the dangers of “swatting”.

Tonight on the show SCOTUS hands down it’s verdict on the Masterpiece Cake Shop, the President wants to pardon himself and after 20 years Bill Clinton finally gets pressed in the media about Monica Lewinsky.

Tonight on the show the Samantha Bee v Roseanne Barr, Trump wants tariffs on our closest allies, lots of odd pardons and Trump wants to rewrite a bit of history when it comes to the Comey firing.

Tonight on the show former Obama bro has a meltdown, President Trump signs Right To Try legislation, more Roseanne fallout and Trey Gowdy parts way with the President over the FBI.

Tonight on the show the New York Times gets another story about Trump wrong, Starbucks shuts its stores down for diversity/racism training, Roseanne Bar loses her show over Twitter and a couple of big SCOTUS decisions.

Tonight on the show the President backs out of the summit with North Korea, a posthumous pardon causes a stir among the left and the media doesn’t care for students who aren’t for gun confiscation.

Tonight on the show a break down of Tuesday’s Georgia primary election, the Governor of Missouri needs to be impeached and the left is rapidly moving to the far left.

Tonight on the show more on the Russian interference in the 2016 election plus the full breakdown of Georgia’s primary election results.

Tonight on the show, spying on the Trump campaign, Speaker Ryan having real problems, fake attacks on Nikki Haley and everyones last ditch effort to make the runoff in the Georgia gubernatorial race.

Tonight on the show the left loves defending terrorist, the New York Times article about FBI spying on the Trump campaign plus the latest on the Georgia primary races.

Tonight on the show the Chamber of Commerce is going after conservatives, a school resource officer stops a school shooter, the Russia investigation take another turn, the NRA is considered a terrorist organization by the left and the rise of pro-Trump media.

Tonight on the show North Korea is backing out of peace talks, the US press hates Israel, Gina Haspel now has the votes to become CIA director and the latest in the Georgia state wide elections.

Tonight on the show the US official moves its embassy to Jerusalem, the Supreme Court rules in favor of sports gambling, new polling data showing their election wave is shrinking and a breakdown of all the Georgia election races.

Tonight on the show the President is racking up the accomplishments, the Washington Post attacks Hannity and Michelle Obama doesn’t much care for women voters.

Tonight on the show did Trump really break an American promise, the Gina Haspell confirmation hearing gets testy, Bank of America reverses course on gun manufactures, NBC does a bogus internal investigation and a roundup of last nights primaries.

Tonight on the show Trump backs out of Obama’s Iranian deal, John Kerry whines like usual, Ronan Farrow with another bombshell and the latest on all the races here in Georgia.

Tonight on the show John Kerry is being John Kerry as usual, kids can’t read clocks anymore, will the Democratic wave be that big, John McCain has a funeral request and the GOP’s suicide of bad candidates.

Tonight on the show a federal judge chastises the Mueller investigation, John Kerry undermining Trump, the unemployment rate is down, Dick’s Sporting Good’s hates its consumers, Trump heads to the NRA and protecting Christian adoption agencies.

Tonight on the show Guiliani makes some odd comments, the Democrats wave maybe hit it’s high water mark, did the Fed’s tap Cohen’s phone and the latest on the Georgia gubernatorial race.