Tonight on the show the press coordinates to defend themselves, Jack Philips is being targeted again by the state of Colorado, Democrats are likely to take the House and Twitter is a garbage company.

Tonight on the show is there really a tape of the President saying the n-word, Omarosa should be prosecuted, the President likes calling people dogs and the NFL still kneeling.

Tonight on the show the President pushes for Space Force, a baby is abandoned on a plane, the rationale behind Stacey Abrams radical left campaign and Hollywood tries to rig the Oscars.

Tonight on the show a break down of yesterday’s special elections, Dems blowing money trying to stop Kavanaugh, the indictment of Chris Collins and the deregulation of lightbulbs.

Tonight on the show Erick breaks down the Democratic strategy going into the midterms, the difficulty of social media platforms banning hate speech, media overreaction and the lefts abandonment of responsible environmental conservation.

Tonight on the show tech companies are playing a dangerous game of censoring content, highlights from the Resurgent Gathering, Stacey Abrams radical views, the online mob has an insatiable hunger to destroy everything and Paul Manafort is in real trouble.

Tonight on the show plastic guns have the left in a rage, millennials continue to be the worst generation, no one wins with trade wars and the President goes to war with the Koch brothers.

Tonight on the show the Twitter mob is coming after everyone, Governor Deal gives Delta its tax break, David Plouffe talks about how Obama helped push Trump and the Democratic presidential field is going to be huge in 2020.

Tonight on the show Erick breaks down Brian Kemp’s blowout runoff election win last night in Georgia.

Tonight on the show what to expect from tonight runoff election statewide in Georgia and a breakdown of the Carter Page situation.

Tonight on the show Trump threatens to yank the security clearance of former Obama officials, threatens Iran via twitter and a look at the campaign going on for and against Kavanaugh.

Tonight on the show gubernatorial candidate from Georgia Brian Kemp stops by, Democrats and the media have created complete fan fiction when it comes to Russia and how gerrymandering has helped everyone.

Tonight on the show President Trump jumps into the Georgia Republican runoff by endorsing Brian Kemp over Casey Cagle, Russia wants us to hand over some American officials and Facebook sides with free speech.

Tonight on the show Trump walks back his Russia comments, Georgia’s runoff election is a week away and things are heating up, Central America is collapsing and more media fake news.

Tonight on the show Casey Cagle defends and explains his comments caught on a hidden audio recording plus reaction to President Trump’s press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Tonight on the show new polling in Georgia shows a very close Republican runoff, President Trump takes another shot a CNN, Mueller indicts more Russians and more news of the day.

Tonight on the show President Trump has some harsh words for NATO, liberals begin their predictable attacks on Brett Kavanaugh, media is going after Bill Shine’s wife Darla and more audio being release from Clay Tippins secret recording of Casey Cagle.

Tonight on the show the Erick reacts to the left immediate meltdown over President Trump’s SCOTUS pick plus detail about what we could expect from Justice Kavanaugh.

Tonight on the show Erick goes thru the potential SCOTUS nominees President Trump is considering.

Tonight on the show potential names are being floated as strong replacements for retiring Justice Kennedy, a shooting at a paper in Maryland, the Georgia GOP may have some problems heading into November and the left really should adopt federalism.