Tonight on the show the non-bombshell Comey interview, Michael Cohen name drops Sean Hannity, bombings in Syria, Democrats are getting worried about the midterms and the Presidents approval ratings.

Tonight on the show Paul Ryan is retiring, Erick recounts a conversation with a congressman in a grocery store, Congress has no idea how Facebook works but they want to regulate it and the Republican failure on debt spending.

Tonight on the show what is really going on with the FBI raid of Trump’s lawyer, Mark Zuckerberg on capital hill and late breaking news on a potential airstrike in Syria.

Tonight on the show things are getting worse in Syria, the left’s reaction to a fire at Trump Tower, London is now cracking down on knives and how the left wants to use California as a blue print for taking over the rest of the country.

Tonight on the show the left loves diversity except when they don’t, can political opposites coexist, intellectual diversity, a caravan of immigrants more on Scott Pruitt.

Tonight on the show did Delta still get their Georgia tax break, facts emerge about the YouTube shooter, the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s assassination and new details about the Mueller investigation.

Tonight on the show the President goes after Amazon, Democrats really know how to waste money, using the National Guard for border security, new polling says the Democratic Party is to liberal and the President should stand behind Scott Pruit.

Tonight on the show, the trade war begins, thoughts on Roseanne, the Sinclair broadcasting, David Hogg is Trump’s best friend and a legislative wrap up here in Georgia.

Tonight on the show reaction to Trump signing the omnibus bill, what this means for Republicans, remembering Zell Miller, the left and some on the right hate John Bolton and the gun debate has gone off the rails.

Tonight on the show Republicans become Democrats with the Omnibus bill, Trump fires another person from his legal team, details on Georgia’s Hidden Predator Act and the trade war begins with China.

Tonight on the show Facebook is catching some heat for how it’s data was used during the presidential campaign, the firing of Andrew McCabe and a California Supreme Court case involving the promotion of abortion at pregnancy centers.

Tonight on the show, how to deal with terrible flight attendants, the security tapes were released in the Florida shooting, the left has pushed for schools to stop disciplining kids and Trump didn’t lie to Justin Trudeau.

Tonight on the show Erick discusses the astroturf behind the student led gun control protests, what we can and can’t read into special elections and Larry Kudlow to join the Trump administration.

Tonight on the show Erick goes into the bombshell news of President Trump’s firing of the Secretary of State Rex Tillerson plus Hillary just can’t help but hate women in flyover country.

Tonight on the show MS-13 is starting to pop up all over the country, the antisemitism of Louis Farrakhan, Russia is poisoning former spies, liberals blowing money on ‘virtue signal’ campaigns and could Republicans gain seats in the Senate.

Tonight on the show the President’s infrastructure spending bill in DOA, Florida sticks with daylight savings time, pot legalization making it’s way to Georgia and is there really the Democratic wave on the way.

Tonight on the show, more on the trade war, Bethany Mandel’s Op-Ed that had the left in meltdown mode, the left really thinks it can flip Texas over the gun issue and companies are moving out of San Fransisco.

Tonight on the show Erick reacts to a very odd interview Jake Tapper had with Sam Nunberg, the impact of Trump’s tariff thread on imported steel, does Trump really want to be President for life, how are the midterm elections shaping up and what does that mean for 2020.

Tonight on the show Erick reacts to Governor Deal’s press conference, the asinine comments from President Trump who completely flip flopped on gun control, Georgia really is a crony capitalist state and Trump is in another spat with Jeff Sessions.

Tonight on the show Erick goes over the collective freak out by the left regarding Georgia pulling back it’s gas tax break, more gun nonsense from the left, voting integrity and the possibility of compromise.