Tonight on the show Eric Holder endorse violence against Republicans on behalf of Stacey Abrams, Democrats don’t seem to understand Georgia’s voter registration laws and the latest on the hurricane.

Tonight on the show Nikki Haley resigns as UN Ambassador, Democrats are totally fine with violence, Georgia’s gubernatorial race is heating up and how the Kavanaugh fight has changed the electoral landscape for the midterm election.

Tonight on the show the Democrats reaction to losing the Kavanaugh fight, Stacey Abrams record on human trafficking, Trump was correct about paid protesters and Antifa has taken over sections of Portland.

Tonight on the show a bit of drama on capital hill today as Susan Collins confirms her support for Judge Kavanaugh, how this is impacting races around the country and especially here in Georgia.

Tonight on the show new polling has the GOP cautiously optimistic about the midterms, the Kavanaugh fight may be coming to a close and it has brought most factions of the right together.

Tonight on the show new polling in Georgia has the race tight, nation wide Republican apathy at the ballot box could cost them dearly and the Democrats have moved the goalposts in the Kavanaugh confirmation fight.

Tonight on the show Erick gives his reaction to yesterday’s testimony and what to expect going forward.

Tonight on the show it is all Kavanaugh all the time at this point.

Tonight on the show polling is getting tight in Georgia’s race for governor, the Kavanaugh confirmation circus rolls on, Ted Cruz chased out of a DC restaurant and Trump drops a few bombs in his speech at the UN.

Tonight on the show the Kavanaugh confirmation circus continues with another even more flimsy accusation of sexual misconduct.

Tonight on the show is nothing but implosion and bombshells in the fight to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

Tonight on the show the courts clear the way for Georgia to continue using electronic ballots and more insanity coming out of the Brett Kavanaugh SCOTUS confirmation with lies and stalling by Democrats.

Tonight on the show questionable allegation of sexual misconduct dominate Brett Kavanaugh’s SCOTUS nomination.

Tonight on the show the left is trying to shut down a landmark restaurant because the owner gave money to Brian Kemp, the New York Times tries and fails to smear Nikki Haley and Democrats engage in grossest of smears against Brett Kavanaugh.

Tonight on the show Ruth Bader Ginsberg agrees with most Republicans on the Senate confirmation process, the President is in a Puerto Rico mess and the media says the hurricane is Trump’s fault.

Tonight on the show the media thinks President Trump is to blame for a hurricane, the left is outraged at being “fact-checked” by the right, violence against Republicans is increasing including threats to Senator Susan Collins office over the Kavanaugh confirmation.

Tonight on the show we remember September 11th, 2001.

Tonight on the show Democrats are throwing a hail marry to stop Kavanaugh, Trump supporters don’t really care about the New York Times oped, the art of political polling, an interview with Salena Zito and Kamala Harris likes pushing lies.

Tonight on the show do the Democrats have enough to impeach the President, damaging details of the Trump White House in the Bob Woodward book, Obama tries to take credit for Trump successes and more fallout of the anonymous NYT oped.

Tonight on the show the passing of Burt Reynolds, who wrote the anonymous New York Times article, more fireworks during the Kavanaugh confirmation and new polling comes out in the gubernatorial race in Georgia.