Tonight on the show will Hollywood actually boycott Georgia, Stacey Abrams questions legitimacy of her election loss, is there a big White House shake up coming, there is a positive trend line for Republicans with the minority vote and how crowded with the Democratic field be in 2020.

Tonight on the show Stacey Abrams shows a complete lack of class with her angry non-concession speech where she threatens a federal lawsuit plus we await a number of firings from the Presidents cabinet.

Tonight on the show Stacey Abrams loses her court battle and any shot at the governor’s office, Florida elections is still a disaster and Democrats have some problems going into 2020.

Tonight on the show the never ending Georgia gubernatorial race, the horrific details of the deal Amazon was offered by Georgia politicians and the impact of CNN’s lawsuit against the White House.

Tonight on the show Gwinnett County Georgia will not certify, the judicial order that is holding things up with the Governor’s race, Amazon took corporate welfare from New York instead of Georgia and the White House is set for a purge.

Tonight on the show where the Georgie governor’s race stands, state of play for Secretary of State in Georgia, the complete mess in Florida continues and the passing of brilliant Stan Lee.

Tonight on the show the legality of Matt Whitaker as AG, Brian Kemp is the new governor of Georgia, incompetence out of Broward county Florida plus Trump’s war on the press.

Tonight on the show Stacey Abrams refuses to concede, Broward County is magically finding votes for Bill Nelson and the resignation of Jeff Sessions.

Tonight on the show a complete break down of last nights wild midterm election including Stacey Abrams refusal to accept the results by threatening a lawsuit and how the media and the left are handling the election.

Tonight on the show Stacey Abrams doubles down on possibly confiscating guns in Georgia, a complete breakdown of polling and early voting going into tomorrow’s midterm election and is President Trump having an impact stumping for Republicans.

Tonight on the show Democrats are seeing an uptick in early voting, Stacey Abrams introduced a bill to ban hand guns, Democrats attempt blatant voter suppression in North Dakota and Missouri plus more on birth right citizenship.

Tonight on the show the final campaign push by some heavy hitters in the Georgia gubernatorial race, Stacey Abrams wants to confiscate firearms in Georgia and is it better for kids to learn on tablets instead of books?

Tonight on the show new polling Georgia’s gubernatorial race, news on early voting, the President wants to challenge birthright citizenship and what’s with the migrant caravan.

Tonight on the show polling is all over the place with a week until the midterm election, tread lightly on number coming out for early polling and the state of our political discourse after last weekends shooting.

Tonight on the show Stacey Abrams says she is sick of the free market, a democratic candidate in Georgia actually lives in Tennessee and Republican voters are leading in early voting.

Tonight on the show Secretary Kemp concluded their investigation into the accusation of voter suppression and found a group linked to Stacey Abrams submitted invalid voter registration plus what is really behind the massive migrant march headed for the US.

Tonight on the show some serious fallout from Stacey Abrams comment about farmers, Beto O’Rourke is a media made political rockstar that’s going to lose, new data on crime and family structure and the best bad political ad of the season.

Tonight on the show Stacey Abrams decides to attack rural Georgia farmers, a voter turnout group attempts to abduct senior citizens to show voter suppression, tons of early voting and the death of Jamal Khashoggi should be a tale of caution.

Tonight on the show Stacey Abrams predictably plays the race card, religious liberty gets a $1.2 million settlement, Democratic Senate campaigns across the country are collapsing and the media continues to show its bias and corruption.

Tonight on the show the Kemp/Abrams race is heating up, Elizabeth Warren found out today she is whiter than most Americans, Beto is floundering in a sea of cash in Texas and Hillary excuses Bill for his intern affair.