Tonight on the show Democrats are backpedaling on Russian collusion, Google gave men a pay raise, Hillary thinks Stacey Abrams won her election and Bernie Sanders doesn’t have any legislative accomplishments.

Tonight no the show casino gambling may be coming to Georgia, RFRA gets another shot, who should run the airport and another bombshell is about to be released about Speaker Ralston.

Tonight on the show nothing new came from the Michael Cohen testimony, the President’s trip to Vietnam is going as expected, Erick meets with Vice President Pence and Speaker Ralston is still trying to wait out his immoral behavior.

Tonight on the show Congress votes to stop the President’s emergency declaration, Speaker Ralston and the House are abdicating power, Bernie Sanders loves socialist dictators and what to expect with Michael Cohen’s testimony tomorrow.

Tonight no the show David Ralston is desperately trying to cover his rear, Trump derangement syndrome is getting worse, the left bows at the alter of environmentalism and Democrats are forced to stand behind the Green New Deal.

Tonight on the show a resolution is dropped to oust Georgia’s Speaker of the House, local media is starting to fail, Patriots owner Bob Kraft is caught with his pants down and Trump derangement syndrome is a very real thing.

Tonight on the show Jussie Smollett’s attacker was finally caught and arrested, Republicans may need to shift strategy going into 2020, Georgia Speaker of the House David Ralston could have more bad news coming his way and an IRS agent is busted leaking confidential information about Michael Cohen.

Tonight on the show Bernie Sanders rakes in the cash, a voluntary ISIS bride wants in the US, should we tax tampons, the immoral Georgia Speaker of the House David Ralston is really feeling the heat and the left attacks CNN for the sin of hiring a Republican.

Tonight on the show keeping the pressure on the immoral David Ralston, Bernie Sanders enters the 2020 race, the Smollett story takes another turn and the worlds leading anti-semite Farrakhan does what he does best.

Tonight on the show the Georgia Supreme Court shoots down a DUI law, Jussie Smollett was willing to put innocent men in jail in order to continue his hate crime hoax and pressure is being ramped up on immoral Georgia Speaker of the House David Ralston.

Tonight on the show the budget deal is getting worse as details emerge, Trump goes thru with his emergency declaration and Georgia constituents continue to be outraged over David Ralston’s abuse of power.

Tonight on the show as details emerge the budget deal is looking like a bad deal for the President, the pitfalls of declaring a national emergency on the border, Andrew McCabe just wants to sell books and Speaker David Ralston of Georgia does his best to protect child molesters.

Tonight on the show it looks like the President may sign the budget deal, the dangers of eminent domain and declaring a national emergency, a healthcare waiver in Georgia plus Democrats in GA want a huge pay raise for themselves.

Tonight on the show Speaker Ralston in Georgia is scared of his own shadow and refuses to do anything meaningful, Democrats are doubling down on the Green New Deal, Corey Booker wants everyone to become vegan to save the planet and Representative Chip Roy from Texas calls in about the budget deal.

Tonight on the show more Democrats get into the 2020 race for presidency, another government shutdown could happen again this weekend, the Green New Deal is a complete dumpster fire and Georgia is flirting with taxing online streaming.

Tonight on the show healthcare reform could be coming to Georgia, Senator Mike Lee pushes back on the left using religion as a disqualifier, Jeff Bezos has nothing to lose and the scandals in Virginia continue to mount up.

Tonight on the show The Green New Deal is a dumpster fire, given the arrests for sex trafficking during the Super Bowl there is a renewed interest in tackling the issue and Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue calls into the show.

Tonight on the show a full break down of last nights SOTU address and the state of Virginia is in complete turmoil with scandal after scandal involving their highest raking officials.

Tonight on the show Super Bowl commercials reaction, San Fransisco has more drug users than students, thankfully ERA is dead in Georgia and predictably the media displays more hypocrisy.

Tonight on the show it looks like the Equal Rights Amendment is going nowhere in Georgia, leftwing Christians are defending infanticide, Stacey Abrams is nothing but a partisan running a never ending campaign and Virginia Governor Northam is caught with a racist photo.