Republican voters last night chose to focus on the future instead of re-litigating Trump grievances of the past plus analysis of other races from around the country.

We needed to spend this hour talking about the uncomfortable truths around the Texas school shooting.

Some easily implemented mitigation solutions for gun violence and why the left won’t consider them plus the myth that republican lead legislation on voter integrity lead to Jim Crow voter suppression and the red wave is coming.

Election analysis going into today’s primary in Georgia, Alabama and Texas plus the media wants to make every primary about Trump.

The world economic forum lays out its disinformation of insanity for all to see and democrats are desperately spinning inflation as a good thing while it’s ravaging the country.

Stacey Abrams is struggling to find footing in Georgia while the media tries to make her a star and ISIS had a plan to assassinate former President Bush in Dallas Texas thru our wide open souther border.

Biden pulls a Wizard of Oz style crisis management smoke and mirrors ‘photo op’ to handle the baby formula shortage and the window is rapidly closing for Biden to right his plummeting poll numbers.

Stacey Abrams changes up her campaign strategy by attacking Georgia as the worst state to live in the country and you can’t charge your electric car during peak energy seasons.

Some disturbing stuff comes out about the Southern Baptists Church plus what to look out for and some predictions for election day tomorrow.

Governor Brian Kemp joins the program to talk about his campaign and the opening of a massive Hyundai plant in Georgia plus could Trump’s loss in 2020 set up republican dominance for a decade?

Stacey Abrams is having to reach way outside the state of Georgia to dark money groups to help fund her gubernatorial campaign and after 25 years in the public eye Elon Musk is getting hit pieces written about him because he may vote republican.

Companies are conducting fake interviews in order to check the phony diversity box that the scolds in HR insist needs to happen, Trump official has abandoned David Perdue plus we continue to raise money for the Salvation Army.

We partnered with the Salvation Army to raise funds for families in need. 100% of your donations will go to qualifying families.

The newest polling out of Georgia has some big surprises but shows a big problem for the front runners, Janet Yellen finally admits we are headed for stagflation plus we continue raising money to help families in need.

Many in the teaching profession have found they are less teacher and more babysitter which is causing them to leave teaching all together plus we continue to raise money to help those in need.

Trumpism is alive and well after last nights primaries around the country but it did take a couple defeats, the problems heading into the general for some candidates plus a republican Senator’s son tried to kill voter ID laws.

Biden kills his own “disinformation board” and the great replacement theory was always a progressive strategy they openly pushed.

Apparently there is a diversity problem in first person shooter video games that is of utmost importance to the woke and 2000 Mules is a worthless propaganda film.

In the latest NBC poll the democrat party is the most unpopular of everything they polled with Kamala Harris a close second and Biden choses division over inclusion.

Erick breaks down some of the biggest primary races being voted on today plus Grover Norquist joins the program to break down just how bad Biden’s tax plans are for Americans.