As the list of bad things piles up, democrats look to a full court press of the “blame game” plus the conspiracy theory known as the “replacement theory”.

With nothing positive to run on for the midterms Biden goes into attack mode hoping to distract from his failures and pin them on the GOP plus SCOTUS releases a couple of decisions today.

Our interview with Gary Black, who is running for the US Senate seat out of Georgia.

The Biden administration decides to blame mothers for the formula shortage, everything government touches breaks and Trump continues his crusade against any and all who didn’t bend the knee.

Apparently a lot of people need a reeducation about the 2020 election in Georgia and what actually happened plus the Baader Meinhof phenomenon.

If you see the “herd” all moving in one direction stop and ask yourself if they are being lead astray and Biden has declared all out war against charter schools.

There is a serious baby formula shortage in this country and what is Biden’s answer…he doesn’t have one plus the new inflation numbers continue to out pace wages.

Democrats have no plan to combat the narrative that they have failed on every level to handle the problems before them plus a history of wave elections.

Trumps attempt to take out Brian Kemp doesn’t seem to be going well and be wary of any church getting to political from the pulpit.

Democrats are going to find out the hard way that the overturning of Roe will not be the motivator for high voter turnout they think it will be.

Biden gives a speech on inflation and it’s as incoherent and blame shifting as you would imagine.

Biden refuses to do the one thing that would bring the economy back.

The violence of the left has already started over the potential of overturning Roe, protesting at peoples homes is ok apparently plus the baby formula shortage will be a bigger deal at the polls in November than Roe.

Our interview with Latham Saddler, who is running for the US Senate seat out of Georgia.

The Biden economy continues its downward spiral along with his polling plus Gregg Stebben joins the program to give an on the ground report about Ukraine.

The media is going after Tucker Carlson and Elon Musk with their typical racist smears because they can no longer control the narrative.

A breakdown of where we get our info, how we put the show together and how we avoid the “information bubble”.

The Biden market is in complete free fall today and the left is always on the attack vilifying republicans as extremists.

The left has no grasp of the pro-life argument, progressives plan mob justice as they target the homes of supreme court justices plus reality works better at moving voters and attitudes than social media.