Because bon vivant Andrew Kugle has decided to use one of his vacation days on this, the most important of days, we won’t have an episode for you. Make sure to tune in next week for a very special episode: you won’t want to miss it.

The gang asks if the Daily Beast was right to reveal the identity of a nobody who put a politically charged video on Facebook and Stephen Gutowski highlights what the media doesn’t understand about silencers.

Just wanted to give our dozens of loyal listeners a heads up: no episode this week. I realize this is a blow after having no episode LAST week but I promise we’ll be back next week. Well, promise is a strong word. I believe there will be an episode next week. Fingers crossed!

On this episode, the guys wonder when the fact checkers will dig into Rashida Tlaib’s comments about Palestinians and the Holocaust, ask why Snopes is fact-checking conservative satire sites, and ponder who is checking the facts about pregnancy at The View.

The gang discusses William Barr, wonders if Donald Trump will follow the lead of Democrats and refuse to concede if he loses, and shows contempt for the Worst of the Beacon.

The gang wonders what’s the deal with all the anti-Semitic cartoons at the New York Times, asks if it’s Mayor Pete’s time to shine, and breaks down one of the great songs in human history.

The gang discusses the media’s self-congratulation over its Mueller coverage, wonders how best to clean up San Fran’s streets, and asks important questions, like: what was George magazine, exactly, and why are there two new lengthy profiles of the failed glossy?

Aaron Harison joins the show to discuss the press’s love affair with Mayor Pete, the NYT’s coverage of the Dem Civil War, and Bill Maher’s flirtation with Thanos-dom.

On the latest episode, the gang wonders why the El Paso Times memory-holed a story explaining why people on Twitter think Beto O’Rourke is a furry and awards Liz a much-deserved worst of the Beacon honor.

This week’s focus, unsurprisingly, is on the Mueller Report fallout—make sure to listen to the mini-industry in Robert Mueller Christmas songs that popped up last year—along with a few other tidbits about show favorites Michael Avenatti and Jussie Smollett.

Beto’s hacking history, Beto’s feet, Beto’s poems: It seems like the whole world revolves around Beto. But should a Reuters reporter have held the story about his history as a teenage hacker? And should lady journalists be gushing over his [checks notes] feet and teeth?

The gang discusses Media Matters’s campaign against Tucker Carlson, asks if Jay Leno is right about modern comedy, and once again crowns Sonny Bunch worst of the Free Beacon.

On the latest episode of Hacks on Hacks, the gang discusses the dangers of identity politics impacting news coverage and wonders if Jane Mayer is the most reliable writer when it comes to chronicling Fox News’s misdeeds.

On the latest episode of Hacks on Hacks, the gang sends some love Dianne Feinstein’s way, asks why we’re discussing problematic opinions held by long-dead figures, and castigates Alex Griswold for once again being the worst employee at the Free Beacon.

On the latest episode of Hacks on Hacks, the gang asks if the Smollett saga might lead to some introspection, enjoys listening to Lara Logan go to town on the state of the press, and reveals which Free Beacon employee was the worst this week. Hint: he’s on the show.

On the latest episode of Hacks on Hacks, things get a bit tense as the gang digs into the terrible reporting about the Green New Deal, worries about eco-genocide, and decries the freakout over “Fake News.”

On the latest episode of Hacks on Hacks, the gang discusses the Washington Post’s pricey Super Bowl ad, breaks down the whole “learn to code” thing, and wonders how much money the Covington kids should get in their suits against the celebrities that incited a mob against them.

On the inaugural episode of Hacks on Hacks, the gang takes a look at the myriad media failures surrounding the treatment of the Covington kids, wonders why Howard Schultz and Evan McMullin might receive different treatment, and exposes the worst thing the Free Beacon did this week.

The Free Beacon’s Hacks on Hacks will guide you through the very worst of what we see in the media on a weekly basis. Host Sonny Bunch joins panelists Liz Harrington and Alex Griswold and producer Andrew Kugle to help you find out who is talking about what, and why it matters. Plus: we’ll tell you about the worst thing the Free Beacon did each and every week. We don’t play favorites here.

Today on Right and Righter, the team discusses Andrew McCabe and self-driving cars before trying to figure out exactly how many people had their ears pierced at soon-to-be-defunct mall chain Claire’s.