We need to draw the #metoo line somewhere. Let’s start here.

Elisha, Bethany and Amelia talk Moana costumes, Halloween, and frustration with handling sexual harassers.

Amelia, Bethany, and Lyndsey on what they really think about this viral trend.

The ladies talk about the measures they’re taking to keep themselves and their children safe from hackers.

The Ladybrains talk how to kick off life changes with the change of seasons, and how to rid yourself of 20 pounds of pickles.

Two moms plot to take over the world by procreating.

A difficult week for the ladybrains leads to a tough conversation about preserving friendships in a politically-fraught time.

More women are having babies at home—but is it safe? Elisha answers your questions about her home birth.

Emily, Amelia and Elisha discuss where they like to find vintage clothes and tchotchkes! They also share some pretty unpopular opinions sure to create blowback.

On this week’s ladybrains, Amelia and Elisha talk about the do’s and don’ts of being a celebrity, including weird birth photos, bragging on leaving huge tips, and having multiple public meltdowns. Plus, we love hot old guys!

Elisha, Amelia, and Lyndsey talk tourism, travel, how to be a great house guest… and that time Lyndsey broke the law.

The LadyBrains from our pregnant moms episode regroup to welcome Kelly to the mom club. We talk birth, pregnancy highlights and low-lights and adjusting to the judgmental world of parenting.

Ever been or felt judged by another woman for your diet, parenting, wardrobe picks? This week Elisha and Kelly rant about personal experiences where social norms seem to be thrown out the window. Plus — if you were a fan of a successful 90s sitcom you’re in luck because Hollywood seems to be bringing back the oldies in hopes of ratings gold.”

The LadyBrains talk about their favorite Mother’s Day gifts – and why Hollywood doesn’t care about ratings.

One of our pregnant Ladybrains had her baby! …. In her car. Hear Bethany’s crazy birth story on this week’s episode.

Elisha and Emily share their engagement stories with Lyndsey—who has a pretty big announcement to make!

Elisha and Bethany finally answer all of Kelly’s questions about pregnancy, childrearing, and what the difference actually is between baby clothes and baby pajamas.

Be part of our world as we dedicate an entire episode to Emily’s love of Disney theme parks, Elisha’s mini-Elsa and Amelia’s way-too-pragmatic thoughts on the romantic choices of Disney’s heroines.

Song: under the sea from the little mermaid

Kelly messes with the “IRS”, Amelia is a great mom, and Elisha confesses two things that will upset two other LadyBrains…

Elisha, Kelly, and Lyndsey take on the backlash to the infamous interrupted BBC dad and share how they handle nasty internet trolls.