In the home stretch of pregnancy, Emily, Elisha, and Kelly daydream about all the things they can’t wait to do postpartum. Listen up ladies—it’s not all about cocktails (but yes, we really love cocktails).

Dress code protests, modesty Instagram models, priests on Twitter – take a deep breath and enjoy Elisha, Lyndsey, and Mary Katharine’s common sense discussion of dressing modestly—and finally answering the critical question of our time: Are leggings pants?

Your manicurist says you need a wax, a stranger says you should try spanx… you can tell them to buzz off but then you wonder “are they right…?” Elisha (30 weeks pregnant) and Emily (31 weeks with twins) swap stories about the jaw-dropping things said to women in nail salons—and in particular to pregnant women at any place and time.

How much does it cost? What are the risk factors? Why would a mama choose home birth over a hospital? Bethany and Elisha tell Lyndsey everything she wanted to know (and then some) about having a baby in the comfort of your own home.

Mary Katharine, Lyndsey, and Elisha talk how to reach beyond basic goals and stay challenged… and how to motivate your friends, too.

Did homeschool parents seeking to get their kids away from leftist indoctrination cede the public school system to the left? Should they have stayed to fight? Is homeschooling the best option for you? Elisha Krauss and Lyndsey Fifield – two homeschoolers, discuss.

Emily and Elisha discuss being in their 30s and going to festivals, baseball games, and theme parks in the summer. Tune in for their tips on battling crowds and drunks and stay for Emily’s pot story!

This week, Kelly tries to convince Elisha and Emily to join her latest fowl scheme. From convincing husbands to navigating local regulatory framework – who knew quail could be so interesting?

What is life really like in North Korea? Bethany is back from South Korea with some powerful stories.

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Traveling can be rough, traveling with kids can be hell… But Elisha and Bethany give you tips they use for kiddie travel. And, what’s it like to be a mom who is traveling without her kids? Find out what sage wisdom Kelly gives Bethany for her upcoming trip to South Korea!

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CDT, PCT, AT* — Lyndsey, Elisha, and Kelly talk all about trails as L gears up for a long hike – should she carry a gun? Should she cut off her hair? What’s she going to eat? (Trick question: RXBars.) Should she bring a goat? Hold up, is Lyndsey considering cutting her hair off for the hike? Weigh in on that one in the comments, LadyBrainiacs. Kelly also recalls a related and traumatic experience at a Girl Scout cookie convention. And Elisha got lost along the way.

*Listen to find out what those mean, if you don’t know already.

Mary Katharine, Emily and Elisha harken back to the glory days of the late 90s/early 2000s when they went to prom. Usher, cornrows and clear heels were a thing. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear their hilarious and embarassing moments.

Emily, Bethany, and Elisha discuss how Emily is handling infertility, and how babies are really made.

Amelia and Elisha discuss the finer points of road tripping, cologne, and heteronormative pets.

Elisha, Emily, and Amelia talk 2018 Olympics. Emily ponders fielding her own team and Elisha and uses the “aging” athletes as motivation. All three are obsessed with curling, but only Amelia pretends to be part of the sport’s first family.

Elisha and Lyndsey encourage Bethany on her new fitness journey… but is she just in it for the free babysitting?

Amelia, Elisha, and Kelly discuss holiday traditions they can’t quite pronounce, tag lines to live by in 2018, and…sausage laws?

Emily, Bethany, and Elisha discuss how they feel about recent government revelations about possible alien life – and why they’re disappointed no extraterrestrials have yet come knocking.

Lyndsey, Amelia and Elisha delve into the Netflix Tweet everyone is talking about and defend corny Christmas movies of all kinds. They also discuss how to spread Christmas cheer through charity and how to talk to your kids about Santa — with a special appearance by the very sweet and very wise Mrs. Hamilton.

The only thing we’re fighting about is whose pie is better.