Elisha and MK talk about how to have adventures during COVID (the perfect time to go on vacation). They’ve flown on planes (even with lots of kids in tow), road tripped, and maybe even been to a theme park! They’ve tried it first so they can bring you all the tips! (Just constantly eat and drink on airplanes, basically.)

The holidays are upon us (yes, seriously—it’s basically Christmas) so Elisha Krauss and Lyndsey Fifield are sharing their favorite party-giving and hosting tips so you don’t make some of the mistakes they’ve made.


One half of 2020 is behind us. Elisha Krauss and Lyndsey Fifield talk about how they’re creating and balancing social life in a pandemic when so many people insist on being miserable. Plus, join our Ladybrains Facebook group! https://www.facebook.com/groups/ladybrainslisteners/. Finally, we did have some sound issues with this episode, for which we apologize.

Mary Katharine Ham and Elisha Krauss are ready for post-pandemic life… but maybe we’ve all gotten a little too comfortable during lock down? Here’s how to tighten back up… but maybe we can all agree to leave heels and bras in the pre-pandemic world?

Do you dread video conferences? Elisha Krauss and Mary Katharine Ham are here to help you get your Zoom game on point—with practical tips, make-up recs, horror stories… and one will share how a fake eyelash almost ruined one of the most important moments of her life. Buckle up!

It’s usually impossible to get all the ladybrains in one place at one time—but thanks to the power of Zoom (and state mandated stay-at-home orders) all the brains were able to enjoy a fun night with a huge squad of listeners—getting to know a lot about YOU and definitely having a great time. On this week’s episode we’re bringing you along for the fun! We are definitely making this a regular event… maybe even after the pandemic passes!

Elisha Krauss and Kelly Maher are two happy mamas… but how has the pandemic changed that? Listen up as they share how they stay happy (even when nobody else is happy) and keep a positive spirit… even when we can’t plan for the future. Don’t forget to subscribe to Kelly’s YouTube channel if you want to see goat videos: https://youtube.com/realbestlife/.

Elisha Krauss and Bethany Mandel share their best advice for keeping kids happy, healthy, and entertained while we’re all surviving a pandemic.

You asked, we’re answering: Elisha Krauss and Lyndsey Fifield have tried every deep conditioning mask, vitamin supplement, and heatless-curl Youtube tutorial known to womankind. After some recent trauma to their tresses they’re sharing their top tips for keeping your mane healthy (at any length) and happy (but seriously why is hair so emotional?) no matter what your mama gave you.

How can we keep the meaning of Christmas alive? Elisha Krauss and Kelly Maher are BACK for a sweet and hilarious episode you won’t want to miss!

Elisha Krauss finally spills the beans about how she helped Mary Katharine Ham’s fiancé pop the question… and how long she betraye—err we mean, kept it a secret from all the other ladybrains…

ELISHA KRAUSS is back! She joins Lyndsey Fifield for a hilarious conversation about how to pick TV shows that are safe for kids… and safe for adults. Lyndsey rants about what contemporary content is doing to our brains… as Elisha said, this might have been Lyndsey’s “Matt Walsh week.” Keep listening for a great challenge from Mrs. Krauss at the end of the episode.

In the home stretch of pregnancy, Emily, Elisha, and Kelly daydream about all the things they can’t wait to do postpartum. Listen up ladies—it’s not all about cocktails (but yes, we really love cocktails).

Dress code protests, modesty Instagram models, priests on Twitter – take a deep breath and enjoy Elisha, Lyndsey, and Mary Katharine’s common sense discussion of dressing modestly—and finally answering the critical question of our time: Are leggings pants?

Your manicurist says you need a wax, a stranger says you should try spanx… you can tell them to buzz off but then you wonder “are they right…?” Elisha (30 weeks pregnant) and Emily (31 weeks with twins) swap stories about the jaw-dropping things said to women in nail salons—and in particular to pregnant women at any place and time.

How much does it cost? What are the risk factors? Why would a mama choose home birth over a hospital? Bethany and Elisha tell Lyndsey everything she wanted to know (and then some) about having a baby in the comfort of your own home.

Mary Katharine, Lyndsey, and Elisha talk how to reach beyond basic goals and stay challenged… and how to motivate your friends, too.

Did homeschool parents seeking to get their kids away from leftist indoctrination cede the public school system to the left? Should they have stayed to fight? Is homeschooling the best option for you? Elisha Krauss and Lyndsey Fifield – two homeschoolers, discuss.

Emily and Elisha discuss being in their 30s and going to festivals, baseball games, and theme parks in the summer. Tune in for their tips on battling crowds and drunks and stay for Emily’s pot story!

This week, Kelly tries to convince Elisha and Emily to join her latest fowl scheme. From convincing husbands to navigating local regulatory framework – who knew quail could be so interesting?