Ep. 257 – This week’s episode feature Dave’s interviews at The Real Side Radio; Movie Critic Christian Toto, purveyor at HollywoodInToto.com discusses the controversial Netflix film “Cuties”, Sam Elliott, Burt Reynolds, and the Oscars. At @22:43 Jon Gabriel, Editor in Chief at Ricochet.com discusses the “Harris-Biden Administration” and why Arizona may be big trouble for both President Trump and Senator Martha McSally. At @42:22 Billboard’s Top 40 pop recording artist Ricky Rebel discusses his viral video MAGA (YMCA parody played in full at the end of the interview), and his thoughts on the Lefts’ identity politics.

Ep. 256 – Bestselling Author Lee Smith @LeeSmithDC discusses how the Trump Russia collusion hoax, the bogus impeachment charges, “weaponizing COVID-19”, the coordinated riots laying waste to US cities, the two-tier justice systems, and vote-by-mail election fraud is all part of THE PERMANENT COUP. Then at @37:00: Last year #1 New York Times bestselling Author Kyle Mills @KyleMillsAuthor presciently wrote about Coronavirus and now joins us to discuss his latest Vince Flynn novel TOTAL POWER which deals the entire US power grid being taken out by terrorists throwing America into chaos for a year. After California’s recent power outages, we must ask how would the country survive without electricity for weeks, months or even a year?

With the Election 2020 and COVID monopolizing the news, the financial distress of businesses is receiving little coverage. Stephen Moore, White House Economic Adviser and Economic Recovery Task Force answers the hard questions about the tsunami of Commercial Real Estate defaults, small business closures, the National Debt, AB5, Payroll Tax holiday. Then at @30:10, Congressional Candidate for CA-7 Buzz Patterson joined Dave at The Real Side Radio on the Salem and GCN Network; Buzz discusses why the Biden campaign is scared, flipping the House red through California, the very real threat of Vote By Mail balloting and how we may not know the results of the election for weeks beyond Nov. 4th. Find Buzz at http://Buzz4Congress.com.

Ep. 254 – Senator Marsha Blackburn, fresh from the #RNC2020, discusses Media Lies and will there be Durham Bombshells as a certain Democrat Senator is now proven to have leaked the FISA Application to the media (which started the whole Mueller investigation) & Senator Blackburns latest book The Mind of a Conservative Woman: Seeking the Best for Family and Country. Then @23:36 Writer, Producer and Comedian Michael Loftus from The Loftus Party discusses the Death of New York City, #RepublicansForBiden, and what would happen if Biden cancels the scheduled Debates.

Erick Erickson, Editor at http://TheResurgent.com and Host at WSB Radio, joins Dave to discuss the Democratic National Convention, Kamala Harris, Bill Clinton, what happened to his buddy Joe Scarborough, the upcoming debates, Never Trump and the Lincoln Project, Laura Loomer and Steve Bannon. Find Erick on Twitter at http://twitter.com/EWErickson.

Ep. 252 – EVAN SAYET, Comedian, Author & Speaker discusses THE WOKE SUPREMACY, his latest book on cancel culture, the death of comedy, today’s Left, the deep state and are we in a Civil War? Then @35:08 JOE COLLINS For Congress, Candidate for CA-43 who’s running against Maxine Waters. Joe discusses being a Black Conservative, Diversity of Thought, Kamala Harris, and Ballot Harvesting in California. Find Evan and his books at http://EvanSayet.com and support Joe at http://JoeCollinsforCongress.com.

Known as the “Trusted Voice of Israel” David Rubin was Mayor of Shiloh, Israel, and Author of multiple books including his latest TRUMP AND THE JEWS. David appears as a frequent commentator on Fox News, Newsmax TV, and many other television and radio shows, while his articles have appeared in the Jerusalem Post, Israel National News, and numerous other publications. https://www.davidrubinisrael.com/ David shares his and Israel’s perspective on Antifa, BLM, Biden, Beirut, Lebanon, Iran, Portland, Bibi Netanyahu’s snap election(!), Trump2020 and the Left’s growing antisemitism.

Tony Katz, Award-Winning Talk Show Host at WIBC Radio and the Eat! Drink! Smoke! Podcast joins us to discuss the Barr Hearings, the upcoming Durham Report, Mail-in Voting, Herman Cain and BLM, and his November Predictions along with some Whiskey Recommendations – Find Tony at http://TonyKatz.com and http://twitter.com/tonykatz. Then at @58:30 Annie Marie Delgado from Trump Team 2020, Florida, discusses why the state of Florida will vote once again for Donald Trump.

John Hinderaker on Blue City Mayors, Chaos in the Streets, Biden’s ‘Not Well’, Eliminating Police Departments, Identity Politics, 2020 Election States in Play and a Los Angeles High School Teacher calls in on Teacher Unions Cancelling School. John is President at the Center of the American Experiment and Founder/Writer at Powerline. Find John on Twitter at http://twitter.com/@jhinderakerhttp://twitter.com/MNThinkTankhttp://powerlineblog.com and http://AmericanExperiment.org. (CDC Link)

#1 New York Times Bestselling Author Brad Thor on #Trump, #Russia and #Hollywood and his latest book Near Dark (plus an exciting announcement!), followed @51:20 by Breitbart News Editor-at-Large Joel Pollak on his new book Red November, Twitter’s ‘hierarchy’, Teachers Unions and why Trump is ‘Matrix Reloaded’. Find Brad at http://BradThor.com and on Twitter at http://twitter.com/bradthor. Joel at https://www.centerstreet.com/ and Twitter at http://twitter.com/joelpollak.

Kelli Miller joins Dave to discuss the impact of both politics and COVID-19 on our #relationships, #marriages, #sex, #intimacy, #dating and our kids. Kelli is an Author and Psychotherapist (LCSW, MSW), co-host on LA Talk Radio & Sirius/XM, was the Women’s Relationship Expert at the EXAMINER.com and has done countless seminars to some of the countries largest corporations. KelliMillerTherapy.com & Instagram @KelliMillerTherapy.

In this special Independence Day edition of Whiskey Politics we have three incredible guests. Pete Santilli @5:58 – The Host of The Pete Santilli Show discusses what Trump needs to do to win the election. Justin K. Sheffield @1:03:51 – A Seal Team Six warrior with 1,000 combat operations who’s now working to save his brothers back home, discusses Russia’s ‘bounty’ of U.S. Soldiers in Afghanistan. Michelle Balconi @1:32:10 – The Author and Speaker discusses how to talk with our kids about Democracy and Economics in light of seeing the youth wanting to erase our history and change our economic systems.

Two outstanding guests. First up, Mark Robinson, GOP candidate for North Carolina on BLM, VoterID Law, economic equality, 2A and more, then @45:30 Zach McElroy, the #Facebook #Whistleblower joins us to discuss his @Project Veritas undercover sting which shows 85% of censored users are targeted because they are conservative. Find Mark at http://MarkRobinsonForNC & Twitter http://twitter.com/MarkRobinsonNC. Find Zach at http://gofundme.com/exposefacebook & Twitter http://twitter.com/ZachMce.

Katie Hopkins is a columnist, speaker, radio show host, and the most loved or hated woman in England (depending on who you ask). Katie returns to chat with Dave on why she was banned from Twitter, the death of Free Speech, how Black Lives Matter is now international, and what’s Boris doing as England faces similar challenges as the U.S. Find Katie on YouTube @Katie Hopkins OFFICIAL, Parler @KThopkins, & Instagram @_katie_hopkins_.

Bevelyn Beatty joins Dave and discusses the viral video of her explaining black history at the CHOP, the truth behind #BLM, the myth of the Big Switch, Democrats, and racism. Bevelyn joins Dave @15:00. @BevelynBeatty on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook.

ROGER STONE has been a political strategist his whole life and now just weeks away from going to prison for 40 months, Roger opens up in this wide-ranging interview. From sharing his advice for Trump’s 2020 campaign, his fears about Prison in a pandemic, his trial and appeal, Wikileaks and General Flynn, and whether the President will pardon him. Find Roger Stone at http://StoneColdTruth and http://StoneDefenseFund.com and on social media @rogerstonejr.

Stacey Lennox, a daily columnist at PJ Media, discusses how the Democrat Party has been co-opted by shadow groups, who Stacey names including individuals associated with leading 2020 Democrat Presidential candidates, culminating in the massive riots across America.

We discuss the Lefts’ long game that lead to the civil unrest, starting all the way back with Richard Cloward and Frances Piven.

Kelly Sadler, former Special Assistant to President Donald J. Trump, is the Communications Director at America First Action. We talk about Trump’s Social Media crackdown, whether the lockdowns will decide the 2020 election, China and Trade, why blue states are failing, whether Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is STILL in talks to be Biden’s VP, and the state of journalism today.

TIM PHILLIPS with AMERICANS FOR PROSPERITY discusses how the Left are trying to restructure the American economy with their ideological wish lists. Find Tim at http://AmericansForProsperity.org, Twitter @AFPhq, and his Malibu interview with Dave here: https://youtu.be/lsY892pYetY – 43:16: ERIC SMART, a Consumer Advocate who’s worked with the FDA and FTC discusses the increase in #Covid19 scams and fraud and how to protect yourself. Find Eric at http://myaderm.com.

Brian Kilmeade joins Dave for a personal and enlightening discussion about Brian’s journey to the apex of news media and the criticism that Fox News is moving Left. Brian shares his thoughts on whether our kids are no longer patriotic, how we can teach history, and the breaking General Flynn & Obamagate story. We also discuss society allowing history to be forgotten for the sake of political correctness and why everyone should know how Sam Houston changed America. Brian is the host of Fox & Friends, the number one rated morning show on cable news, host of the Brian Kilmeade Show on Fox News Radio and best-selling author of six books, including his latest Sam Houston and the Alamo Avengers. Find Brian on Twitter at http://twitter.com/kilmeade and get his signed books at http://briankilmeade.com.