Dave Carter is joined by Sydney J. Michaels on an audio odyssey that takes them on a tour of foreign policy issues with the expert perspective of Lt. Col. Brendan Welsh, US Army Special Forces (Retired), who is known affectionately around these parts as Boss Mongo. The Colonel provides what Dave described as, “spot-on analysis and some pragmatic ideas on how to handle some of the world’s most highly combustible hot spots.” And, for comic relief, Dave and Sydney were visited not just by one, but by four different characters from Dave’s old radio days, including an appearance by a rather odd “Reverend” who is prone to selling everything he can to turn a buck (including “fuzzy praying hands” and flavored communion wafers). Along the way, the conversation goes from the east coast all the way to Louisville, Kentucky and from the Emmy Awards to Sydney’s recent physical injuries. For a combination of both sober analysis and madcap fun, this podcast is hard to beat.

In what Dave describes a more eclectic mix than usual, he chats in-studio with his friend and co-worker, the delightful Joel Valdez who is wrapping up his degree in mechanical engineering, before enjoying a conversation with Ricochet Editor in Chief Jon Gabriel about what it’s like to capture the attention of the President of the United States.  And speaking of presidents, Alphonse Fontenot visits Memphis to pop in the studio as well and make his own rather peculiar announcement. The result of all this is a conversation that touches on the world of high-end retail, best and worst management practices, mechanical engineering, binary elections, Joe Biden and the Democrat Primaries (no, that’s not the name of a new rock band), “Game of Thrones Girl,” watches, the water in Michigan, Conrad Hilton, and when to leave a department store. Buckle in, and enjoy the ride!

After a brief interlude, Dave Carter is back with all new sound equipment, a new format, and basically an all new podcast.  On what he describes as the “maiden voyage,” of the Dave Carter Show, he is joined by his longtime friend from radio show days, Sydney J. Michaels, as the two of them accompany the rest of us on an excursion that includes a compelling conversation with Denise McAllister, some hysterical stream of commentary from General James R. Hatchet, a Cajun weather report, discussions on the trials and tribulations of management, Dave’s attire at work, and Lloyd Bridges’ pants. Overall, we believe you’ll find the maiden voyage of the USS DC Show to be delightful, if not just a bit unhinged.

Dave sat down with Ricochet Co-Founder Rob Long, an event which he described as, “…one of the precious few times I’ve ever sat down for a conversation with my boss and actually enjoyed the experience. In fact, this was insanely fun.” In this episode of Radio Deplorable, Rob and Dave enjoy a wide-ranging conversation that explores southern cuisine, Cajun culture (there’s actually no contradiction in that term), the latest trends in the entertainment industry and in comedy specifically, blues music, the state of Ricochet, punditry, Donald Trump and the field of Democratic presidential contenders, and more. We get the impression that both parties to this conversation had a very good time, and we think you’ll enjoy their rapid-paced, funny and intriguing exchange as well!

Buckle in for a cross-country tour of the conservative landscape as our own Dave Carter takes entrepreneur, writer, broadcaster and podcaster Dave Sussman on a wide-ranging tour of topics. The purveyor of Whiskey Politics talks at length about the ugly menace of rising anti-semitism from progressive precincts, why “God is dead in Europe,” 2020 Presidential election prognostications, and gets righteously throttled up about the throttling down of conservative voices across social media platforms and the generally poor quality of financial support for conservatives in the general media. Oh yes, then there’s the time when Dave Sussman saved a certain Ricochet member’s favorite car from the California wildfire. If you’re looking for passionate conversation, compelling topics, and a generous slice of rather unique humor, this episode of Radio Deplorable is the place to be.

It was 22 years ago that Dave and his radio co-host, Sydney J. Michaels, sat down on The Dave Carter Show in North Carolina and shared some laughs with Dave’s radio audience. Now, Dave brings Sydney our direction, and we think you’ll be glad he did. For the first time since 1997, Dave and Sydney “mic up,” and the laughs flow as easily as an uncorked bottle full of mischief. Along the way, they even manage to unearth a few keys to a good life and happy memories. But mainly,…they laugh, we laugh, and we’re pretty sure you’ll laugh too.

“This is the most difficult, and yet the most important, podcast that I’ve done.” With those words, Dave Carter told us of the conversation he had with author and military mom, Phyllis Hardin, whose son lost his life while in the care of a military medical system rife with mismanagement and unaccountable malpractice. The conversation takes us from the circumstances surrounding Master Sergeant William Cornett’s death, to a comprehensive discussion on needed reforms and current initiatives to enact those reforms. For a small glimmer into the people whose lives were forever altered by military medical malpractice, you can watch the House Armed Services Committee hearing on the topic just a few days ago:
https://armedservices.house.gov/2019/4/feres-doctrine-a-policy-in-need-of-reform. Read Hardin’s book, “The Dead American Dream: The Hidden Face of Military Non-Combat Healthcare 1981-2013, Master Sergeant William Cornett,” here: https://www.amazon.com/Dead-American-Dream-Non-Combat-Healthcare/dp/1644245299/.

Radio Deplorable is back and Dave Carter is having fun with it. This week, comedian David Deeble joins in as the two Daves enjoy a trans-Atlantic chat, one Dave in Memphis and the other in Germany. The twists and turns in their conversation take them from cruise ships to college campuses (a comedy circuit which David Deeble traveled in the past) and comparisons between the comedy of the past and the mine field of sensitivities through which humor must tread ever so lightly today. As Dave said, “For a couple of clowns, we had a really good time on this one.”  We think you will too.

So this is a tough one,…not because it isn’t compelling. On the contrary, it’s compelling beyond description. But the subject matter is difficult to hear, though hear it we must. In 1995, 18 year-old Yadyra Fiol enlisted in the Air Force and became a Security Forces member because she wanted to be part of the Air Force’s combat force. What then followed was a succession of medical incidents that left her traumatized and with severe physical ailments that persist to this day. A former Security Forces member himself, Dave give his fellow Veteran a chance to tell her story. As Dave wrote us, “The eloquence with which Yadyra speaks of these horrific events is testament not only to the lady’s endurance, but her dedication to make sure that no one ever goes through this kind of thing again.” Dave noted that toward the end of the interview, it was obvious that his fellow Veteran was starting to feel poorly as yet another migraine was kicking in. The conversation methodically tracks many incidents, and among the questions asked was whether Yadyra would be willing to put on the uniform again, after all she had been through. We think you’ll find the answer to this and other questions well worth listening to.

The story goes as follows: So this guy walks into an episode of Radio Deplorable, and the next thing you know he’s laughing at the antics of the host, having fun and getting into the spirit of the place. Sound familiar? It is, except this time the guest is Ricochet’s former Editor in Chief, and the host of the Law Talk podcast, Troy Senik who serves up a happy hour’s worth of laughs as well. The conversation is a sort of sight-seeing expedition as we go from Mr. and Mrs. Carter’s wedding reception to New York City traffic before taking a private tour of the Manhattan Institute where Troy now serves as the Vice President for Policy and Programs. Before it’s over, we’re touring New Orleans and Las Vegas, wondering if one of Troy’s jokes will catch Dave mid-sip and cause him to spew his drink on the equipment, all before we decide on the best career route for the aspiring pundit. It’s a face-paced romp over interesting terrain and one you’ll probably want to hear more than once (the boys are already talking about doing this again).

This week Dave sits down with a gentleman whose family came to America on a tourist visa from Kiev, Ukraine in 1987 when he was a young boy. A Jewish family, they promptly applied for political asylum. Thirty-one years later, that young boy owns four Fast Fix Jewelry and Watch Repair businesses. Dave describes Lenny as “scary smart,” and confessed to providing Lenny with some scotch at the outset of the interview, “hoping that he might slow down a bit so I could keep up — not a chance.”  Oh yes, and Lenny is Dave’s new employer and the first one he’s bragged on in quite some time. The conversation goes all the way from Ukraine’s history with respect to its Jewish population to the value of education, and includes a healthy dose of watch repair and business talk as well. It’s a fascinating exchange.

Dave has been looking forward to this interview for a while now, as it gave him a chance to, as he put it, “do something on the order of the kind of interviews I did back just after the earth cooled, as an active duty historian.” So he sat down with Ricochet Member @RichardEaston who, along with co-author Eric F. Frazier, wrote, GPS Declassified: From Smart Bombs to Smartphones. The resulting conversation traces the development of GPS from its genesis at the time of the Soviet launch of the Sputnik satellite, to its current capabilities and ubiquitous presence in so many facets of our lives. Dave describes the book as, “a highly readable, first-rate analysis — and I burned through two highlighters marking up memorable sections for the interview.” This interview leaves no stone unturned, as the gentlemen discuss everything from America’s response to the Sputnik launch to the Soviet downing of Korean Airlines Flight KE007, and the first use of GPS-guided munitions in actual combat. This is a veritable feast of information, and one that we think you’ll find immensely satisfying.

Last week, Dave and his friend Bob Lee were in the middle of a very interesting discussion on the trajectory of the country when the Skype connection went “kerplunk,” to use Dave’s word.  So this week they resume their discussion, along with a merry bit of madness and humor as they reminisce about zany episodes in the military and other humorous stories. Oh yes, and Dave lets us in on a suggested opening for Ricochet’s flagship podcast (believe us when we say that he didn’t clear this with us).  So grab a suitable beverage and enjoy the show!

There’s a new wrinkle at Radio Deplorable — and we’re not talking about Father Time taking a tire iron to the host either. As Dave writes, “With the extra time I now have on my hands thanks to taking on a new line of work, I can be more productive both with podcasts and with my writing and still have time left over to get in trouble. Whether this episode constitutes quality podcasting or simply getting into trouble is as yet unclear.”  Either way, we think you’ll enjoy this one as Dave sits down with fellow veteran Bob Lee, and Alphonse Fontenot, and lets the good times roll.

Our own Max (Site Admin at Ricochet) sits down with Dave Carter in this edition of Radio Deplorable. These two hit almost every topic imaginable, from the linguistic and cultural idiosyncrasies of the French language (French Canadian and Cajun), Max’s residence (built by a Revolutionary War veteran), the ideological consequences of life in New York City, civility and backbone in the age of bare-knuckled politics, and a sneak peak at coming enhancements to the Ricochet. It’s a wide ranging discussion and one that we think you’ll find both entertaining and intriguing.

Dave sat down with Ricochet’s very own EJ Hill this week to talk about EJ’s work in television sports production as well as his phenomenal artwork here on Ricochet (which includes Radio Deplorable’s logo). The conversation progressed from the many changes in live television production to the National Anthem protests and the NFL’s subsequent response, to a look at what goes into the artwork and logos that EJ does for Ricochet and much more. It’s a fascination discussion that we believe you’ll find enjoyable as well.

Ricochet’s Editor in Chief makes a visit to Radio Deplorable today, taking time to talk with Dave about everything from coffee cups to future ideas for Ricochet and an assessment of how things are going currently at our favorite website. Along the way, Jon and Dave touch on the Never Trump phenomenon, the fissure between various segments of the right, and some preliminary thoughts on Jonah Goldberg’s new book (which Jon and Dave are probably reading even now). As Dave writes us, ‘what a relaxing and fun conversation!’ We think you’ll agree.

Ever heard of The Tennessee Waltz? It was written by Redd Stewart, along with Pee Wee King, and this week Dave sits down with Redd Stewart’s nephew, Larry Stewart, who is an accomplished musician himself, to talk about the story of that iconic American standard and Larry’s own career as one of the finest steel guitarists in the country. “I guess I’ve led a charmed life in some respects,” Dave writes, “because I’ve been able to get to know some remarkable people, Larry Stewart being smack at the top of the list.”

Taking a needed reprieve from political theater, Larry and Dave instead talk about “Uncle Redd,” and the type of guy he was off-stage. After reminiscing about playing “dueling records” as kids, Larry traces his own career in country music before talking about the direction that country music is currently taking. You won’t want to miss this.

Complaining that his computer took the better part of the afternoon to process and save the podcast, Dave speculated that, “Perhaps we overloaded the system since we had such a good time on this one.” In episode 30, Dave Sussman, David Deeble, and Dave Carter spend the morning steering clear of the political weeds and, instead, focus on simply enjoying each other’s company and making pleasant use of a rare opportunity to have a Sunday Morning chat. Topics include international travel, the life of a CPAC attendee, comedy in other countries, and Dave Carter’s strategic vision for the future of the Law Firm of Carter, Deeble, and Sussman (note: don’t try and drink anything when you hear this one).

What do you get when you have two people who practically live to write talking about their craft, their passion for writing, the process of writing and what resources they draw upon to infuse the written word with the sort life and meaning that compel the reader to pay attention?  Well, you get a conversation between DC McAllister and our own Dave Carter — one that we think you’ll find enjoyable.