The podcast considers how we can turn the page on the Trump presidency now that Biden is president-elect—and how conservative ideas of manliness should both govern the president’s behavior going forward and what his most loyal supporters should actually expect of him. Rest assured we do not let Joe Biden off the hook—despite moderate talk during his acceptance speech, he’s already kowtowing to his party’s left, and we show how. Give a listen.
The podcast crew talks about how things will function in a brave new world in which Joe Biden will be president—while at the same time the Republican Party lives to fight another day with an unexpected surge below the presidential level. Give a listen.
Yes, we Commentary podcasters were up all night, like you, and so we spend some time trying to speak coherently about what happened, what is happening, and why pollsters should be put in a rocketship and fired directly at the sun. Give a listen.
On the Election Day podcast, when it’s all over but the results, we stop the punditry and look back to elections past with our friend Daniel Casse, veteran Republican campaign hand. What happened with Clint Eastwood and the empty chair? How about Chris Christie’s entourage? How Bob Dole chose the seating chart on his plane? And lots more. Give a listen.
The COMMENTARY podcast does something a little different to celebrate Election Day eve. We went back into the archives to reexamine the last podcast ahead of Election Day 2016 and, upon review, there are a lot of eerie similarities between then and now.
A few more hours…that’s all the time we’ve got. (As Alfred Doolittle sings in “My Fair Lady.”) So we discuss the final numbers—presidential job approval—that offer a pretty solid sense of where the election might end up. And the weird Senate situation in Georgia. And the paradox of the shy Trump voter. Give a listen.
Today’s podcast begins with a huge economic number—33-plus percent growth. And yet we all agree the president is unlikely to get much credit and explain why. Also, why liberals are increasingly moving toward the view that anyone who disagrees with them is evil. Give a listen.
Today’s podcast deals with the astonishing media attitude toward the rioting in Philadelphia and the continuing refusal to cover the story being told about Hunter Biden and the Biden family by Tony Bobulinski—a story we don’t even really think is on the money, but that should not be ignored. Give a listen.
Today’s podcast reels in disbelief at the liberal disingenuousness in claiming the Right has violated norms in relation to Supreme Court nominations when the norm violators are…liberals. And then we tackle the ludicrous lengths to which liberal media bias is working to defend Joe Biden even when he might need no defense. Give a listen.
Do the Trump campaign’s efforts to appeal to the COVID fatigued voter suggest they know something about the electorate that isn’t showing up in the polling? Or is the president just flailing about in the final days of a losing campaign?
The final debate of the 2020 presidential cycle featured a surprisingly competent Donald Trump and a listless Joe Biden. And that lopsided performance has led Biden’s tacit or overt supporters in the press to approach the subject of Biden’s mendacity gingerly and with trepidation. But that abdication will have profoundly negative consequences if Joe Biden becomes president.
Do the revelations involving Hunter Biden’s emails that purport to implicate his father in efforts to profit off foreign interests matter? The COMMENTARY podcast debates the issue and previews tonight’s final presidential debate.
The suffocating anxiety in liberal circles and the weird complacency in Trumpian circles derives from the same unconscious belief—the belief that Donald Trump possesses supernatural powers that either threaten to or will happily make him unstoppable.
Data from New York City shows without question that schools must be opened. Meanwhile, in Fairfax County, Va., the union is demanding schools remain closed until next September. Something very, very bad is going on here. Give a listen.
The podcast today takes up the subject of liberal panic that they are being lulled into a false sense of security by the polling suggesting a big Biden win before we discuss the American obsession with conspiracy theories and ask the question: Has it ever been thus? Have we always loved nutso ideas? Give a listen.
Today’s podcast takes up the rival Trump-Biden town halls and their overall effect and then tries to come up with a scenario under which the president wins an election almost all the polls say he is on the way to losing. Give a listen.
Today’s podcast dives deep into the behavior of the mainstream media and tech companies in response to a New York Post story about Joe Biden’s son Hunter—about the naked and deliberate way they sought to shut down access to the story and choke the oxygen out of it before it went viral. What conceivable defense can there be for such behavior? And why did they do it? Give a listen.
Today’s podcast takes up the ludicrous and offensive efforts to brand Amy Coney Barrett a colonizer and a homophobe, even as polls show the American people (and Democrats!) are taking to her. Also, what on earth was Nancy Pelosi doing attacking CNN’s Wolf Blitzer for being a…Republican? Give a listen.
The podcast crew takes up the idea that American liberals have collectively hit upon their closing message for the election: The GOP is the party of the disease. The question, then, is: Will they change their tune and their approach to the virus if their team wins on November 3? Give a listen.
As the Senate begins the process of hearing the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, the capacity of partisan Democrats to internalize and adopt whole or partial untruths is being tested to its limits.