The hosts look back on all the many crises Donald Trump’s behavior was expected to yield. And while his behavior is doubtlessly dangerous, it has not produced the kind of perilous legal circumstances Trump’s critics feared. Also, Abe Greenwald posits a unified theory of protest movements.
The COMMENTARY gang welcomes P.J. O’Rourke, first-time magazine contributor with his wonderful and acid piece “Shamalot” in our December issue, to the podcast to talk about JFK, Chinese spies, and Biden cabinet picks. Give a listen.
Andrew Ferguson joins the podcast today to discuss lockdown culture and what it’s doing to small businesses, what’s behind the idea that the election was “stolen” from Donald Trump, and why the story about American diplomats being attacked by foreign intelligence agencies using microwaves isn’t a bigger deal. Give a listen.
Will we split into a vaccinated/non-vaccinated society next year? That’s the key subject of today’s podcast, along with conspiracy theories, that old favorite. Give a listen.
Today’s podcast takes up the bizarre situation in the Senate runoffs in Georgia and the developing fights inside the Democratic party pitting actually popular national political figures (like Barack Obama) against radical local politicians (like Missouri’s Cori Bush) who seem to think they know better. Give a listen.
What did the president-elect mean when he invoked treating Trump voters with “dignity” in an interview? And how desperate is he to go back into the Iran nuclear deal? All this, plus pardons and some really disgraceful behavior by Roger Stone and Michael Flynn on today’s podcast. Give a listen.
Today’s podcast takes up elite condescension—in advice on how to use words to convince people to be more responsible pandemic citizens and on the credentialism that limits social mobility and privileges the already privileged. Give a listen.
Today’s podcast takes up the Supreme Court’s ruling on religious shutdowns, the COVID spike that doesn’t quite seem as horrendous as the conventional wisdom says, and the crocodile tears being shed over the Iranian nuclear scientist who was assassinated in Tehran. Give a listen.
Today’s pre-Thanksgiving podcast concludes with our heartfelt expressions of gratitude for family, friends, co-workers… and our readers and listeners. Before that, we take up new CDC guidance on quarantining and an astonishing thing Barack Obama said about Latino voters. Give a listen.
With the news that Donald Trump is allowing the transition to begin, the post-election madness has pretty much come to an end. What will its long-term consequences be, if any? Give a listen.
Our podcast crew wonders at the disintegration of the Trump case and the dissolution of the Trump legal team and asks whether it is comic or tragic and what the fallout will be. And then we take up the incoming Biden foreign policy team and how woke or not-so-woke it will be. Give a listen.
What, our podcast asks, does it mean when the best thing you can say about the Trump fraud allegations are that the president is crazy and not that he’s up to something politically? And what are the consequences going to be for teachers’ unions as they attempt to prevent schoolchildren from, you know, learning? Give a listen.
Today’s podcast features some out-and-out ranting against the egregious behavior of New York’s Andrew Cuomo before we go on to rant about the egregious headline writing in the New York Times and the egregious ideas of some Democratic officials regarding Israel and the Palestinians. Give a listen.
Today’s podcast takes up a promising proposal for a home “contagiousness” test that everyone can take, as described by Harvard’s Michael Mina in this article in Time. Will empowering the American people in this way work? We disagree on that. And we disagree on the consequences of the continuing dispute about the election results. Give a listen.
Recent revelations involving Iran’s nuclear program will leave Joe Biden with some hard choices to make about America’s foreign policy toward the region. But Biden will face resistance from his party’s left flank if he is to embrace and navigate the new geopolitical reality in the Middle East. Also, the podcast hosts discuss their articles in the forthcoming post-election issue of COMMENTARY.
2020 Election Superstar Steve Kornacki joins our podcast today to discuss the fascinating and unprecedented political situation now facing Joe Biden—with what is likely to be a Republican Senate and a teeny-tiny Democratic majority in the House. How can he govern? Also, John complains about Nate Silver. Give a listen.
What is driving the political world’s fixation with the president even as he has largely ceded the spotlight to his rival? Is it Trump’s still menacing but largely banal self-affirmations on Twitter, or is Joe Biden just such an unenthusiastic prospect for the left that they are milking the final weeks of the Trump era for all they are worth?
So the COVID surge has Andrew Cuomo banning in-home gatherings of groups larger than 10. Can he do this? Can the surge cause new lockdowns that people will follow? And what will the economic consequences be? Give a listen.
The podcast today examines how Joe Biden came out and calmly said he’d be president soon and didn’t much care what Donald Trump was doing—and three seconds later the political world had a collective nervous breakdown over a weird series of firings and new installations at the Department of Defense. Biden wants to cool things down, but he seems to be the only one. What’s going on here? Give a listen.
Today’s podcast dives deep into the hypocrisy of those who are decrying the Trump effort to claim voter fraud when they spent four years saying Russians stuffed our ballot boxes and Stacey Abrams won Georgia in 2018 when she lost by 60,000 votes. More hypocrisies abound. We go through them and get pretty riled up. Give a listen.