Today’s podcast takes up the arrest of Julian Assange and his strange journey from leftist hero to pariah, as well as the Attorney General’s interest in looking into the way his department might have been looking into the Trump campaign and the outrage that interest has inspired. Give a listen.

Noah Rothman returns to the podcast after vacation to take up the ouster of the Homeland Security secretary in the midst of a crisis at the border that makes the president sound like the boy who cried wolf and makes the Democrats sound like they just want the crisis to continue to score political points for themselves. Give a listen.

On a day-early podcast, with Noah Rothman still on vacation, the COMMENTARY Remnant of Abe and Christine and John takes Bernie Sanders very, very seriously. And makes fun of Joe Biden some. And talks about reparations and Israeli taxicabs. Give a listen.

Today’s podcast takes up the question of Joe Biden and his hands and his lips and his logorrhea and whether these are disqualifying to his presidential candidacy. Also, how do you pronounce that guy’s name who’s lighting up the Democratic primary pre-season, the guy from Indiana? And…cars. What good are they. Noah’s out but the rest of the gang is here. Give a listen.

John is out for today’s COMMENTARY podcast, but the hosts who remain delve into the baffling saga in Cook County, where Empire actor Jussie Smollett has been the beneficiary of what appears to be a two-tiered system of justice. Also, the failure of the Green New Deal vote in the Senate, and America’s triumphant return to the moon.

Noah Rothman was out for this episode, but the rest of the gang talked about the Mueller probe’s findings, whether or not the Democrats will keep probing, and what it all means for 2020.

The COMMENTARY podcast on the endless wait for Joe Biden to enter the 2020 race for the presidency and Donald Trump’s corrupting influence on his allies.

Today’s sadly Abe-free podcast takes up the question of what the New Zealand massacre might mean for our civilization. How can we live in a world in which mass murderers literally broadcast their killings? And in which senior advisers to the president suggest people read the murderer’s manifesto for the crassest political reasons? We also talk about Beto O’Rourke. Give a listen.

The college admissions scandal that captured the nation’s attention has sharpened the critiques of American institutions dedicated to social mobility. When do they succeed, and how have the failed? Also, Beto mania is sweeping… the press. Does the former congressman from Texas have a constituency outside center-left political media?

Democrats wrestle with themselves over how forcefully to condemn anti-Semitism in their ranks. The press publishes a variety of reports that are touted as bad news for Trump but seem only to redound to his benefit. And what Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s corruption scandal could mean for his government and his country.

On today’s podcast we take up the 2-plus hours of the president’s speech before CPAC and whether it was a triumph or a cry for psychiatric help. Also: Is Bernie Sanders actually going to be the Democratic nominee? Give a listen.

The podcast dissects Michael Cohen’s testimony before the House Oversight Committee and sees plenty of silver linings in his scathing indictments of Trump for Republicans. When it comes to the president’s aborted summit with North Korean despot Kim Jong-un, however, there is a little less to cheer about.

The COMMENTARY podcast explores the prospects for success as Donald Trump heads to Vietnam for a second summit with North Korean despot Kim Jong-un. Also, the Democratic Party’s leftward drift and how that helps Trump ahead of 2020.

Today’s podcast takes up the collapse of the Jussie Smollett hoax before going on to discuss whether it’s illegitimate to discuss the 25th amendment. Give a listen.

Today’s podcast takes up the candidacy of Bernie Sanders and his problem with identity politics Democrats, and the case of Jussie Smollett, who told a cockamamie tale that we were ordered to believe. Also: Trump’s emergency. Give a listen.

A Senate investigation concludes that there was no collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign in 2016. Will Trump’s opponents accept it? Also, Andrew McCabe claims the Justice Department tried to trigger the 25th Amendment, and the Green New Deal’s dream of national high-speed rail hits the rocks in California.

On today’s episode, we look at how the Democrats failed to build on the political success they had holding Donald Trump to account for the government shutdown—instead of melting down in Virginia, with their Green New Deal, and with the continued inability of Elizabeth Warren to escape her own lies about her background. Then we talk about the party’s anti-Semitic breakout star, Ilhan Omar, and the plagiarism scandal affecting the highest-ranking woman in the history of the New York Times. So much pleasure! Give a listen.

On today’s podcast, we ask whether Donald Trump’s specific attack on socialism in the State of the Union address—and the strange Democratic response to it—will prove a key issue in 2020. Did he hoist them on their own petard? And is that what is going on with the political meltdown among Democrats in Virginia? Give a listen.

We also discuss Eli Steele’s article “From White Supremacy to Identity Politics.” Give it a read.

The Commentary podcast discusses Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s blackface scandal and his party’s calls for him to resign, the death of the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces treaty, and dystopian futurism in Super Bowl ads.

Today’s podcast takes up the question of the Howard Schultz candidacy and whether it’s frightening Democrats more or thrilling conservatives more. And then we bring up the brave new world of surrogacy, parenthood, and partial birth abortion and wonder whether what we need is an updating of the Oral Law. Give a listen.