Join Rich, Charlie, Luke, and Michael on today’s Editors as they discuss Wednesday’s bomb scares, consider implications of the immigrant caravan from Central America, and give listeners a rundown of the lead-up to the upcoming midterm elections.

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Join Rich, Charlie, Luke, and David as they discuss Elizabeth Warren’s Native American–heritage, the Antifa vs. Proud Boys street brawl, the horrific news from Saudi Arabia, and much more.

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This week on The Editors, Rich, Charlie, Luke, and Michael discuss how the Kavanaugh fight altered conservatives’ relationship with Trump, whether the failure to bring him down will increase Leftist radicalism, and how this will all effect the upcoming midterms.

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On a special all-baseball edition of The Editors, Rich, Michael, Jason, and Dan discuss who should win the American and National league pennants, debate changes to the game itself, reminisce on their all-time favorite seasons, and much more.


On today’s episode of The Editors, Rich, Reihan, Charlie, and Michael follow up with more on the Kavanaugh disaster and cover the recent NAFTA decisions.

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After yesterday’s riveting hearing, Rich, Charlie, and David break down the events and discuss repercussions in the escalating Kavanaugh confirmation battle.

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In light of the recent allegations, Rich, Reihan, Charlie, and Michael focus this episode of The Editors on a discussion of all things Kavanaugh.

Editors’ picks:
• Rich: And excerpt from Reihan’s new book, coming out in the next magazine issue.
• Reihan: J.J.’s column on editorial cartoons, which contains a devastating line.
• Charlie: Rich’s piece today on Kavanaugh.
• MBD: McCarthy on Dems and GOP Judicial Nominations.

On today’s episode of The Editors, Rich, Charlie, Luke, and Michael discuss the president’s recent poll numbers, the anonymous (and disgraceful) New York Times op-ed, and the long-term effects of the 2008 financial crisis.

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In this episode of The Editors, Rich, Reihan, Charlie, and Michael debate the impact Woodward’s new book on the White House will have, discuss how the Left is losing its mind during the Kavanaugh hearings, and muse over the cause of Steve Bannon’s exclusion from the New Yorker Festival.

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In this episode of The Editors, Rich, Reihan, Charlie, and Michael remember John McCain, discuss possible outcomes of an ongoing NAFTA negotiation with Mexico, and consider controversies in the recent Florida primary. Rich also asks Michael for more details and clarification on the unfolding scandal in the Catholic Church.

Editors’ picks:
• Rich: Anything on NRO by MBD or Alexandra on the church scandal.
• Reihan: Teddy’s piece on immigration restriction in the age of Trump.
• Charlie: Kevin Williamson on an Economist article.
• MBD: John O’Sullivan on Is The Pope Catholic?

Michael, Charlie, Dan, and Luke discuss the media’s coordinated anti-Trump editorials, John Brennan’s being stripped of his security clearance, a second round of litigation against Masterpiece Cake Shop, and the heinous PA grand jury report.

Editors’ picks:
• Luke: Jay Nordlinger comes to enlightenment in “You’re On Your Own.”
• Dan: Ed Whelan and Thomas Jipping on the minutiae of the Kavanaugh nomination fight. 
• Charlie: Kevin Williamson on “hypocrisy
• MBD: Gabriel Rossman’s On Wives and Widgets.

In this episode of The Editors, Rich, Charlie, and Luke delve into social-media’s banning Alex Jones, consider the Sarah Jeong affair, and mull over the implications of the recent Ohio special election.

Editors’ picks:
• Rich: Kevin Williamson on The Nation‘s poetry apology.
• Charlie: Jonah Goldberg’s G-File on Sarah Jeong.
• Luke: Graham Hillard’s “Long Live the Landline.”

Rich, Reihan, Charlie, and MBD discuss Bernie Sanders’s ‘Medicare for All’ idea, the unwarranted backlash over 3D-printed guns, and the theatrical mess of Trump v the press.

Editors’ picks:
• Rich: Rabbi Rob Thomas’s piece on collecting tanks from the next print edition.
• Reihan: Chris Pope’s short and sweet piece on single payer.
• Charlie: David French’s explainer on 3D guns.
• MBD: Kevin Williamson on ICE resisters.

Rich, Reihan, Charlie, and Michael hit off this episode of The Editors with a lively tussle over trade issues, followed by a discussion of Trump’s Iran and NATO diplomacy, and finish off by glancing at the Cohen tape.

Editors’ picks:
• Rich: Alexander Nazaryan’s cover piece on Berkeley in the new print issue.
• Reihan: Graham Hillard’s piece in defense of landline phones.
• Charlie: Fred Bauer on “The Communal Roots of Individual Liberty”.
• MBD: Patrick O’Donnell’s piece on the importance of World War I.

Reihan, Luke, Charlie, and Michael discuss Trump’s poor Helsinki performance, debate the sustainability of Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez as a candidate, and make the case for more creative political representation on all sides.

Editors’ picks:
• Reihan: Alexandra’s piece on the battle for Virginia.
• Luke: Kevin’s laceration of bad Shakespeare performances.
• Charlie: Liam Warner on Ocasio-Cortez .
• MBD: Douglas Murray on Merkel and Europe.

In this 100th episode of The Editors, Rich, Charlie, and Michael discuss their reactions to the SCOTUS pick, ponder President Trump’s tenuous relationship with NATO, and compare notes on the ‘un-American game’ of soccer.

Editors’ picks:
• Rich: This Corner post by Charlie.
• Charlie: David French on unitary executive.
• MBD: Kevin Williamson on Not Packing the Courts .

Rich, Charlie, Michael, and Luke engage in a ‘principled critique of the Senate,’ discuss the Bill of Rights, and consider various other parts of the American system.

Editors’ picks:
• Rich: Calvin Coolidge Speech on the 150 Anniversary of the Declaration
• Luke: In the Event of Moon Disaster
• Charlie: Calvin Coolidge Gardner Letter  (scroll for letter)
• MBD: Frederick Douglass Decoration Day 1871 Speech

Rich, Charlie, Michael, and Luke discuss the latest SCOTUS decisions, the civility debate, and the most recent George Will column.

Editors’ picks:
• Rich: J.J. McCullough’s NRO piece on lying through photography.
• Luke: Kim Wins in Singapore by Nick Ebertsadt.
• Charlie: Book review: We Still Need Liberalism.
• MBD: Kevin Williamson’s piece about the border.

Rich, Charlie, Luke, and Jonah discuss the current border situation, the recent IG report, and admissions issues at Harvard.

Editors’ picks:
• Rich: Eberstadt on North Korea from the new print issue.
• Charlie: Douglas Murray on the SPLC.
• Luke: J.J. McCullough on why James K. Polk was right to call for 54 40 or fight.
• Jonah: He is back writing for NR’s print issue after a hiatus writing his book Suicide of the West.

Rich, Reihan, Michael, and Charlie discuss the North Korea summit, the G7 summit, and the primary travails of Mark Sanford and Corey Stewart.

Editors’ picks:
• Rich: The Solzhenitsyn cover story
• Reihan: A forthcoming piece on Berkeley, California
• Charlie: Kevin Williamson’s Can We Talk?
• MBD: Douglass Murray’s Dictator Lit