Have you ever encountered terrible drivers in traffic or jerks online? Have you ever been that terrible driver or online jerk? Scott & Alison Stratten, self-proclaimed Jackass Whisperers and co-authors of the book The Jackass Whisperer, talk to Carol about how to navigate dealing with all of the jerks and jackasses that pop up in life, whether it be at work, online, in the gym, while traveling or elsewhere. They also help you assess when and where you are being a jackass yourself and coping mechanisms for the general jackassery that you encounter every day.

Scott and Alison Stratten are Jackass experts, co-authors of five best-selling business books, co-owners of UnMarketing Inc and co-hosts of not only The UnPodcast, but five children, three dogs and one cat. They also spend their time keynoting around the world.

Homeless advocate and Founder of Invisible People, Mark Horvath, joins Carol to discuss the homeless epidemic sweeping the U.S. and what is and isn’t working in the fight against homelessness. Mark shares his own story of going from Hollywood producer to homeless, how he bounced back and why he now gives a face and story to the “invisible people” on the street. Mark and Carol talk about the humanitarian and economic rationale for various homeless solutions and Mark also has a plea for innovators in terms of helping to bring new approaches to dealing with this massive and growing domestic homeless problem.

You can follow Mark on Twitter here, follow Invisible People on Twitter here and learn more about the homeless and what you can do to help at Invisible People’s site. You can also learn about housing first as a homeless solution here.

Serial entrepreneur Paul Shrater returns to moderate a discussion with Carol Roth on the future of entrepreneurship. Paul and Carol talk about the shifts in entrepreneurship and marketing, future growth industries and address the issues with Universal Basic Income (UBI) as a platform.

Paul’s businesses include Minimus.biz, Minimus fulfillment and Minimus brands, and his clients range from major celebrities to NASA. He even manages the fulfillment for Carol’s Future File® legacy planning system.

Elaine J. Eisenman, Ph.D. is co‐author of Betrayed: A Survivor’s Guide to Lying, Cheating, and Double Dealing. Previously, she co-authored I Didn’t See It Coming: The Only Book You’ll Ever Need to Avoid Being Blindsided in Business. She is Managing Director of Saeje Advisors, has served on public and private boards since 1998 and was Dean of Executive and Enterprise Education at Babson College. Elaine sits with Carol to talk about the Betrayed book and stories of betrayals that span business, marriages, friendships, and families. Elaine shares how people can recover from broken trust and move forward with her B.O.U.N.C.E formula- and sometimes even revenge- in this juicy and uplifting discussion.

You can learn more about Elaine and Betrayed here and purchase the book here

Seth Porges has made a career out of pursuing cool stuff. A journalist and filmmaker, he has appeared on numerous shows on History, Travel, Discovery, Nat Geo (including upwards of 50 episodes of Travel’s “Mysteries at the Museum”) and was a former editor at Popular Mechanics and Maxim magazine. Seth joins Carol to talk about his viral hit documentary short about Action Park- considered the world’s most dangerous amusement park- that he has now turned into a feature film “Class Action Park”. They also cover the history of pinball and Seth’s “superpower” of detecting art forgeries.

You can view the trailer for “Class Action Park” here.

Ashe Schow, a Senior Editor for The Daily Wire, joins Carol to talk about the recurring prevalence of moral panics and how they destroy due process- and innocent people’s lives. They also talk about the issues with modern feminism and Twitter and Facebook’s differing takes on political ads.

You can follow Ashe on Twitter here and see her work at The Daily Wire.

Matt Palumbo is the author of numerous political books, the most recent being the fact checking book “Debunk This!,” which debunks popular far-left myths that permeate the media narrative. Matt talks to Carol about the research behind why the American Dream is, in fact, not dead, why Denmark is not a socialist utopia, how corporations do pay taxes and more. It’s a great discussion on how to look at statements and articles that pop up on social media and in the mainstream media and evaluate their veracity, whether they are intentionally or accidentally misleading.

You can connect with Matt on Twitter and get “Debunk This!” here.

Bradley T. Klontz, Psy.D., CFP® is a Founder of the Financial Psychology Institute™, an Associate Professor of Practice in Financial Psychology at Creighton University Heider College of Business and a Managing Principal of Your Mental Wealth Advisors. Dr. Klontz has written five books on the psychology of money and sits with Carol to talk about why so many people hate rich people and how it is affecting envy politics. They also cover the psychology of wealth and what separates the ultra-wealthy from the middle class, stereotypes of the rich and how it holds people back and the psychological barriers to climbing the socioeconomic ladder.

You can connect with Dr. Klontz on Twitter and take a quiz to test your own money psychology on his website here. You can view his YouTube channel with videos about the psychology of wealth and money here.

Connie Nicholas Carberg was the NFL’s first female scout and the first woman to make a pick in the NFL draft (for the New York Jets). She joins Carol to share her amazing story of letting her passion for football and willingness to ask for help guide her into a place in the Jets’ scouting department, where her achievements included scouting All-Pro defensive end Mark Gastineau. Connie shares a unique take on breaking barriers and being successful with a positive attitude, a life-long love of football and the Jets, and even weighs in on the potential future of NCAA athletes being able to profit off their names and likenesses.

You can also see a fantastic NFL Films piece on Connie called “Forever a Jet” on YouTube.

Amber Naslund is a Senior Content Consultant at LinkedIn, 20+ year digital marketing leader and bestselling co-author of The Now Revolution— a business guide to social media strategy. Amber joins Carol to talk about dealing with her own journey with mental health as an entrepreneur and professional, including overcoming depression and imposter syndrome (aka feeling like, despite evidence to the contrary, you are a professional fraud) and how she deals with being a “successful underachiever”.

You can connect with Twitter and LinkedIn and visit her Brass Tack Thinking blog here. You can learn more about her Fraud Squad dealing with self-doubt here.

Andy Signore is the creator of the widely popular channel ScreenJunkies and its Emmy nominated series Honest Trailers, as well as the successful digital-turned-TV sword-making series: Man At Arms. Now he leads the channel Popcorned Planet. Andy joins Carol to share his story about his journey after being wrongfully accused of a “#MeToo” episode and his two-year fight to reclaim his name, all while dealing with his own personal challenges and actions. We talk about canceling cancel culture, from Dave Chappelle’s new Netflix comedy special to Carol’s recent run in with the online mob and Andy’s new project, Hugging the Cactus. This is a must listen for everyone navigating the culture wars and social media.

In our Now You Know segment, Andy shares how Arnold Schwarzenegger’s fame was almost altered.

Avik Roy is the President of the Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity, aka FREOPP, a policy editor at Forbes.com and a former advisor to three Republican presidential candidates – Romney, Perry, and Rubio. Avik joins Carol Roth to do a deep dive into what truly ails healthcare in the US (pun entirely intended) and what works- and doesn’t work- around the world. Carol and Avik discuss the challenges of the current cronyist system and all of the issues from how insurance is purchased to why drugs are so much more expensive in the United States. It’s an incredible hour, where you are sure to learn a ton and reshape your views on what makes sense for healthcare going forward, regardless of party politics.


Naomi Schaefer Riley is a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute as well as a senior fellow at the Independent Women’s Forum. She is also a writer on topics ranging from parenting, higher education, religion, philanthropy and culture.

Naomi joins Carol first to discuss how government policies have devastated the American Indian community in this country and then they transition, covering why and how to reduce screen time for kids.

Anthony Scaramucci is the Founder and Co-Managing Partner of SkyBridge Capital. He is the author of four books including Goodbye Gordon Gekko and Trump: The Blue-Collar President. And, of course, you know him from his time on President-Elect Trump’s 16-person Presidential Transition Team Executive Committee and stint as White House Communications Director. Anthony talks to Carol Roth about his take on the state of politics, why we need a longer-term view and why he wants you to run for office.

Ben Howe is the founder of Howe Creative, a video production company, a prolific tweeter and a single dad. Ben joins Carol Roth to discuss his new book, The Immoral Majority: Why Evangelicals Chose Political Power Over Christian Values. Carol and Ben discuss whether there is a role for principles in politics as it stands today, why it has become to easy to rationalize when your “team” is winning and why the unwillingness to have short term discomfort or suffering leads to long term chaos.

You can learn more about Ben’s book, The Immoral Majority here and visit Howe Creative here.

Tracy Ketcher is a renown photographer who has photographed rock stars and other individuals for nearly two decades, including Slash, Alice in Chains and even the Biebs. Her work has appeared in Rolling Stone, The Wall Street Journal, Metal Edge, The Huffington Post and in many other venues. Tracy shares her story with Carol Roth of starting out as a primatologist, working with the famous signing gorilla Koko, and how ultimately a lucky accident opened up the door for her career in music. You will learn why “FIO” will change your life and be inspired by her path of embracing the struggle to succeed.


Ron Coleman is an intellectual property attorney who rose to fame defending the trademark of the band “The Slants”, which was won at the Supreme Court. He is now defending individuals like Gavin McInnes and Laura Loomer who have been kicked off various social media platforms (aka “deplatformed”). As a pioneer in how the law affects brands, the internet and free speech, Ron joins Carol Roth to talk about the evolution and challenges of free speech online and what the government should or shouldn’t be doing about “big tech”.

You can follow Ron on Twitter (as he jokes, while he still has an account) @RonColeman and read his blog at Likelihood of Confusion.

Brad Thor is a New York Times Bestselling Author with more than 15 million books in print. His new political thriller, Backlash, is out and he talks about the process of writing novels, what it means to write “faction” instead of fiction and shares lots of advice for writers, creatives and entrepreneurs. He talks (as much as he can) about the secret government Red Cell program he has been a part of as well. As a major GOP supporter in the past, he talks about his political shift and why last year he announced—and retracted—a 2020 Presidential run.

You can follow Brad on Twitter at @BradThor online at BradThor.com. Backlash (and Brad’s other books) are available through Amazon.com and wherever fine books are sold.

Hal Sparks is a comedian, actor, singer and political policy wonk. He joins Carol Roth to talk about how he went from comedy to politics and how his views as a nationalist Constitutionalist were once liberal and are now “radically centrist”. Hal and Carol cover discussions on healthcare, education, the roles of public-private partnerships and the need for personal accountability and responsibility in government policy.

You can follow Hal on Twitter at @HalSparks, Patreon or online at halsparks.com.