House Democrats recently went on their annual retreat in Philadelphia to discuss policy initiatives. And with the Democrat’s numbers down in a majority of polls, it would be reasonable to think they would use that time to discuss their message for the upcoming midterm elections. But no. Nancy Pelosi used her speaking time and publicity to ban the word “retreat” from the retreat… and even went to the extent of referring to it as the “R-word”.

The inflation rate in the United States is the highest it’s been in decades. And while most people are worried about the effect it will have on their daily living, Democrats are just focused on how it could impact them in the midterm elections. In a sad attempt to deflect any blame from themselves the Biden administration is pushing the narrative that Putin is solely responsible for the United States inflation.

One of the weirder scenes in our recent politics took place this week in the Florida State Capitol in Tallahassee. Three Democratic state senators linked arms and did a sort of semi-dance down a hallway singing an impromptu song, “Gay, gay, gay! My daughter’s gay! Gay, gay, gay, gay, gay!” (They had apparently gotten the idea from a Saturday Night Live skit.)

The moment Trump entered into politics he became a target. Even though he is now a defeated former president so many leftists get hopeful when there’s the slightest rumor of him being charged with a crime. In today’s podcast, Byron discusses the facts behind all of these politically motivated investigations.

With the Russian invasion of Ukraine now in its second week, it’s possible to get a glimpse of what Americans think about the war, and especially what they think the U.S. role, if any, should be.

As most Presidents do, Biden used his State of the Union speech to applaud himself and his administration for all their great accomplishments. The interesting part is that he left out the Unites States withdrawal from Afghanistan which he not even 6 months ago called an “extraordinary success”. In today’s episode, Byron discusses this controversy and the women in congress who spoke up about it.

Before President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address, there was some speculation about whether he would mention the mess he has created on the U.S.-Mexico border or whether he would simply pretend it did not exist. As it turned out, he did both — he mentioned the border, and he pretended the mess did not exist.

The president gives his State of the Union speech tonight in an odd context. If there were not a war in Ukraine, many observers, and not just Republicans, would be talking nonstop about the disastrous state of Joe Biden’s presidency.

Senator Tom Cotton appeared on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday and he left people talking. After the Republican Senator elegantly reverted several questions about Trump to more important issues like what’s going on in Ukraine, host George Stephanopoulos didn’t know what to say.

It’s an unspoken tradition for former presidents to stay quiet when their successor makes decisions on foreign policies. But in typical Trump fashion, he just broke this tradition. After his recent comments connecting the Russia/Ukraine crisis to the 2020 election being stolen from him many people on both sides of the aisle are thinking it’s time for him to hush up.

Mike Pompeo is being attacked on social media platforms like Twitter after making a statement about Vladimir Putin. The only thing this proves is how quickly the mob is set off. In today’s podcast, Byron brings you the obvious and insightful information into what Pompeo actually said and how the media twisted it.

Tensions between Ukraine and Russia are heating up and everyone is looking at the United States to see what Biden will do. In the past, Biden talked a tough game but his recent play on the word “invasion” is leading people to think otherwise. Byron discusses all of this and Trump’s role in it on today’s no chit-chat podcast.

It’s no secret that Hillary Clinton has been sneaky and conniving throughout her time in politics. But recent revelations detail how ugly the truth actually is. On today’s podcast, Byron discusses the three major ways Hillary played dirty in her 2016 campaign against Trump and how the effects still linger.

Everyone has partially heard about the recent court filing that came out and proved that Trump was spied on. The question is whether you got the facts or a biased story? In today’s episode, Byron discusses the fine details of the court filing and how media outlets like The New York Times have led people astray.

It’s no secret that the United States, Mexico border is a MESS. After months of the border crisis, many people are wondering if there is a solution in sight. Byron talks about what could come next and whether or not Biden will confront the issue at his State of the Union address in March.

It’s clear woke culture has gotten out of hand when even people from the left are starting to fight back. After some California schools put so much energy into changing their school names instead of getting kids back into the classroom during COVID, the left lost some woke warriors. Byron discusses how this one incident is just a piece of a wider revolt.

A recent court filing revealed some explosive information about Donald Trump….. he was in fact the target of spying. From informants to secret agents to the FBI, Byron dives into the facts of everyone that was involved. Unfortunately, it seems so many Democrats and anti-Trumpers were searching for a narrative that just wasn’t there.

Is the Biden administration falling behind in dealing with COVID? Are the States now the leaders? Is Joe Biden irrelevant in all of this?

With midterm elections just months away, Democrats are scrambling to find any bit of hope that they could save their House and Senate majorities. In today’s podcast, Byron gives insight into five major issues that point to a loss being in the Democrat’s future. At the end of the day, Biden’s approval rating speaks for itself when it comes to the Democrat’s chances in the 2022 midterms.

There’s a wrenching debate in the Republican party right now….. and it’s whether the GOP should move backward or forward as elections approach. Such a simple question is causing an evident divide. With Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump continuing to put pressure on the decision many members of the RNC have come out to voice their thoughts.