There was a shooting in a New York City subway yesterday that shook the United States. Currently, police have identified a 62-year-old man named Frank James as the suspect. In today’s podcast, Byron dissects the motive and facts behind the case and plays some clips from the suspect’s YouTube channel that has since been taken down.

Inflation is up in every area of the economy and it’s crippling the livelihood of many Americans. While the White House blames the complexity of price structures, the limited ability of government, and “Putin’s price hike”… no one seems to care. Americans just don’t want a solution, they need a solution and if Democrats don’t come up with one quick the people will vote someone else in who can.

For quite some time now COVID has been the most talked about issue in the United States and around the world. But it’s important to always look at how the media portrays it. Recently many important officials in D.C. (most being democrat) have come down with COVID and it’s barely breaking the news. In today’s podcast, Byron discusses this and how it’s all occurring after Washington’s Gridiron Club annual dinner.

The recent bill passed by the Florida Legislature as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill has stirred up quite the controversy amongst the United States. In today’s podcast Byron discusses the actual facts of the bill and exposes so many media outlets and politicians who have publicly shamed the bill for reasons that just don’t make sense.

There’s a lot of hypocrisy in the United States Senate. It’s virtually built into the place. To cite just one example, the filibuster is something many senators support when they are in the minority and oppose when they are in the majority. Somehow, a good thing becomes a bad thing when the other party uses it.

If anything embodies the sort of Washington insiderdom that populists of both parties hate, it is the annual Gridiron dinner. The oldest of Washington’s journalistic institutions, the white-tie dinner each year features politicians and journalists putting on comedy routines that are supposed to be self-deprecating, and sometimes are quite funny, but are also at times painfully flat.

There is a consensus that the Democratic Party is in trouble with midterm elections seven months away. The polls say it, the issues say it, and history says it: The coming election is the type of election in which the party in power loses big. And to some Democrats, only one man can save the party from disaster: Donald Trump.

Many politicians have avoided calling the U.S. – Mexicos border a crisis, but that is in fact what it is. And Biden is about to turn it from a crisis into a disaster with his new border policies. In the coming months, the U.S. can expect to see a record number of illegal border crossers if Biden goes through with his promise to lift Title 42.

Comedians like Stephen Colbert, and many others, loved it when reporters pressed Trump on the various things Trump said. But now when Biden is asked the simplest questions that are of international concern the comedians turn on the reporters. One thing is for sure it’s a clear example of partisanship and hypocrisy.

What to think of actor Will Smith’s assault on comedian Chris Rock at the Oscars on Sunday night? It seems a pretty cut-and-dried issue. Smith physically attacked Rock, apparently over a joke Rock told about Smith’s wife. But you don’t get to attack someone physically over making a joke. Smith was in the wrong, as he later acknowledged, although not before attending post-Academy Awards parties.

Biden surprised and alarmed not only the public but also his White House staff this past weekend during his speech in Poland. The majority of his speech in which he addressed the Russia, Ukraine conflict was as expected until he basically called for regime change. In today’s podcast, Byron discusses the repercussions of Biden’s statement and the outlandish comparison one columnist made to Ronald Reagan.

The important thing to remember about the now-infamous “define ‘woman'” exchange between Sen. Marsha Blackburn and Biden Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson is that Blackburn telegraphed her pitch. It wasn’t a gotcha question. It didn’t come out of nowhere. No one should have been surprised.

It’s no secret that the Democratic Party has been having its fair share of problems but, a very unique one that they are currently facing is the 2024 presidential election. With President Biden and VP Harris both being very unpopular, people are starting to ask questions. Will Biden be a one-term president? Would Harris even have support as Biden’s successor?

While much of the political world focused on the confirmation hearings of Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson, across town in Washington on Monday, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell delivered a speech that could reverberate through the next two election cycles.

Florida Republican Sen. Rick Scott and 30 other Senate Republicans voted against the 1.5 trillion dollar bill to “help” Ukraine. Democrats jumped on this and pushed out stories to make it look like Republicans were against any aid for Ukraine but that is far from the truth.

Democrats planned to use the Jan. 6th Capital Riot as an issue in the midterm elections. But what they didn’t plan for was how unimportant Jan. 6th would become as issues like inflation, COVID, the Russia/Ukraine conflict, and the border would rise on peoples hierarchy’s of concerns. So Byron discusses the question, what if it doesn’t work?

Today the New York Times published a story about the federal tax and foreign-influence investigation of President Joe Biden’s son Hunter. The paper reported that Hunter Biden paid off a “significant tax liability,” thought to be more than $1 million, in hopes of fending off indictment.

Former Sen. Tulsi Gabbard recently posted a video on Twitter talking about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and it triggered Sen. Mitt Romney. In fact, Romney was so upset by what Gabbard said in the video that he began to accuse her of “treasonous lies”. In today’s podcast, Byron discusses what could have caused Romney’s out-of-character reaction and why the word treason should never be thrown around lightly.

House Democrats recently went on their annual retreat in Philadelphia to discuss policy initiatives. And with the Democrat’s numbers down in a majority of polls, it would be reasonable to think they would use that time to discuss their message for the upcoming midterm elections. But no. Nancy Pelosi used her speaking time and publicity to ban the word “retreat” from the retreat… and even went to the extent of referring to it as the “R-word”.

The inflation rate in the United States is the highest it’s been in decades. And while most people are worried about the effect it will have on their daily living, Democrats are just focused on how it could impact them in the midterm elections. In a sad attempt to deflect any blame from themselves the Biden administration is pushing the narrative that Putin is solely responsible for the United States inflation.