In this episode of Take Back Our Schools, Bethany and Andrew talk to Paul Rossi. We discuss Paul’s journey from high school math teacher to education activist and learn how he went viral for exposing critical race theory at the prestigious New York City private school at which he taught. We also discuss his recent op-ed in The Wall Street Journal (co-authored with our own Andrew Gutmann) entitled “Inside the Woke Indoctrination Machine.”

Paul discusses the 100 hours of leaked video he and Andrew viewed from one of the leading educational conferences on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) and illustrates how this toxic ideology has completely taken over our nation’s elite private schools.

Daniel Buck (Photo: The Chalkboard Review)

In this episode of Take Back Our Schools, Bethany and Andrew talk to Daniel Buck, middle school English teacher and co-founder of the website, The Chalkboard Review. We discuss Twitter’s recent censorship and deplatforming of The Chalkboard Review account as well as Daniel’s views on how to fix our education system.

In this episode of Take Back Our Schools, Bethany and Andrew interview Jennifer McWilliams, a parent advocate and expert on the proliferation of social emotional learning (SEL) in our nation’s schools. We learn about the relationship between SEL and critical race theory (CRT), how parents can recognize SEL in their children’s schools, and Jennifer walks us through why SEL is so dangerous to our children.

We’re back! For the most part anyway–Peter’s out, but Ricochet editor Bethany Mandel is a fitting sub for today’s education-oriented podcast. Our guest is Andrew Gutmann, the man who stood up to CRT pushers in his daughter’s school and became last year’s overnight sensation. (He’s also the co-host of Ricochet’s new podcast “Take Back Our Schools!“)

We go through the pandemic of cowardice which has infected parents and will leave children with indelible side effects. It might not be a fight they want, but retreat is not an option. Thankfully, Andrew and Bethany are here as backboned examples and to take us through our options. (As promised, treat yourself to Bethany’s County Council smackdown–and here’s the whole meeting, where she enters in at 3:00:52)

In the latest episode of Take Back Our Schools, Bethany and Andrew interview Dr. Jennifer Reesman, a specialist in pediatric neuropsychology about the damage that unnecessary covid restrictions are doing to our nation’s children. We discuss how school and other closures have impacted educational outcomes and the mental health of children, and Dr. Reesman offers her views on the resiliency of kids. We also talk about Dr. Reesman’s (and Bethany’s!) own advocacy in Montgomery Country, Maryland, fighting for libraries to be open and for in-person school board meetings.

In this episode of Take Back Our Schools, Parent Defending Education’s Erika Sanzi talks about her own experiences as a teacher, concerned parent, local school board member and as one of the leaders of the exploding parents movement. Sanzi, who has been in this fight longer than almost anyone else, also shares her views on the perverse incentives of the teachers unions.

Plus Bethany and Andrew discuss Bethany’s new book series for children, Heroes of Liberty. (For a special 5% discount use the promo code TBOS at checkout.)

In the latest episode of Take Back Our Schools, Bethany and Andrew interview political strategist and father of three, Rory Cooper, about the recent election of Glenn Youngkin as Virginia’s new governor. We discuss Rory’s experiences organizing parents against Covid school closures and the role that parents played in the recent election.

Bethany and Andrew also talk about the enormous damage Covid policies are doing to our children and discuss whether the new “Omicron” variant will shut down schools again.

Bethany and Andrew interview journalist Suzy Weiss about her two recent pieces for Bari Weiss’s Common Sense Substack. We discuss Suzy’s reporting on how young woke women are eschewing having babies and even getting sterilized, many under the guise of social justice. We also talk about the proliferation of the homeschooling movement in America due to the broadening dissatisfaction with the public school system.

In the inaugural episode of Take Back Our Schools, hosts Bethany Mandel and Andrew Gutmann introduce the podcast, talk about Bethany’s proclivities for homeschooling, Andrew’s viral letter to the parents of New York City’s the Brearley School and the Biden administration’s divisive labeling of parents as “domestic terrorists.”

This week, Ricochet editors Jon Gabriel and Bethany Mandel and yes, her baby (listen closely and you’ll hear him in this podcast) join Peter and James to discuss another maddening news cycle. Our guest Harmeet Dhillon takes us through the latest power grab by the Biden Administration, the means to fight back and the hopes for an Elder in Sacramento’s Governor’s mansion. The Ricochet gang also take some time to remember 9/11 and assess the distinction between worthwhile arguments and the kinds that necessitate the block button.

Music from this week’s podcast: The Nothing Man by Bruce Springsteen

The Blue Yeti himself, Scott Immergut joins Editors Jon Gabriel and Bethany Mandel to discuss planned upgrades to Ricochet along with the news of the week.

Ricochet editors Jon Gabriel and Bethany Mandel discuss the news of the week including Marjorie Taylor Greene’s visit to the Holocaust Museum, President Biden’s embarrassing trip to the G7, and how to keep cool.

Father’s Day doesn’t come with all the fuss of Mother’s Day—but it SHOULD. This week Bethany and Elisha explain why they love making and consuming dad porn… and no, it’s definitely not what you think. Why is fatherhood just so sexy? They answer.

Mary Katharine Ham and Bethany Mandel talk about Harry, Meghan, Kate, Wills, Diana and Charles, the public processing of grief, therapy and why we can’t stop thinking about all of it.

Ricochet Editors Jon Gabriel and Bethany Mandel talk about the increase in anti-semitic attacks, the challenges of naming kids, and how Jon influenced MLB pitcher Curt Schilling.

Bethany Mandel and Lyndsey Fifield have been on the receiving end of a lot of online hate mobs (let’s be honest, Bethany’s gotten the worst of it) but they’ve also occasionally been mean girls, too. In the wake of Chrissy Teigan’s rapid fall from grace after years of tormenting people online (including Bethany!), we wonder… what DO we want to happen to bullies? Should there be a limit on cancelling someone for tweets they sent years ago?

WHEN is Lyndsey having this baby and is she actually in labor right now? Tuck in for another weird and wonderful episode of the LadyBrains podcast.

Ricochet editors Jon Gabriel and Bethany Mandel discuss the news of the week along with Ricochet members who joined the Zoom call. We talked about the unrest in Jerusalem, Biden’s reversal on unemployment, vaccines for ages 12 to 16, and the woke outrage at motherhood.

Do cicadas have better sex lives than average Americans? Yes, we’re going there this week. Frankly we all need to be more skeptical about what we’re told by “the experts.” Are trillions of cicadas about to emerge from the ground? Probably? Lyndsey Fifield and Bethany Mandel team up to cover some popular conspiracy theories and yes, wild treetop insect sex parties.

Ricochet editors Jon Gabriel and Bethany Mandel discuss the news of the week along with Ricochet members who joined the Zoom call. We talked about masks at summer camps, Texas voters’ rejection of homeless camps and critical race theory, and Joe Biden and Tim Scott’s speeches. Also… what’s the deal with Liz Cheney?

(Due to wifi issues, the video was iffy at best, so we’re only posting the audio this week.)

Expert mom of almost-5 Bethany Mandel gives soon-to-be first-time mom Lyndsey Fifield all the newborn hacks she needs… most of them are how to avoid unwanted/rude comments from strangers tbh.