Trump’s federalist approach has spotlighted petty tyrants around the country, and his DOJ is exposing Obamagate. How should the right respond? Jenna Ellis joins.


The Democrats are betting on locking down the economy for months and covering up Obamagate to win the day. But will it work? Plus the Wuhan Mailbag, spreading wisdom like the plague.


With the media first completely ignoring #Obamagate, and now saying the whole thing is a conspiracy theory – while also calling the President a racist in the process – can Trump survive the moral equivalent of the brain-eating walking dead, otherwise known as “the news media”? Andrew Klavan answers that question and more.

The scandal-free Obama administration was one big scandal.


Obama, corrupt Democrats and the self-destruction of the news media – it’s all one story. Plus Dave Rubin on his new book Don’t Burn This Book.


Everyone knows what has to happen now, but a childish and corrupt news media keeps selling fear and Orange Man Bad. Luckily, the mailbag solves all your problems. Whoo-han!


The Times and China infiltrate our schools with lies.


Because of Trump, federalism is working, right down to the local protests.

They won’t face economic reality, they won’t ask Biden questions, they won’t report on Flynn… but reality has a voice.


A wholly corrupt news media and Democrat fear-mongers should not decide when to reopen. Plus the Wuhan Mailbag: spreading wisdom like a virus!


As the right forces charges against Joe Biden into the sunlight, there are also more shocking revelations in Obamagate.

The news media has now created an entire world of disinformation — but is it the product of dishonesty or ignorance?


They want to save the earth but not the people on it.

I wouldn’t have believed it, if I didn’t see it myself. Plus the mailbag.

The Chinese Virus inflames the American divide.

As America struggles toward reopening, a stunning disdain for the struggles of ordinary people marks the elitist left.

Plus Glenn Beck on Arguing with Socialists.

Obama endorsements shove Sleepy Joe toward socialism. And the mailbag solves everything — wuhan… I mean, whoo-hoo!

Trump brilliantly torches our destructive news media, then says some dumb crap about having total authority.

Real politicians on both sides face the big question of when to reopen, as screwball governors and mayors go full Napoleon.