I was caught up short yesterday when I spotted, on the generally very pro-Trump American Greatness website, William B. Allen’s article entitled “Let Us Impeach Him.” It pays to read past the headline of this article, because the argument is not what you think: it’s not a “get-him-out-office-as-fast-as-we-can” manifesto. Rather, Prof. Allen argues that we should take our time and impeach Trump after he leaves office, thereby allowing scope for a full and complete public debate over the entirety of the Trump years—especially the bad faith of the Democrats and their corruption of our constitutional order.

This might not go as well for Democrats as you might think, and given that the left is going to be trying to use Trump’s ignomious end of his term against us for months and years to come, maybe the best strategy is to emulate King Theoden’s final counsel at the Battle of Helm’s Deep, and “ride out to meet them” head on. An impeachment battle might just provide the opportunity to turn the tables on the Democrats (and there are hints a few of them know it).