Tom Bevan, cofounder and president of RealClearPolitics, joins Brian Anderson to discuss what happened in the 2020 election, the Trump campaign’s legal challenges to the results, the issues with polling, and criticism concerning new state voting laws and “ballot harvesting.”

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On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Real Clear Politics Co-Founder and President Tom Bevan joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to explain what the polls do and do not tell us heading into Election Day 2020.

It’s a go-to website for political junkies and non-junkies alike. The most famous feature of RealClearPolitics is its average of polls, and in this discussion with RCP founder Tom Bevan, we go through how it all started. Plus, a look at what’s happening in the 2020 race through the lens of what went right and wrong in 2016. And: Is this a ‘new normal’ of political intensity?