Around these parts, we strive to provide Class A Punditry® no matter where in the world the news happens. So this week, we jump across the pond to cover last night’s stunning Tory victory in the Mother Country. To do that, we call on our mate Toby Young (he of the London Calling podcast, aka Great Britain’s fastest growing chat show) who takes us through all of the machinations and expectations of this historic election. Then, it’s back home where we get a visit from our newly minted Ricochet Podcast Chief Impeachment Pundit, Professor John Yoo, esq. (if you’re not listening to his Law Talk with Epstein & Yoo and Pacific Century podcasts, you are missing out). The Professor takes us through the week’s events with lots of legal insight and analysis with no spin. We wish our good pal Pat Sajak a speedy recovery by awarding the highly coveted Lileks Post of The Week badge to   @PHCheese for his post Get Well Fast Pat Sajak and we’ve got a new Long Poll question for you.  Finally, Rob attends a Christmas party with a bunch of frogs, Peter is rocking out on Handel, and Lileks will blow your snow if you ask him. Leave your requests in the comments.

Music from this week’s show: Rose of England by Nick Lowe

Our final podcast of the summer and it’s a full one: first up, a deep dive into the IG report on James Comey. Then, Andrew Pollack, whose daughter Meadow was murdered at Parkland High School joins to discuss his advocacy on her behalf and his forthcoming book, Why Meadow Died: The People and Policies that Created the Parkland Shooter and Endanger America’s Students. It’s a sobering but important segment. Then, we lighten things up considerably with our mate Toby Young (if you’re not listening to London Calling, his podcast with James Delingpole, you are missing out), who attempts to convince us that Boris Johnson is NOT dismantling British democracy. Finally, Peter Robinson attends a swanky Bar-b-Que, and James Lileks sends his daughter to college. Life goes on.

Music from this week’s show: Time Waits For No One by The Rolling Stones

This week, the audacity of grope — can Uncle Joe survive the woke warriors? We (along with Bethany Mandel who sits in for Peter) ponder that question with our guest, Commentary’s Christine Rosen. Also, have the Democrats gotten too far out over their skis with the Mueller Report? Survey says…YES. And what the heck is going on across the pond with Brexit? We call on Quillette’s Toby Young to explain it all to us (and more important issues like Megan Markle’s lack of popularity). Finally, Bethany (home) schools us on her NYT piece on the politics of measles immunization. It’s a very…sharp conversation.

This week, the finer points of cast iron skillets, Yorkshire pudding, and oh, yes, the burgeoning French revolution, courtesy of Claire Berlinski in Paris, the state of Brexit with Toby Young in London, and the demise of the Weekly Standard in Washington D.C. with our hosts, who have been reading it from day one.

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This week, we visit with Republican candidate for Senate in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Beth Lindstom, who’s running a valiant attempt to unseat someone by the name of Elizabeth Warren. No idea who she is. Then, our old friend Toby Young stops by to discuss his recent experience with the digital pitchfork and torch mob on the internet and what we ought to do about it (do read his fantastic essay on this topic on, The Public Humiliation Diet and buy his books that are discussed on the show). Also, the Cohen tapes, the roaring economy, and is there life on Mars? Hope so, because we feel like moving there.

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Long Parkcasting

We’re all over the globe physically and all over the map topically this week as we cover the British elections with our guests Toby Young from The Spectator (read his take on the election here) and we’ve got the great Andrew McCarthy on Comey, the NSA, and Trump’s legal conundrums. Also, Rob is in a park in London. Yes, in a park. Now, that’s devotion.

It’s another Super-Sized edition of the Ricochet Podcast (1 hour and 20 minutes!) and we’re all over the map and all over the news to bring you very best in podcast punditry. First up, the great George Gilder (his new book The Scandal of Money: Why Wall Street Recovers but the Economy Never Does is a must read) stops by to talk about why conservatives have such a hard time winning the economic debate in the court of public opinion and (perhaps related), the rise of digital currencies. Then, our pal Toby Young (listen to London Calling, the podcast he hosts with James Delingpole) stop by to discuss the looming Brexit and the new book he just edited Just Say No: The Spectator On The 1975 ReferendumShould Britain head for the economic exit? Let us know in the comments below. Finally, each we week take post from Ricochet’s  world renown Member Feed and give it some Ricochet Podcast love. This week’s featured post from DocJay (welcome back, sir) is titled What Will Happen to the Conservative Pundits When They Are Completely Unstuck and suffice to say it kindles a –shall we say– very passionate (but civil!) conversation. So come for the economics and stay for the punditry. You’ll be glad you did.

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