Bill spoke with Thomas Sowell about his new book “Charter Schools and Their Enemies.”


About once a year, we get a visit from the master himself, the great Thomas Sowell. This year’s session is on the occasion of the publication of his new book, Charter Schools And Their Enemies  and more importantly, his 90th(!) birthday on June 30th. We talk about the success of charter schools despite the teacher’s union and America’s worst mayor doing everything they can to undermine them. Then Ricochet’s Senior Supreme Court and Legal Analyst John Yoo joins to break down last week’s curious DACA and Bostock decisions. Finally, some thoughts on statues.

We’re off next week for the holiday. Stay safe everyone!

For the 100th (?) episode of The Remnant, Thomas Sowell, who needs no introduction, joins Jonah for a long conversation on discrimination, inequality, the uses and misuses of economics (all subjects covered in the new edition of Discrimination and Disparities, out now), and more.

Retirement does not suit Thomas Sowell. He is working away. He tells Jay he wants to die with his boots on. He does enjoy freedom from his syndicated column, however. It means he does not have to keep up with the news as much. His latest book is a revised, expanded version of “Discrimination and Disparities.” As Jay says (and Sowell agrees), he likes to write books that address and correct public misunderstandings – especially when those misunderstandings lead to bad policy. In this “Q&A,” Sowell talks about equality, diversity, IQ, immigration, free enterprise, and a host of other issues. Clear thinking and clear expression are Sowell’s stock in trade.

We’re a tad late in publishing this week’s show, but we think it’s worth it: we’ve got Jon Gabriel sitting in for Rob Long, the great Thomas Sowell in the first segment to discuss the reissue of his classic book Discrimination and Disparities  as well as the rise of socialism, reparations, and more. Next up, the also great Andrew C. McCarthy, who stops by to discuss his famous recipe for banana pancakes. No, of course he’s here to talk about the Mueller Report — what it means, when we’ll see it, how much of it we’ll see, and who’s going to look foolish when we do see it. Also, the media and Mueller, and no flipping — it’s another edition of What Are You Watching?

Music from this week’s episode: Sweet Soul Music by Arthur Conley

Economist Thomas Sowell, senior fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, has been one of the pre-eminent thinkers in America for decades. He joins Washington Examiner executive editor Hugo Gurdon on Modern Conservatives to discuss his latest book, Discrimination and Disparities.

Free of columny, as William Safire called it, Thomas Sowell is writing books — as he always has, to be sure. His latest is “Discrimination and Disparities.” It does what Sowell books, and columns, always do. It teaches you important things.

With Jay, Sowell talks about human diversity. He talks about equality of opportunity and equality of results. (Two very different things.) He talks about the manipulation of statistics, a sore point.

This week, we span the human entire life span: first up, 16 year old Marjory Stoneman High School junior and 2nd Amendment advocate Kyle Kushuv. Young Kyle has had a busy week, meeting with Senators, the President, the First Lady and others. We’re grateful he had a few minutes for us (thanks to Bethany Mandel for the help in booking him!). Next up, the éminence grise himself, the legendary, but still spry at 86, Dr. Thomas Sowell. He’s got a new book (Discrimination and Disparities, and yes you should buy it). Also, peace in our time with North Korea? And a tizzy over tariffs is making everyone nuts. 

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Thomas Sowell has revised and enlarged his important book Wealth, Poverty and Politics. With Jay, he talks about – well, wealth, poverty, and politics.

How about Adam Smith and those boys? What about the role of geography? George Washington referred to America’s “blessed location.” What about the Korean Peninsula? The two halves of it are terribly different, aren’t they?

This week, we’re lucky to be joined by the great Dr. Thomas Sowell, (buy his newly revised classic book Wealth, Poverty and Politics: An International Perspective)The good doctor schools us on economics, school choice, and a particularly vivid metaphor for the current election cycle. Spoiler alert: those who fear flying may want to have their thumb on the 30 second skip button for that part of the interview. Also, Hillary’s coughing, Trump ♥ Putin, and it’s a certain TV show’s 50th anniversary that a certain podcast host has some opinions on.

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One of the nice things about being the Top Conservative Podcast is that we get to have the coolest and smartest people on the right stop by to chat. Case in point this week as we welcome two of the biggest brains on the right, Yuval Levin and Dr. Thomas Sowell. Yuval’s WSJ essay  The Next Conservative Movement is a must read, and while you’re at it, order his forthcoming book The Fractured Republic: Renewing America’s Social Contract in the Age of IndividualismRe-building the party is topic of Yuval’s segment, and we welcome your suggestions in the comments below. With Thomas Sowell, things get a little more somber as he is no fan of the presumptive nominee of the party. The good doctor explains why he’s not a fan of The Donald, or of the voters who have propelled him to where he is today. Finally,we send out 90th birthday greetings to Jerry Lewis from a certain podcaster with a French brother-in-law. Guess who.

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