Dave Carter is joined by Sydney J. Michaels on an audio odyssey that takes them on a tour of foreign policy issues with the expert perspective of Lt. Col. Brendan Welsh, US Army Special Forces (Retired), who is known affectionately around these parts as Boss Mongo. The Colonel provides what Dave described as, “spot-on analysis and some pragmatic ideas on how to handle some of the world’s most highly combustible hot spots.” And, for comic relief, Dave and Sydney were visited not just by one, but by four different characters from Dave’s old radio days, including an appearance by a rather odd “Reverend” who is prone to selling everything he can to turn a buck (including “fuzzy praying hands” and flavored communion wafers). Along the way, the conversation goes from the east coast all the way to Louisville, Kentucky and from the Emmy Awards to Sydney’s recent physical injuries. For a combination of both sober analysis and madcap fun, this podcast is hard to beat.

After a brief interlude, Dave Carter is back with all new sound equipment, a new format, and basically an all new podcast.  On what he describes as the “maiden voyage,” of the Dave Carter Show, he is joined by his longtime friend from radio show days, Sydney J. Michaels, as the two of them accompany the rest of us on an excursion that includes a compelling conversation with Denise McAllister, some hysterical stream of commentary from General James R. Hatchet, a Cajun weather report, discussions on the trials and tribulations of management, Dave’s attire at work, and Lloyd Bridges’ pants. Overall, we believe you’ll find the maiden voyage of the USS DC Show to be delightful, if not just a bit unhinged.