One of the constants on this podcast from the very start has been Game of Thrones. That’s despite the fact that one of the hosts can’t stand the show. That’s why when we really want to get into the weeds on the how, we call in two experts on the genre and the show: the Free Beacon’s Sonny Bunch and the New York Times’ Ross Douthat. Together with John and Jonah, they parse the good, the bad, what worked and what didn’t. Needless to say, this episode of GLoP contains MAJOR Game of Thrones spoilers so if you have not seen the series finale, you should not listen to this podcast until you have.


The Conservatarians welcome Sonny Bunch to count down the best films of 2017, along with Ricochet Editor-in-Chief Jon Gabriel and contributor Stephen Miller. Sonny is executive editor of the Washington Free Beacon, writes a weekly column for the Washington Post, and co-hosts the Weekly Substandard Podcast.

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Metacritic’s Top Five Films of 2017

As promised, here’s the GLoP Game of Thrones season 7 recap podcast with special guests New York Times columnist (and National Review movie critic) Ross Douthat and The Washington Free Beacon’s Sonny Bunch sitting in for the Game-less Rob Long. Need less to say, this show contains wall-to-Northern Wall spoilers as well as arcana and details that only people who actually live in Westeros or die hard Thrones fans will appreciate. That said, if you watch the show and want to hear some smart guys geek out about it, then this podcast is for you. Winter is here.

This week, Sonny Bunch, the venerable co-host of The Weekly Sub-Standard podcast sits in for the TV making Rob Long (he’ll be back for the next show, promise!). The boy cover the AHCA debacle, why the Richard Dreyfuss character in Close Encounters of The Third Kind is a terrible person, ruminate on the many different cuts of Blade Runner that vastly the movie’s legacy, debate the greatness or lack thereof of Stephen King, and Jonah pushes Sonny to defend an ongoing theory in The Weekly Substandard’s podcast that the Empire in the Star Wars movies are actually the GOOD guys. Huh?

There’s a sit-in in the House, and the Emperor has no money. Seems like old times, except for the fact that we invited Twitter-famous Sonny Bunch to sit in for the traveling Peter Robinson. In addition to the fore-mentioned topics, in this completely Member Feed inspired show, the guys cover Gaius’ post A Thought Experiment: Inspired by Sen. Rubio,  Robert Zubrin’s Campaign Launched to Free the Delegatesamong others. Also, what’s their most anticipated summer movie? The answer may surprise you.

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