Another busy week (is there any other kind?) and our intrepid podcasters cover it all: is The New York Times‘ 1619 Project the definitive (new) history of the United States? Spoiler alert: no. Hoover Institution and self-titled Grumpy Economist John Cochrane joins to discuss the possibility of a recession, and later, our own (well, by marriage) Seth Mandel (OK, he also edits The Washington Examiner Magazine) stops by to discuss the President’s uh, unusual language when discussing members of the Hebrew faith, and why Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar really do employ anti-Semitic tropes on a regular basis. Finally, should we all start eating plant-based “beef”? Our podcasters debate and their opinions may surprise you.

Music from this week’s show: All That Meat And No Potatoes by Louis Armstrong

We’re a day early, but certainly not a dollar short as we tackle another busy news week. First up, Washington Examiner magazine editor (and the co-host of That Sethany Show) Seth Mandel on the shootings in Pittsburgh and the Mandel’s new life in D.C. Then, our good friend (and Ricochet’s Law Talk with Epstein & Yoo podcast co-host) John Yoo stops by to school on the the 14th Amendment and birthright citizenship, caravans, and geek out a bit on Star Trek. Also, Halloween in different parts of the country, and the President’s views on Jews.

Music from this week’s podcast: Across The Border by Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris

For this (very) rare Sunday Ricochet Podcast, we’ve assembled our original cast as Rob Long, Peter Robinson, and James Lileks gather ’round their respective audio capture devices to chat about current events. Also stopping by, That Sethany Show hosts Seth and Bethany Mandel (the latter is of course also a Ricochet Editor and a member of The LadyBrains Podcast). Guns and due process, trade tariffs, kids and politics, the Oscars are all on the docket in this wide ranging conversation. Listen in!