Two weeks after the election and we’re still deep into re-counts, ballot challenges, and other legal machinations. To help us sort it all out, we asked Powerline’s Steve Hayward to sit in for Rob Long and (as John Lennon famously said) give us some truth. And to give us even more truth, we welcome Sean Trende , Real Clear Politic’s Senior Elections Analyst. He takes us through many of the legal cases and we try to get some explanation for much of the polling that turned out to be dead wrong. Then, a gear shift as welcome Antonin Scalia. No, it’s not a supernatural event (talk about burying the lede), Nino (as he likes to be called), is the great jurist’s grandson and he works in the James Madison Program at Princeton and hosts Madison’s Notes,  a terrific new podcast that coincidentally is carried right here on Ricochet. Finally, several of us on this podcast are residents of California. Last week, our Governor Newsom attended a dinner that gave him indigestion. But not for the reasons you might think. And yes, we’ve got, a new Lileks Post of The Week, courtesy of Ricochet member Ekosj. Say that three times fast.

Music from this week’s show: The Bitterest Pill (I Ever Had To Swallow) by The Jam

Our crazy election season is nearly over, and Real Clear Politics’ Sean Trende and the American Enterprise Institute’s Karlyn Bowman help us unpack the polls and discuss the future of a post-Trump Republican Party. Only on the Horse Race with Henry Olsen!

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted American politics, pushing campaigns to the sidelines and dealing a serious blow to President Trump’s re-election hopes. Real Clear Politics’ Sean Trende has been following the spread of covid-19 in addition to his regular political analysis and joins us to explain what is really going on with covid and the presidential race. We’ll also run down the six primaries for key House and Senate races that occur next week, as well as look in Ad of the Week at how Democratic incumbents portray themselves when they are running in normally Republican districts. Join us on the Horse Race!

This week’s episode looks at aftermath of the Democratic debacle in Iowa with Real Clear Politics’ Sean Trende; dives deep into the New Hampshire primary with Granite State political scientist Dante Scala; and explores how Trump smacked down his opponents at the State of the Union address with American Greatness’s Julie Ponzi. All this plus an overview of the battle for Senate control in this edition of The Horse Race!

Is this dad committing child abuse? A black father teaches his four year old to distrust all white people and that Republicans are a threat to his safety.

Will Republicans use the “Elect and Eject” strategy to solve their Judge Roy Moore problem?

In this episode of American Wonk, Avik Roy returns to the topic of the 2016 election with the guy who had it all figured out before anyone else: Sean Trende  the Senior Elections Analyst at RealClearPolitics and author of The Lost Majority: Why the Future of Government is Up for Grabs and Who Will Take It. Sean also co-authored the 2014 edition of the Almanac of American Politics.

Sean discusses his controversial articles from four and three years ago: “The Case of the Missing White Voters,” and “The Case of the Missing White Voters, Revisited,” in which Sean noted that 6 to 7 million white voters who voted in 2008 didn’t show up in 2012. Most notably, those voters weren’t classic conservative voters, but rather blue-collar whites without college degrees in Rust Belt states like Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.