John Yoo assumes the rotating host chair for this week’s episode, since Steve was on the road much of the week and didn’t keep up with news that didn’t involve whisky (and mermaids). We review what to make of Liz Cheney’s huge defeat in Wyoming, and Steve gamely attempts to defend the shrewdness of Mitch McConnell from Lucretia’s scorn.

Then we turn to the still-unfolding story and fallout from the Mar-a-Lago raid, noting the late breaking news that the magistrate judge will release a redacted version of the affidavit behind the search warrant, though we suspect our pal Charles Lipson has correctly anticipated what we’ll get (see image left).

The attempted killing of Salman Rushdie has revived one of the oldest bad habits of the left—asserting the moral equivalence between the efforts to restrain the teaching of CRT in public schools and the murderous ideology of radical Islam (The New Republic seriously argued this).