Will Tuesday’s disgusting debate shake up the presidential race? Election expert Ruy Teixeira joins the Horse Race to give his assessment. Arizona is perhaps the key battleground state, and the University of Arizona’s Samara Klar gives us the lowdown from the ground. Polling analyst Karlyn Bowman joins in the launch of our new regular feature, Poll Barometer, which looks at what the polls tell us and gets down under the hood for a close look. All this and a barbarically humorous Ad of the Week, only on The Horse Race with Henry Olsen!

The Democratic race plunged into more confusion and dysfunction after New Hampshire as Joe Biden summoned his pony soldier army and “Senator Next Door” Amy Klobuchar is finally making fetch happen. Longtime progressive political analyst Ruy Teixeira deconstructs the Democratic race while Arizona Republic columnist Robert Robb does a deep dive into the Grand Canyon State. All this plus the Ad of the Week, only on the Horse Race!